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Muhammad Munir

PakTribune Columnist

The writer works for Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI)

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The question of militancy & extremism Muhammad Munir

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Mohammad Ilyas


03 December, 2007


Before the war on Muslim extremists was declared by United States this name 'Extremist' was not even known to most of Pakistanis. So, it seems obvious that this is never an issue rather comes to be a market where our political elders earn more and more money selling the blood of their soldiers and poorly villagers. The poorly villagers are those who are firstly enraged to pick up arms against the government and then are being labelled as terrorists to legalise the attack being made on them. More ridiculous is the thing that the propaganda that our country makes is much more severe than that of U.S. Just because to clarify to the west to have alms from them. It is a new form of begging. Begging for the throne and for the luxuries enjoyed in a poorly country.


United Kingdom

07 December, 2007

What a joke !

"under the agreeement negotiated by the Grand Tribal Jirga, the militants will not give shelter foreigners and launch cross-border raids"...but they are free to attack any where inside Pakistan, cause mayhem, blow up innocent people, shut down businesses, kidnap any one, hold people in captivity, seize Plice Stations and Mosques... What a joke of a country !!

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