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United Kingdom

29 July, 2007


In Greek mythology, Pandora ("all-gifted") was the first woman. Zeus ordered Hephaestus to create her as part of the punishment of mankind for Prometheus' theft of the secret of fire, and all the gods joined in offering her seductive gifts. (Source: Wikipedia). There cannot be a Pandora’s box in “Holier than thou/the Pope” Pakistan. Pakistanis don’t accept the concept Gods. Pandora was a mythical woman. Ask any Mullah whether anything can come out of a woman – he will say only babies. In Pakistan - there is only one God – Pakistan’s Ka Matlab Kya- La Ilahi Illalla. The events leading to the dismissal and reinstatement of the Chief Justice, Lal Masjid violence have unsettled the bottom of the turbulent culture of Pakistan and have further opened up the structural problems inherent in the country and the conflicts between rival forces that are battling for the crown of Pakistan. 1. Liberal elite that wants Pakistan to be a modern country. 2. Religious/modern elite that wants Pakistan to be a progressive state but an Islamic nation. 3. Vast majority that is easily swayed by the sweet morsels of religious rewards that are promised to them by the Mullahs in afterlife. In this life they just want material rewards. 4. Mullahs that know if they lose their stranglehold on the country they will loose authority and hence preach hell and brimstone brand of Islam to the eager unlettered masses. 5. The military that knows if they make any concessions they get swept off from the power base they have come to enjoy from the very inception of Pakistan. NONE OF THE ABOVE - JUMPS OUT OF A PAKISTANI PANDORA’S BOX. THEY ARE OPEN SECRETS THAT ARE GETTING EVEN MORE OPEN. PAKISTANIS WANT TO BE THE LEADERS OF THE ISLAMIC WORLD. WANT TO RIGHT THE WRONGS BEING DONE TO MUSLIMS AROUND THE WORLD. THEY WANT TO BE THE SPOKESPERSONS FOR THE PALESTINIANS, CHECHNIANS, INDIAN MUSLIMS – ALL THE MUSLIM WORLD EXCEPT THEIR OWN FELLOW COUNTRY MEN AND WOMEN. WHEN IT IS CONVENIENT THEY WANT TO BE THE TRUE BROTHERS OF THE ARABS, PURE MUSLIM BROTHERS BUT ON OTHER OCCASIONS THEY CLAIM “WE ARE NOT AN ARAB COUNTRY- WE ARE SOUTH EAST ASIANS- DEMOCRACY IS OUR BIRTH RIGHT.” THEY HAVE A ROMANTIC AND IMPRACTICAL SENSE OF UNITY PURELY BASED ON EMOTIONAL APPEAL. AS ALL EMOTIONAL SURGES THESE CALLS COME AND GO – BUT AS PURELY EMOTIONAL ISSUES THEY CAN NEVER REACH THE CONSISTENCY OF INSTITUTIONS BASED EXAMPLES – LIKE THE EEC. NO WONDER OIC IS ALL HOT AIR WHILE EEC IS MORE PRACTICAL.



29 July, 2007


If justice is not being done for the following; it means thereis no justice at all in Pakistan and there is still room for illegal compromises among big players. 1. President's election & uniform's decision must be sought through SC. 2.Lal Masjid's inquiry and punishments. Roll and acts of intellegence agencies and their limits and due punishments what they did with nation for the last 4 months. 4. 12th May roits and punishment. 5. Exile leaders (all)must be brought back to justice inside Pakistan. 6. Triabl Area killing and roll of Army (inquiry). 7. Mising persons inquiry. 8. Contempt of courts cases and strict punishment. 9. Former and present NAB cases and corrupt politician's cases. 10. Steel Mills & other Financial scandles inquiry nd punishment. If above all are not addressed and culprits are not brought to Justice.. then it means Judiciay is not free only Chief Justice is free.

Imran Siddiqui


29 July, 2007

Next steps

Next steps: 1. This confidence should be flowed down to the lower courts all over the country. 2. Jurists should come forth with a code of conduct for people associated with the profession of Law and that should be passed through the parliament. 3. Fed and Provincial governments need to look at the pay structure and benefits for lawers and an attractive package should be worked through the parliament. 4. CJ Choudary should step down till an independent committee investigate the charges against him. He has not been relived from charges, it was the method which was rejected by the Sup Court. 5. New courts with satisfactory security should be provided to the Lawers and Judges. 6. New courts with enclosed residentials for Lawyers, Judges and security personal should be built all over the country. 7. Each province should have at least one law school with capability to offer doctorate in law. These institutions should also cover Islamic laws. The location of these universtities should be outside the city in the country side so that the rural population can also benefit from job opps etc. 8. Parliament should introduce incentives for female lawyers which will help Pakistani women in persuade of justice. 9. All Pakistani laws should get revision in accordance with Sharia law and keeping the present state of affairs and enviroment in mind. 10. A committee should be formed to review the entire constitution which should submit its reservation and comments to the Parliament. It will be the job of the parliament to review and address the issue within 30 days. 11. Study of constitution and Law should be started from class 7th and sholarships should be offered for study of the constitution.

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