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Mark Weber

PakTribune Columnist

Mark Weber is director of the Institute for Historical Review. He studied history at the University of Illinois (Chicago), the University of Munich, Portland State University and Indiana University (M.A., 1977). For nine years he served as editor of the IHR`s Journal of Historical Review.

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Reader Comments


jessica k

United Kingdom

05 January, 2006

bull pucky

that is a lot of fonny balonny. israel is the chosen land and God's chosen people if you have a problem with that then you are not for God no matter what religion you are. If you have a problem with the USA helping God's chosen people then there is a problem with your head. As you can tell I am very offended by this paper and the ideas implyed in it. The lord is leading the US in the ways of the lord God Almighty and you seem to have a problem with the US going the right way. I am not a Jewish but I feel that the Jews have been picked on enought now they are getting picked on on the world wide web. Oh, now that is even worse than all of the Nazis did. because then they could do something about it now what can they do? They can write a letter and say, "PLEASE DONT SAY ANYTHING AGAINST ISRAEL, IT'S NOT VERY NICE, PLEASE STOP." Cut Israel some slack after all one little counrty against the whole Middle East with the #1 country against them. now that is a pretty picture. and feel free to read this to anyone you please and may the lord show you the true way to love and live in the way only JESUS can. God bless America, AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


United Kingdom

06 January, 2006

you agree with it?!?!?!?!?!?!

is there a problem with the US helping Isreal? Printing the truth yes, but is it that terrible for the us to help and stick up for someone? if you had a little brother and someone was picking on him you would stick up for him even if it was a whole group of bullies. The bible says that any country that goes up against Israel will go down. the UK is great and i would love to go to it, there is so much flavorand history in the UK. i would love just to walk around and see all the sights but how would you like it if you had the world powers (all of them) going up against the UK without any help at all. just to add flavor, imagine that you were all kicked out of the UK and then when it was given back it was torn to shreads and then all the world just wanted to kill everyone of you! there would be no wepons left for anyone to help fight and yet you have to leave when you just got back! God bless the UK, the US, and Israel!!!!!!!!!! AMEN

Richard W. Symonds


06 January, 2006

"Perlegate" ? Correction

Richard Perle is a "Patron" -not a "Signatory" of the Henry Jackson Society. Apologies for error.

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