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PIA to be revamped with new aircraft

16 November, 2012

LAHORE: PIA fleet would be revamped with the addition of modern and younger aircraft on lease.

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PIA Chairman and Secretary Defence Asif Yasin Malik expressed these views while addressing the airline cockpit, cabin crew and the aircraft engineers emphasised upon them that 'Passenger Most Important Person' may be given maximum  travel facilitation.

He said that he has accepted the responsibility with clear intent and a capacity to serve on sensitive appointment and high pressure jobs with administrative experience. He would be serving PIA in the best interest of the Passengers keeping in view his personal experience as a passenger with deep association with the airline.

Keeping his allied assignments in place as Chairman PIA he would be devoting two days every week for improving the airline and would be visiting the head office. For direct communication and feed back from employees his email would be available for suggestions and information. Besides, a strong vigilance system is also being put in place so that wrong doings may be timely checked and systems may be made efficient.

System and procedures are also underway for upgrading the passenger cabins of B-777 long haul international flights followed by the domestic flight cabins. Review of the scheduling system, rules of business for transparency and PIA pensions are also under review.

Besides, lost luggage tracking system and a mobile ramp-side workshop for immediate repair of cabin are also being developed.

PIA chairman said that it may take one year to address and resolve about 90 percent of the issues and problems being faced by the national flag carrier. Appreciating the Cockpit and Cabin Crew, Chairman PIA said that “you are the best in the region”, while the Aircraft Engineers responsible for the safety of passengers were also performing well in keeping the old fleet of the airline safe and operational and hoped that they would be teaming up to turn around the airline.

He informed that shortly PIA fleet would be revamped with the addition of modern and younger aircrafts on lease. The aircraft are being procured with absolute transparency by a committee; the bid opening process was also witnessed by the Transparency International Pakistan.


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