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22 August, 2005

RAW is enemy of Pakistan and Nepal, Bangaladesh

RAW is enemy of Bangaladesh, China, Nepal and Pakistan Dr. Sabitri Chaudhary - I..K. Gujral, former prime minister of India and Nepal's friend, was sent off to Russia during the late Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi's era. He was trained under the Russian Communist ideology and was assigned to look after a project called RAW whose objective was to build a strong Indian spy network in Asian and achieve Indian stronghold in the region. The modus operandi of RAW was to interfere in the neighboring nation's internal affairs in such a way that they are engulfed in their won internal affairs and India could freely interfere in their internal affairs; encroach their border as well. The recent publication of a false report on the Internet against Nepal and Pakistan shows how unprofessionally this organization is operating. Though the Indian government has denied any official bearing on the report, when over it comes in terms to the issue related to Nepal, the Indian foreign policy makers, ruling parties, opposition parties and the media unite together share a common negative perspective against Nepal. This way, it can never be accepted that the India government had no hands in publicising the report. The fabrication of fictional characters and their terrorist activities are woven with such a lie that any civilized and democratic nation anywhere in the world would find it amusing to see the seasoned Indian propagandists lose so much of their credibility. RAW interfered in Sri Lanka affairs and the impact it created is still disturbed the peaceful country, was almost split in to two nations. As the saving goes, "he who's the witch acts as the witch acts as the witch doctor himself", the present Indian BJP government has now allotted USD $ 10 million as aid to the Sri Lanka government which is a paradox. Bhutanese refugee problem in Nepal was also formulated by RAW from which Nepal is suffering a lot. RAW is also assisting the Nepali Maoists movement in supplying weapons and conducting guerrilla training and identifying remote and inaccessible 22 districts like Rolpa, Rukum, and Jajarkot for easy Maoists operation. Though Sri Lanka has been granted economic aids, the BJP government on the other hand neither takes any initiative to solve the root cause there nor does it speak anything against the Tamil Nadu leader Karuna Nidhi of DMK to stop his activities in Sri Lanka. India is also not free from the risk of being split up from problems with ULF As and Kashmiries. But to cover it all up, to put an illusion on its own citizens, the government is performing all these theatrical gestures like providing donations to Sri Lanka. Unlike the Himalayan Blunder of 1962, the late Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi had to enforce his military force into Sri Lanka to settle problems which India itself had created earlier. Later, the Indian army was compelled to pull out in defeat bearing a loss of more than 1500 army personnel. As the saying goes: "those who plan poison tree well later be eaten up by the same tree", Rajeev Gandhi was assassinated by the Tamils themselves. Likewise, late Indira Gandhi also had planted a poisonous tree in the name of Saint General Singh Vindarwala. The interference of the Indian forces in the holy Punjabi Golden Temple in Amritsar, the killings of the separatists all added up to the assassination of Indira Gandhi. It is because the poisonous tree she had planted earlier had grown old and she couldn't uproot it. This is the price the Indian are paying for separating Bangladesh from Pakistan. The Pakistanis are now in possession of nuclear weapons. Maybe they didn't succeed in making Punjab and independent nation, but they won't let Kashmir issue passes away easily. Like 'tit for tat' the Pakistani Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) is there to counter the RAW. There are so many spy networks working under-cover of diplomatic mission. But still Nepal has not been able to carry out any action against Raw. On the other hand, the situation in Bangladesh is also not stable. The People's Republic of China is also fighting Muslim separatists and it is being extra sensitive to the Indian politics. Down south, the military government of Burma is also facing separatist power though they are suppressing their people by military rule. What I want to point out from all the above scenarios is "What is the sole element responsible for such instability? The ultimate cause is the infamous organization RAW and its unethical activities. Because of not only the Bangaladesh and Pakistan are are suffering but also even Indian herself is in a big trauma and has already started explaining about cross border terrorism.



22 August, 2005

Give me a break, Maoists are banned in India. India is biggest victim of Maoists than any other contry. Pakis are support Maoists against all contries as mentioned in this article.

Wasif Ausaf


22 August, 2005

Recent attack of Maoist on Indian Parliamentarian

No doubt the article is written well and if i consider it a Pakistani cuisine it is rightly cooked for our people but Miss Sobia didn't pay attention on one recent attack of Maoist on Indian Parliamentarian, which killed him, I hope she may bring some new thought about it and give us a pro-Pakistani outlook on this incident.

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