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FBR amends rules for obtaining NTN

11 September, 2009

ISLAMABAD: In order to expedite the issuance of National Tax Number (NTN) the Federal Board of Revenue has made changes in the condition for obtaining NTN.

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The process of telephonic verification resulted in delay in issuance of NTNs to the new taxpayers. To facilitate the new taxpayers, this major condition has been taken away for speedy issuance of NTN. The NTNs would now be issued only after verification from National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

In this connection, the FBR has issued instructions to the Pakistan Revenue Automation Limited (PRAL) here on Thursday.

Presently procedure for obtaining new NTN or changes in particulars needed verification from NADRA and telephonic verification from the new applicants. The particulars of the new businesses and documents submitted are also verified from the applicant to check misuse of the computerized identity card numbers (CNICs).

The FBR has also waived off another condition for submitting letterheads of companies for obtaining NTNs by the businessmen falling within the category of business individuals.

Following withdrawal of these conditions, all pending cases would be cleared as new applicants would now immediately receive NTNs without facing any problem.

It is important to mention that in case of corporate sector, only 19,197 companies filed returns for Tax Year 2008 against 42,148 National Tax Numbers (NTNs) issued to the corporate sector, reflecting 54 percent non-filers. Against 2.5 million individuals having NTN, 608,286 filed returns, reflecting 76 percent non-filers. A total of 146,594 AOPs have obtained NTNs, but only 24,483 filed their returns, disclosing non-compliance of 83 percent.

The FBR National Database further disclosed that out of 727 companies of Large Taxpayer Unit (LTU) Karachi having NTNs, 647 filed returns, showing 11 percent non-filers. Out of three NTN holders within the AOPs at LTU, Karachi, one AOP filed return. LTU, Lahore has issued 293 NTNs to the big companies, whereas 279 companies filed returns, showing 5 percent non-filers. Out of 2 AOPs having NTN, one filed return at LTU, Lahore.

Similarly, out of 246 NTN holders at the LTU Islamabad, 238 filed returns, reflecting three percent non-filers. Out of 35 AOPs having NTNs, 26 filed returns, showing non-compliance of 26 percent non-compliance.

At Regional Tax Office (RTO), Karachi, 13,805 companies have obtained the NTNs, but only 6740 filed returns, showing 51 percent non-filers. Out of 677,683 NTN holders within individual category, 118,015 filed returns, showing 83 percent non-filers. In case of AOPs, 3725 filed returns against 23,916 NTN holders at RTO, Karachi.

Against 12,545 NTN holders companies at RTO, Lahore, 5858 filed returns, showing 53 percent non-filers. Against 487116 NTN holders within individual category, 111,595 filed returns, showing non-compliance by 77 percent. Out of 37,298 AOPs, 6263 filed returns, reflecting 83 percent non-filers.

A total of 1474 companies having NTNs at RTO, Rawalpindi, a total of 469 filed returns, reflecting 68 percent non-filers. Out of 167022 NTNs issued to individuals, 55954 filed returns, reflecting 66 percent non-filers. In case of AOPs, 1346 filed returns against 6974 NTN holders, reflecting 81 percent non-filers.

In case of RTO, Faisalabad, 751 companies filed returns against 1654 NTN holders, reflecting 55 percent non-compliance. Within the individuals` category, 72,563 filed returns against 238,218 NTN holders, reflecting 70 percent non-filers.


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