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Talajeh Livani

PakTribune Columnist

Talajeh Livani is an Iranian who grew up in Sweden and is currently working as a consultant for the World Bank's Middle East and North Africa division.

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Shokat Saleem


06 June, 2007

Critical Whiteness struggles with'in Migrants

British non-Muslims are scared of Muslims; they're angry with them and they're paranoid about the threat they perceive from Muslims ready to blow them up. British Muslims are scared of the backlash against them from non-Muslims. They're also paranoid about their safety from wider society, the security services and the other Muslims that they are told are out there waiting to blow everybody up. At either end of this polarisation we are seeing a level of alienation that bodes ill for British society. For the Muslim part, their sense of grievance has to be taken on board by the government, its institutions and the media in a meaningful way. It's taken two years of lobbying the Met about stereotyping, but at last, yesterday, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke's statement to the press was at pains to make clear that the arrests and their focus should not cast aspersions on the Muslim community. Yet every breaking news story carried the label "Islamic terrorists" and the addition of the description "British of Pakistani origin". It may sell today's papers but it is ultimately crass vilification. It is also at the heart of the growing anger among Muslim youth. Born and bred British, their citizenship is always conditional. When Kriss Akabussi won athletics medals he wasn't referred to as a British Christian of Nigerian origin. Yet Muslims are always alien by description - their religion and ethnicity used in reporting further edges them to the boundaries of society.


United Kingdom

07 June, 2007

Very sensible

article for the attempt to discern the data. Still does not explain the cause of anger only among muslim youth whereas immigrants for hindu or buddhist or sikh youth who go through similar issues dont feel or behave as violently

Iqbal Zubair

United Kingdom

11 June, 2007

Very sensible/Prasad/United States of America

Hello Dear Prasad I feel sure that you do understand the cause of anger unless you are not as well informed as majority of the people are, however, let me try to explain to you the best I can. Anger as I see it is not the solution to any issue and should not be adopted by educated people regardless of their faith. It is a known fact that actions taken by someone under angry conditions are usually wrong as compared to using a cool head and trying to resolve problems. However a number of immatured youth do take actions under the influence of anger while religious significant of some is advertised in a pronounced manner as compared to others. culturaly and religously you may be right about hindu, sikh or buddist youth talking about USA however if you resarch honestly unproportionate amount of anger is expressed by youth of faiths you named and others in south-east asia which includes India. Yes youth from all faiths should exercise prudence and should not become fueled with anger in any circumstances but when they are put through a meat grinder anger and violence does errupt although it should not. I find it important for adults like you also to refrain from capitalizing on propaganda against youth of certain faiths in the manner your writing appears to highlight since it can only culminate additional hatred than sincere people like you and me are willing to afford, therefore when discussing matters it is important to find ways to curb the evil if we have to be sincere in our concern otherwise a writing of this sort only reflects a bias and prejudice and will not solve any problems.

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