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Safdar Sial

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Tahir M Butt


19 July, 2007

asalaam o' alaikum Time has come for the western liberal elite and there henchman to understand that Pakistan is also the country of poor and oppressed people who have got nothing to show since Its creation they also are Proud To Call Themselves MUSLIMS. The politicians have failed us The generals have failed us and to some extant the religious leadership but they have always been Constant in there struggle for "Shariah Rules" and why not is not Pakistan a Islamic State all along the governments have been looking after the rights of minority Islamic parties "the Qadianis 'go on the Internet and see what they have been upto since they were formed against Islam, Pakistan and working with the British,Indians & Zionists..." & so have been our Shia Brothers Iran & India.Today this is were we stand the Generals will Jump up and salute a Chaprasi if he is sent by the State dept they still think they are working for the British & the Americans our Army has been turned into Soldiers of Fortune. A complete OVERHAUL of the situation is required AND elightened Moderation Will NOT Work. The Army has to overhaul it self and become A Peoples Army for The Islamic Republic Of Pakistan. and gradually the whole society has to be changed as per the teachings of the QURAN and ahadiths keeping The Shariat Laws to be formulated Strictly by the Judical bodies of this countries and the implementation to be carried out in at least 6-10 years so that everyone is able to read and write and Understand the Quranic Laws. Lal Masjid Showed us the pattern that has been used by the Zionists against the Palestinians,Indians against the Kashmirisand the British&Americans against the population of afghanistan and Iraq......If the Generals try to use the same Tactics the same that were used by them in EAST PAKISTAN they better be careful sending more Army will leave us vunerable on our eastern borders and the Anglo,American zionists and indians are no friends of ours.


United Arab Emirates

20 July, 2007

Lal Masjid

Extremists are with twisted minds. They do not have a solid ground to fight a strong country like Pakistan. Handfull of people with bad intentions can be tackled with the military might of Pakistan. There is no such thing as ungoverned places in the country. If Akbar Bugti is gone with the winds who was never touched by any previous government, who else is there to challege the writ of the government. Gen. Musharraf's government is strong and must be kept in mind that he is going to be re-elected by majority for another term. There is no fight between Taleban and Pakistani Army they are both working for peace in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Lal Mosque will not play remarkable role in politics as it was a very unwise step of two maulans who not only defamed the name of Islam but from their actions lost the trust of the people. Majority of people inside and outside Pakistan never thought highly of so called maulanas who taught no real Islam to young generation on the contrary they exploited the religion for their own advantages. No one trusts maulanas any more and they got no future in political system. They will lose what votes they got last time but PML Q with allied parties will form the next government. The color of Lal Masjid itself will be changed and there is no more trouble as the control of the mosque will go to government. Government is going to make sure that no such breed of terrorists takes place in mosques throughout the country. The Chapter of Lal Masjid will be burried soon and no backlash.

b m z


21 July, 2007

Lal Masjid Image -past present

UN presence US allied presence reflect absent leaders of Islam . Muslim being presented as uneducated people via despecible religion while they are flashing around their cars and jobs.Suicide bombers topee Muslim are muslim Chinese are helper while US allied soldiers run the security of Islam while pumping oil with other none Muslim .This ain’t look right. Those in Power please come forward to rule Muslim and their asset.

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