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Sunday Jan 26, 2020, Jumada-al-awwal 30, 1441 Hijri
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Robert Robideau

PakTribune Columnist

ROBERT ROBIDEAU is co-director of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee.

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"God Given Right" Palestine and Native America Robert Robideau

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John Denver


30 March, 2006

Native Americans were treated wrong

History. One word can mean everything one hasn't lived through. Now what? Throw the first stone? America. I thank God I live here.


United Arab Emirates

30 March, 2006

10,000 USA Nuke Bomb Israel

All policy of creation or evolution, UN resolution in Raising 22000 Jews of philistine into Israel can be summed up As 10,000 Nuke bomb based Israel creatred .10000 bomb Nuke based USA Army Occupation or Looting deal all along Towards UN resolution.i.e.all wars after 1945 Hiroshima Nagasaki.. Iran NUKE power plant is not sustainable as 10,000 NUKE army and Missionaries are stronger .They are already in Iran Pakistan Afghanistan and in Hamas of Palestine format. The Issue is How 10,000 Nuke Jews and Christian Kofi Annan army can be prevented into Iran entry (officially) ? How 10,000 Nuke bomb soldiers and their recruited Politicians or operatives can be flushed out of Hamas Outfit karzai outfit ? How 10,000 Nuke army can stay In the region By shear Nuke Power blackmail .NO Iran ayatollahs like Saddam Hussein seem to be Inviting 10,000 Nuke Blackmailing Army of the West.. The Issue is How Islam Muslim can keep Islam And Iran in One peace and evict 10,000 Nuke Bomb Hiroshima Nagasaki type evil Soldiers .

Mike Graham

United Kingdom

30 March, 2006

America Indian Nations for ever

Public letter to Senator McCain, House Rep. Richard Pombo The federal government committed the world's longest holocaust against the American Indian people! The federal government signed treaties with Indian nations, and made it a point to break every one of them! The federal government enslaved Indian men, women and children on reservations! Now you're saying that Indians are reservation shopping? Full report:

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