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Tyranny is "A Gateway to Democracy" Yasin Kamran

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Z Billo


18 September, 2007

Benefits of Democracy

Democracy is Election to vote to carefully select your Member of Parliament (fed) and member of municipal corporation or Provincial Member of Legislature. Usually Federal has President Vice President Prime ministers. Provincial Have Premier or chief minister. Municipal have council member for your road repair Sewage property tax and flood water removal. If you have voted then you should line up to seek help from your MPS and Councillor office asking them for your missing payment or benefits they promise in election dispute. You should ask for pension money, fees exemption, grants for Poverty Hunger in such a way that they do not have time for swindling and kickback. Keep eye on finance ministers project Ministers. Judges and Judiciary should keep pace with Ministry of Attorney Generals (lawyers Solicitors and barristers).These Ministries are divided into Federal Attorney General and Provincial Attorney Generals. They hire huge number of Lawyers on Govt Pay Rolls (if you want sure income as lawyers join them ).They design legal aspects of law for courts judiciary judges magistrates. Democracy is divided into Litigation and none Litigation lawyers into specialized fields.MP reflect the role they play individually and collectively in keeping swindling free “democracy". Parliament responsibility is to set standards as being legislative body passing bill of legislature. Parliament relies upon passed bills the President dictates to MPs Vice-President Prime minister and MPS are civil servants of the public to serve public.Govt workers are civil servants of the Govt. Govt is parliament house of senators or upper house lower house like Diwan e Aam and Diwan e khas like House of Commons and House of Lords.Election and appointsments with Govt buildings and civil servants are for the benefit of the public if you select right Candidates and mount pressure that they they do not remove your Cash after becoming Civil servants by election or by appointment Or by civil service examination.



18 September, 2007

Eye Opening

Such articles are eye opening. Instead of bashing on someone, need to dive in to own problems. When writers and publishers are committed to well being of people, we can see such articles, rather than biased ones.



19 September, 2007

Democracy--urgent update

Almost eight years and President Musharraf has not even repeated once, the reasons he gave to the nation, about his intervention of 12th Oct.1999, i.e., transforming the SHAM Democracy into a REAL and TRUE Democracy in Pakistan. It appears that, he has not been able to find, even the definition of Real Democracy. One champion of democratic governance has defined: "In an ideal democracy, public men are proud to be the servants of the State and would be ashamed to be its masters". Can our Government as well as its entire opposition produce a single person conforming to this simple definition? Now lets us face the simple ground realities and discuss the emerging scenario. Nawaz Sharif antagonised the lone super power through twin terrors. Initially, he scared it by attempting to become another Asian Tiger. Then he terrorized by going nuclear. Sequence of events which followed, are bitter part of history. It all started by his giving extension in service to Musharraf who was due for retirement but only two weeks later, canceled those extension orders suddenly, when Musharraf was abroad on overseas visit. What were the "real" reasons behind those sudden change of mind. He himself can answer this burning question. Then, he himself became a victim of being declared international terrorist on plane hijack charges and doomed for life. During his own 8 years in the driving seat, Musharraf has survived three terror attacks and must be much wiser man now. Perhaps, he is careful not to fall pray like Zia and therefore, taking his time to survive in the game. Although not said in so many words but he often hinted that, the nation has to select between, going Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran's way, or take the safer middle course of moderatism being projected by him, leaving the primary choice of real democracy to wait for the time being. Selection of candidates for election based on such considerations as a candidate’s willingness to ignore misdeeds of his predecessor and readiness to patronize his party members and coalition partners indiscriminately, tends to compromise a nation’s capacity to give itself a capable leader on the basis of key success factors like competence and the capacity to rise above corruption. Results of such elections are founded on farce and therefore, are always sustained with the greatest violence. Leadership that fails to recognize dissonance between promise and practice is a failed leadership. A truly modern and real leader is the one, who understands the real meanings of moderation and modernization, and he is not necessarily the one who knows how to fight and win wars. He is not only open to new horizons, but also capable of developing new ideas as well as finding ways and means to synthesize such ideas for the benefit of his people. The issue goes beyond mere demagoguery. We have experienced enough wild promises of heavenly goodies for the nation if given another chance to rule, but always without offering one single explanation as to how they will do that. Those are not the kinds of leaders we need now. We need some one, who will put nation in order domestically first before seeking outside the border ventures. We need a leader who can instill discipline in the polity by personal example, who walks his talks to goals. People are willing to follow and obey a leader who leads by personal example. They want a leader, who preaches against corruption and lives it out. This time around, they are sure to boot-out some one who lives a double life, is penchant to be rude and gruff, unforgiving to the point of vindictiveness, proud with limits crossing arrogance, self-confidant beyond presumption and cockiness and having any other vice detrimental to our developing real democracy. Such a person would definitely work as a short fuse, waiting to blow-out on slightest bad current. People have learnt the hard way that, out of two evil choices, it is always better to vote for the least hypothetical.

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