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Sunday Jan 26, 2020, Jumada-al-awwal 30, 1441 Hijri
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Noman Baig

PakTribune Columnist

Noman Baig is a graduate student of political science at the University of Victoria, Canada.

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Reader Comments


Khalid Rahim


16 June, 2006

Performing a feat!

In 2007 will the COAS change his attire from uniform to civies, while straddled on the saddle of the President's horse or would he change his attire before the end of 2006 unless the emperor's new clothes not been stitched.

Zain Abbass


18 June, 2006

Totally Pathetic

When I first began to read the article I thought it was going to be a article talking about how we have failed and how the 2007 elections show some hope. The author of the article seems to believe that this maybe a chance to restart democracy. Now I want to know who actually made it possible for these elections to take place? Musharraf could have gone on even further than 2007 if he would have liked. Perhaps, it is the people of Pakistan must grow up and learn to ignore the corrupt and the feudals. Musharraf has brought Pakistan out of a deep hole yet all of our journalists who only have the right to speak because of the government allowing free media are now bashing Musharraf with no end? Watch the next ruler of Pakistan shut down every single media station in Pakitan and then you guys will appreciate the freedoms and the sucess Musharraf has brough to us!



18 June, 2006

Don't thinks so

i don't really think and agree that President Musharraf will leave the office of COAS in 2007 or by the end of this year the only way to democracy is that all this Musharraf made "democratic" setup should be throwing out of power and that can only happen if all the opposition resigns from assemblies and come out on streets against dictatorship although i have been musharraf supporter but after 2002 election i had to change my view and now i think that no military ruler can truly benefit the society or the over all situation infact military rulers ahve only one task and that is to confirm their position and rule the country as long as they can no matter what the country's needs are they just have nothing to do with it so i think Jumat-e-islamy and Imran Khan plan of september is the need of the day

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