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Simon Jenkins

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The biggest threat to the West lies within itself, not with Islam Simon Jenkins

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17 October, 2007


The author should read the history of Afganisthan and Pakistan (centre of art and knowledge. Language theory was invented by Panini in present day Pakistan) and Egypt/Mishor (Excelence in engineering and medicine). That should provide enough clue, what harm Islam can cause to humanity.



18 October, 2007

Islamic letter to christians

I wish there would be peace within Islam. When Sunnis and Shiites stop killing each other it will seem like a more peaceful religion. No members of any other religion bomb other sects in their own religion. The killing has been happening since Mohammed died and I hope to see it end in my lifetime.



18 October, 2007

Islamic society compared to hindi society

Dear Nikus, I don't blame you for your hate towards Islam, you grew in a country where genocide of minorities is officially patronized. Your words are exactly what they teach you in India. Where as remaining world's history is not exactly the same. It is not difficult to prove that it was non-Muslims who harm more to the cause of humanity. Let’s take the example of hinduism, it has does not give same respect to all hindu humans and have no respect for any other religion of world, incl. Judhism and Christianity. Some hindu gods require human sacrifice, burning women alive, similarly there are many more inhuman ceremonies in some un-Islamic religions, which can be termed more inhuman than Islam which has always fought against oppression of helpless and categorized all humans same. I invite you to study Islam before you speak big words against it based on your false knowledge. I'm a Chritian living in Islamic state and never been singled out based on my religon. I think society where I'm living is much more humane than your's.

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