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Sunday Jan 26, 2020, Jumada-al-awwal 30, 1441 Hijri
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John Kaminski

PakTribune Columnist

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida whose Internet essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world. He is the author of "America's Autopsy Report," "The Perfect Enemy," and "The Day America Died: Why You Shouldn't Believe the Official Story of What Happened on September 11, 2001. "

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The Setup to Destroy America John Kaminski

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s tiwari


15 March, 2006

lets think for a new start

I think if western media will also publish this type of articles, there may be some changes. “West and US must know they cant just keep playing power game with the rest of the world with the support of their media who keep justify them by showing something like rest of the world deserve for that.” Western media must know they can't just justify wrong steps of West and US in political way. they can confuse their people not others. Publicity is not everything. Western media must know ........ if they will try to justify wrong, other will also do the same like this movie where US solders were shown as terrorists. there was a time that media was source of information but now media is just to confuse people. our media say what is politically good for us and their say what is politically good for them. In the same way, Arabs must also understand they can't just support terrorist attacks on the west. Long life of west is related with development of developing countries. If country like india, pakistan, china, thailand or even middle order country like malaysia is progressing, the reason is ECONOMIC FLOW from west to east. Economy follows the simple law of flow, which is from high concentration to low concentration. Even if in case of Israel, if anyone say he want to remove them of kick them from their home. No. this is wrong. Arabs and other muslim countries have to change their mentality with israel also. terrorist just give some religious justification like israel and want to kill innocent people. If israel do wrong, they wuld be criticized or even be punished but they must not be said to be removed or kicked from their home. Both US with west and Muslim world have to think in positive way. First US wuld take action against those media personals and western political people who justify wrong against Islam and Arabs. And then US has to be very strict with Christian religious people who are using religious freedom of west in wrong way and trying for religious attacks on other religions. “West must ban religious publicity”, which look like challenge to other religions. “These religious and power minded people must be recognized as enemy of West and the whole world.” On the other hand Arabs has to be very very strict with those who call for fatwa or killing others. There must be a rule in all Arabic countries , if some one call for giving money to kill any human being, he must be sent to jail for atleast 20-30 years. There must be a environment so that West won't look suspiciously on Arabic countries. The good start may be from taking action against those who have been involved in offering money to kill any human regardless any religious reason. Otherwise ……….. we all must be prepared for some very wrong happenings in world peace. “Religious and power competition will take the world towards an end.” First West has to take a start against intellectual violence, “religious and power concept both”, and then Arabs would give it to an end by taking proper actions against those Muslim religious people who are involved in making Islamic terrorists. Thanks and regards



15 March, 2006

US is good too

1. Like everything else Americans are a normal distribution i.e. some are fantastic, most are in a range below or above average and and some are much below average. So are all others. For example most people are friendly, lucky, rich, handsome to a minimal to higher to highest degrees and a few are very unlucky, very violent, ugly, very poor, etc. So only a few in every socity are really bad. 2. Americans did very good things by bringing back democracy in Afganistan and if you watch it closely, it is back on the track of education, women's rights, elections, reduction in poppy cultures, etc. Americans also helped Muslims in Serbia, etc. So please do not curse US for the actions of a few people or the few mistakes. See the postive contribution like education, technology, noebel laurates, etc. and encourage positive thinking and solution and direction on everything on mother earth.


United Arab Emirates

19 March, 2006

The Setup to Destroy America

What is going into the minds of US top brass is event that they have lost the track and no longer respect human lives and are going there from where there is no come back. Looking at the history it happened in the past and will happen soon but it will be too late. When a Lion goes beserk in the jungle a handfull of guys with stick kill the lion. You can't fight with the world when you are doing everything wrong with such pretexes that your own people are not with you but are compelled to side you because they have no choice. When through a so called democratic system you become US President then you got to carry on until something happens to you. On planet earth US has been very wrong when innocents are butchered in Iraq and Afghanistan. All normal US human being are against the genocide and would love to see that their brother, husbands, sons and daughters are brough back from a war which is unjust. Why delay when you know you lost it and prolonging will not be any gain for you. Learn from a stupid mistake and don't play with a fire which will not be controlled by you and whole world could engulg in it. Why not live in peace which is best way to keep the planet earth confortable for all.

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