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Thursday Jan 23, 2020, Jumada-al-awwal 27, 1441 Hijri
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Jawed Naqvi

PakTribune Columnist

Javed Naqvi is one of the most prominent writer of Pakistan.

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Reader Comments


Sunil Sinha

United Kingdom

09 March, 2007

Swami Agnivesh

His dream that muslims marry hindu and vice versa is nothing but a crappy dream. Let him marry a shudra, then he will back off.



09 March, 2007

Javed Naqvi

Javed have a good analysis on situation but he have gone a bit far in his conclusion. New generation of Pakistan, which is educated, have access to knowledge and world affairs have proved to be more pro Pakistan then the previous generations. They understand that being moderate is the only way ahead for our society but at the same time they understand that India is always there to harm our country to fulfill their dream of rule over sub continent, which is the basic belief of Hindu fascism. Well, things are moving ahead internally and people are inclined to reject extremism but there is no way that our new generation can compromise on our national security and borders. For any fundamental change as expressed by writer, we would need an equal honest and sincere approach from other side of border, which is not insight and this fact make Pakistani youth to think of future and their indipendence. They day low castes in India have equal rights as the Brhaman's enjoy, we would be pleased to trust them as friends, any thing before would be a delusion and unacceptable by Pakistani youth. Long Live Pakistan.



09 March, 2007

India Heritage Custom and Solution

India area is a region or countries where 1/3 rd of world Muslim come from. Great Akbar (mughal e azam) married a Hindu Maharani Juddabai.Prince Salim was born out of Juddabai.Muslim rulers had Hindu Professionals as advisors and personal Assistant as Govt Ministers. Ministry included House of common and House of Mughal Royalties (So called Divan e- AAM (common) Divine KHAS (reserved for Royalty). Solution for survival is a technique. Technique is Islamic religion. Religion is self Sustaining success. There is no Caste system In Islam.Shia of Hazrat Ali Fatima r/u and Holy prophet SWT are just 150 million.1200m are Sunnis.Syed call themselves superior than the poor syed doing low wage job due Need. There is no Mehter Muslim Caste.Holy colour is not the colour which will be sliced off.It is the Permanent Tattoo colour(forbidden in Islam).Islam is a culmination of technique and Hidayat in Universal Nature in Surahs and Hadith. All Muslim can marry a Hindu Christian Buddhist Sikh Parsee or vice versa Muslim can write Poem Hindu play can be coloured with Divali colours by friends or neighbours Or be involved in nawroaze basant kite festival puja dinners. Hindu women marrying A Muslim can receive Muslim husband‘s Nikah dowry (other way around).Hindu Man marrying a Muslim need to give Nikah dowry (a nominal guaranteed ) in the Event of divorce.Marrying a Muslim need Burial (not burning or putting In Holy River).Muslim can not fear 1 day equal to 50,000 yrs long burning .Muslim Dread fire or burning. That is why they remain as Muslim. Forced Burning or accidental Burning govern by guaranteed protection to believers. The sun never sets while definition of Allah (Fattah) and alliance protection Uttered come and Renewed (hidden) none stop 24 hrs a day. These are Muslims Who fly kites participates in throwing colours (where apply) who celebrate basant nowroze eat Puja puri mithai sweet with friends and Hindu neighbours (more than often) if living condition and Layout permits. Muslim also do not keep Dog cat or other thing as pet as such.Muslim is just belief in Allah of Universe (size of Ocean with a fraction as our Solar system). Recitation of surah fatah and selective lines taking Few minutes is requisite.Fasting one month (continuous) is different than fasting Of Karwachaud(Hindu).Muslim free short term free finance zakat is guaranteed.Poor also Get free food and meat weeks and weeks with one foreign trip if can afford a hajj or Umra.Muslim need not build a mosque one in every few block.Festival is a Morning prayer with firni sawai noodles a chicken curry treat which brings Eid to an End by mid morning or noon.Religion is simple and Defined in surah fatah which is uttered more than a billion time daily. Sun never sets while Creator defined in utterance of few seconds While aligning and bending called Namaz lasting few minutes)

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