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Wednesday Dec 11, 2019, Rabi-al-thani 13, 1441 Hijri
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Mazhar Iqbal

PakTribune Columnist

The writer is associated with Press for Peace.

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Why 14-year-old girl is important for Pakistan Mazhar Iqbal

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United States

15 October, 2012

Mazhar Sahib, Please leave this girl alone. Her parents are stupid enough to allow this underage girl to be in the middle of a global conflict and throwing her into the eye of the storm. I am sure you will have some female relatives (may be your daughter) of Malalas age. May be you should encourge your underage girls to be part of this conflict which has global dimentions. What is wrong with Pakistani people. Why they are sending udnerage girls of others to fight taliban. If all those liberals are that much concerned then they should fight the Taliban themselves. There are millions of liberals who are crying for Malala. My understanding is that active Taliban are few thousands. Why these liberal get up and go and engage the Taliban and eliminate them?? If Malala was my daughter or a daughter of any person with an IQ of 30 or over they would have told her that she need to focus on her studies instead of trowing this girl in front of two warring sides.



15 October, 2012

Great article.

When i heard that terrorists in Pak shot a 14yr old girl it shocked me and left me wondering how much a country can stoop. Who are the people that see a 14 year as a threat??? But after all that has happened it is really heartening to see Pakistan stand behind this brave young girl. It gives hope to not only people of Pakistan but also to us Indians. I hope she succeeds in turning this country around and stand united against those who want to dictate how you should live your life. Wishing Malala a speedy recovery. You probably have no idea what you have managed to do in terms of uniting your country against terrorists but i wish to see you take this further. Get well soon, Pak needs you now.


15 October, 2012

why all of a sudden media of whole world with all polititions are highliting the storey .wher are those innocents being killed in drone attakes . if they r not humans.killings in iraq syria libia egypt africa who has waged wars and killings all over the globe how many are killed and how many will b killed and for how long it will go who has desighned this game it is any bodys guess

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