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Sunday Jan 26, 2020, Jumada-al-awwal 30, 1441 Hijri
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Javed Anand

PakTribune Columnist

Javed Anand is the general secretary of Muslims for Secular Democracy, based in Mumbai.

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United Kingdom

15 May, 2007

Muslims in India and elsewher should change their approach for survival.

Javed,You are right.This is a new reality that should be taken into account.Actually the same is true here in USA,Muslims in general and Pakistanis in particular always voted for Republican party but their behaviour of hatred and hysteria against Islam couldn't remain hidden any longer.Muslims every where should behave intelligently and develop a good working realtionship with all parties and factions,rather than putting all eggs in one basket.This will always be beneficial.ANother thing muslims in India should do is to vote the challenger over incumbent even if the challenger offers slight better accomodation.Means muslims should have very good relations with all parties but keep their interest always in front of them.What has happened is that muslims have voted for a party without even enforcing some contract for the concessions and have worked as opponents of other parties.Realisation and changing strategy is the trick for survival.



11 January, 2008

This guy is here also!!! I am not aware of situation in USA, but both Mumbai and Gujrat has long history of riots. In both cases, muslims started it and when they were paid back with their own coin, they talks about administrative failure etc... In both Gujrat and Mumbai, moslmes used to control the under ground activities ( extortion gangs. In Ahmedabad Altaf etc..., which was supported by Congress and in Mumbai Dawood Ibrahim, Chhota Shakeel, Tiger Memon etc... which were grooomed during Congress rules. That had created an impression that, moslems can cause immense damage to the people in Mumbai and Gujrat whenever they want. Thanks to Siv Sena and RSS, the myth is broken. RSS and Siv sena has organised large number of people and with seer number they have won. It is the Siv Sena, who have chased away these terrorists, who now operate from Dubai or Pakistan. Like Gujrat, Maharashtra should get another BJP-Siv Sena Govt. All these bomb blasts will go away (the way Modi is controlling it in Gujrat).

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