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DAP price shoots up by Rs 200 per 50kg

13 July, 2007

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KARACHI: Price of Dai' Ammonium Phosphate (DAP), an essential crops nutrient, has shot up by Rs 200 per 50-kilogram bag across the country due to its soaring prices in the world market, traders said on Thursday. With the onset of Kharif season in March, some crops badly needed the DAP, hence the sharp increase in the price of DAP in the local market, they said.

The traders said the DAP was available in huge quantity in the domestic market, but the rising international prices had put a negative impact on its prices and it was expected its prices would further rise in the future.

DAP prices in the international market have touched new peak of 520 dollars per-tonne mark from 400 dollars per tonne during the It may be recalled that the government has raised subsidy on DAP by Rs 220 per 50-kilogram bag last month from Rs 250 per bag to Rs 470 per 50-kilogram bag, aimed at facilitating the farmers and promoting the DAP consumption in the local market.

Later, the government, keeping in view the enormous rise in the DAP prices in the world market, instead of raising the subsidy, allowed the importers to raise their commodity's prices, sources said.

As a result, the importers increased a maximum of Rs 128 per 50-kilogram bag from Rs 997 to Rs 1,125 per 50-kilogram effective from July 1 " said a leading DAP importer. And now the local market movers further raised the price of DAP by Rs 200 per bag.

A farmer complained the 50-kilogram DAP bag, which was available in the local retail market at Rs 1025-Rs 1,050 per bag a week earlier, was now available at Rs 1225-1250 per 50-kilogram bag. The importers pointed out that rice, sugarcane, onion and potato were being sown in the different part of the country, including Sindh and Punjab, therefore the DAP demands was increasing gradually for Kharif crops.

They said: "The government does not have any pricing formula to fix DAP prices in the market, therefore its prices are still unstable, which may hit the crops production targets in Kharif season."

The farmers demanded of the government to introduce a price fixation formula to safeguard the growers' interest and stabilise the DAP prices in the domestic market. The volumes of phosphatic and potash fertiliser required for Kharif sowing is calculated at 659,000 tons of DAP and MAP, 40,000 tons of MOP and 20,000 tons of SOP.

The above quantities should be made available on a timely basis to suit the application time for sugarcane, vegetables, cotton and other crops from now till September. The consignments had to be staggered in a fashion that the market could not show any pocket shortages even, they added.

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