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Zaheerul Hassan

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29 March, 2013

solving the Kashmir issue

Only a surprise atack like the Kargir operation can solve the issue. We need the help of our all weather friend and the new superpower china. If we make a military alliance with China, the vegitarian eating indian beggers can be defeated without much effort

Zariful Hassan


14 May, 2013

Pakistan Elections 2013 for NA and PA have been rigged up to 60% to retain MUKK MUKAA in power. Main PRE POLLS riggings as follows. 1) Judiciary by giving engineered rulings like asking people to file suits against General Musharraf (Musharraf is in Pakistan and nobody has touched him with even a finger , said CJP on record), 1A) asking EC to re bifurcate Karachi to break as a Judge called monopoly. Openly supporting so called mandate / democracy whether it sells Pakistan.Pakistan has almost melt n broken during 5 years association of present TRIO. It may take next 25 years to build to pre 2008 level by good governance. 2) Courts demoralized Pakistan Armed Forces by biased statements against take overs (the only safety valve), as a result the Terrorist were encouraged and attacked those who condemn terror resulting MASS KILLING OF VOTERS. 3) Maulana Tahirul Qadri noble mission was affected by establishment n vested parties who are now in power. 4) PTI activities were hampered by sending culprits in the gatherings. 5) seat adjustment formula only facilitated the MUKK MUKAA. Any comment to save Pakistan would be appreciated.

yaqoot Mir


28 May, 2013

MOUI with China

Unfortunately MOUS with China have not progressed beyond that stage at all while India-China trade has jumped to more than 65 Billion. Unless we are serious NO country can help regardless of the brotherly intentions China harbors, except for Defence cooperation which Pakistan has no choice on thanks to the Western blockade on any hi tech imports of weaponry, PAKISTNA and China while calling themselves friends are friends only in words, reality is that business volumes have not progressed and no meaningful investment from China has been approved, Gawader is just starting, Coal in Sindh remains untapped, no major investment from China has been green-lighted in the energy sector either. In defence, yes, relations are warm thanks to the STABILITY which our armed forced bring to the table regardless of the chaos in political arenas. Pakistan must cement a business relationship with China to move forward, economic prowess is the new military might wars are no longer fought head on, businesses are sabotaged in countries to remove funding for military projects its a simple strategy which Pakistan has still not caught up to. India does not have to take us head on in a conflict anymore, they are already damming our waters, extracting economic benehefits from Pakistan's resources and most of all have moved forward in economic terms where they simply have the capacity to wait us out of existance. Nawaz shareef is aluded for improving relations with them has to come on EQUAL TERMS. Bangladesh signed pacts with them on unequal terms and look where they landed, a fake ecomony, a market for only india goods, and exports dependent on textiles other words, a bubble ready to be burst by a needle at anytime. Pakistan cannot repeat these mistakes, we have to get honesty in government and do whats best for Pakistan specially for investments in energy sector and export growth, 2 basic ingredient which are required to move forwad.

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