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Wajid Shamsul Hasan

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Bajour mayhem and Pakistan’s power mafia Wajid Shamsul Hasan

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08 November, 2006

Time to decide

The article is deserves applause. Pakistan is suffering from corrupt rulers ever since her birth. I am an Indian, but I love people of Pakistan ( minus rulers ), because we all ( minus Pak rulers ) are from the same kitty. I am a great beleiver of democracy. I am enjoying this in my country and I can tell you, apart from corruption and some atrotcities, we are making wild strides in all fields of progress. I alwyas wonder why my fellows in pakistan can't fight for true democracy ? Come and cheer up with the world. Look at China, India, Brazile, Mexico, SA etc. etc. They are marching ahead and you guys are still fighting for basics. Show the determination (which I know u all r known for) and throw these mother sellers out of country. Wishing you a good luck, your Indian friend.



08 November, 2006

You're asking too much

Sorry my friend ,you are asking to much .You can't expect a wolf to be a sheep . You know Musharraf is not courageous .So before he decided to insult Pakistan he knew he has everthing under controle .Stop dreaming .

Anwar Mahmood


08 November, 2006

Killing the flower children in Bajaur

This is a very enlightening article and is intelligently written with facts that no one can question. But, does honesty mean something for Pakistani nation that is willing to sell their mothers for money. We were talking of BB or NS as corrupt people, but military junta is no less on scale. Moreover does this article carry any weight when the whole Pakistani nation is powerless and helpless. On the American scale of Pakistan evaluation, musharraf outweigh the entire nation of Pakistanis, who themselves will do any thing for money.For America, Pakistan is Musharraf and Musharraf is Pakistan. Any body else in the entire country is dead weight. Any one in power, military or civilians will loot and kill his fellow country men for money. They breed on blood money and have no sense of shame or remorse. The murder of tiny tots, as will be terrorists, is crime. Every Pakistani with guilt conscience will commiserate with the families of the flower children. The least those shameless can do is to compensate the families with a drop from the dollars bucket acquired as blood money. I think the Pakistani nation will have to swallow the poison pill of deception and intrigues that their rulers are exercising to appease America by selling and killing their fellow country men. No wonder they portrayed Pakistan as America's dog in world publicized cartoon.All the corrupt military and rulers please look at the cartoons to fumble into the innerself for that faithful dog.

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