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Suddam Hussain trial,A Drama. Tahir Akbar

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United Kingdom

28 October, 2005

Sadam husain did what he had to do keep his country to gether in a hostile opsition who tried to divide Iraq on sectarian basis. He did exactly what any ruler would have done to eliminate the forces causing any instablity to the security of Iraq as a one nation. His way to treat the sourses causing a threat national security may had been more or less not different than any soverign country. He may had a brutal view for his opponantas but as Bathist leader he had shown more secular view than any so called dictator who guranteed education, welfare and progressive technology to his his people as Iraqis.

Sher Mohammad


31 October, 2005

Next in line: Syria & Iran

It is a writing on the wall that Syria and Iran to read. Nobody drop a tear for Saddam in all the Muslim world. Sher Mohammad.

Tarek Masud


10 November, 2005

Why Not Other Despots ?

This is in response to Mr. Sher Mohammed's comment. The writing on the wall is not only for Syria and Iran, it is also for those who occupy and plunder the homeland of others on the basis of a pack of lies. We all know what the US force is facing in Iraq. It is true that Saddam had been a tyrant and a despot(so are Mubarak of Egypt, Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan, Qaddafi of Libya, Hussain of Jordan and the regime in Algeria), nevertheless, the US invasion and its continuous occupation of Iraq is also illegal. I believe Mubarak, Islam Karimov and the other despots of the Muslim World who happen to be the stooges of the west, should also be tried like Saddam for their crimes.

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