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Tuesday Jan 21, 2020, Jumada-al-awwal 25, 1441 Hijri
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Muhammad Amir Rana

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How the Suicide Attackers Operate in Pakistan Muhammad Amir Rana

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Arshad Ali


12 February, 2008

Mujahideen or Terrorist

Mr. Muhammad Amir Rana had no problem distingusing between Mujahideen and terrorists. If they are killing people in India then they are Mujahideens and if they are killing people in Pakistan then they are terrorists. Mr. Rana, why do you think we are in this killing-period in Pakistan, because we never felt sorry for those innocent Indian civilians our own Mujahideen were finishing off and now when these same Mujahideens are doing suicide missions inside Pakistan, we are wondering what is wrong with them. How long are we going to keep thinking about revenge about 1971 war, in which we did lot more bad than India could ever do. But then again it is so much easier to blame others. I think we are all God's people regardless of our religions and we should act in in favour of humanity than in favour of a particular religion. As soon as we start doing that, others will too. Please stop writing articles as if we are sitting in the stone age. I am ashamed to live in a place where all we think about is how to win by killing. I don't think our religion teaches us that at all.



13 February, 2008

You and me are quarry . good luck



13 February, 2008

Mujahid Vs Terrorist

As Arshad Ali said, some hyprocrites always say if a non muslim or non- pakistani is killed its revenge or Freedom struggle whereas if someone kills muslims or Pakistanis they are terrorists. Killers are killers, it may be of any sort, religious war or wat ever it is, its wrong only. We are here is live and let others(all religions) live. I appreciate Arshad Ali for his thoughts.

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