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Sunday Jan 26, 2020, Jumada-al-awwal 30, 1441 Hijri
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Sher Mohammad


19 April, 2006

Islam is out-of-step with modern times

The problem of Muslims, both men and women, can be summed up in a nut shell: They are out-of-step with the great changes that have taken place around them after the discovery of sea routes. Islam needs period infusion of fresh blood. The Ottoman Turks provided new vitality to Islam after the Fall of Baghdad. The Turks,though a benign rulers, however are known to have closed the medieval trade routes to Western Europe. The fall of the Umyyad Kingdom in Spain and Portugal, spurred the Spanish and Portuguese sailors to brave the oceans and reach the far flung areas of the world. Are our school children taught the story of the discovery of sea routes and its effect on the modern world? Do the multitude of Maulanas and Islamic clerics know of modern history? Pardon me for saying that we Muslims are out-of-step with the chain of events that have left us far behind in the fields of sciences, research, and all branches of knowledge. Islam needs infusion of fresh blood to revitalise Muslims. The futile exercise of blaming the West for Islam's ills should be shed and a more friendlier approach to the West should be adopted. Sher Mohammad.


United Arab Emirates

21 April, 2006

Racial Profiling in Modern Time Islamic Science

Religious behaviour evolve scientifically based upon Components such as psycho-biological genes, Human and Quranic Surah trigger device. The memes Transmitted is highly scientific computerized phenomenon Arising out of this world triggering action of intent. For Believer there is built in protection mechanism... Consequently the saying you just need to pray “Allah Show me straight path and do not put me on the path of those who go astray quoting relevant surah chapt and Article verse # just like in Court case. When Muslims are not honest as if they are not practicing Muslim. The same rule applies to Christians who have fallen Into clutches of distorted testament wrong priest-church. Christian Arabs or Jews are few in numbers anywhere. The leaders of west are really greedy aggressor and follow Own version of religion or rules of democracy amid incompetency racism and racial profiling in pursuit to use It towards OPEC oil OIC resource acquisition.

benz m Ispahani


21 April, 2006

Democracy Expenditure Accuracy

Do you approve democracy expenditure layout? Democracy Compulsion Expenditure IMF Bill Vs Quran ( this BILL is highly accurate reliable Democracy) Quran 2.256 No Compulsion in religion Iraq Democracy Expenditure Compulsion came Based on stolen oil so called “we are teaching Democracy to Iraq Afghanistan Pakistan” in liu Of oil resource blood organ land hotel apt complex Acquisition Modern time's oil based economy medieval Europe Custom and religion is Democracy expenditure Bill Some want Muslims to adopt it. (As anti Allah) They are building foreign owned Building Apts On IMF Loan Based High Rise Office Towers Shopping Mall High way Car Traffic Jam Glass complex Office Building and few Million High Price Residential Buildings To Cater Few to Shut their Mouth with Glorified Medieval Santa Clause Light Gimmick.To achieve this by using 9/11 in UN 178 countries Trying to sell It to local resident. Waging war ON Allah is death DEMOCRACY CHAPT 5 ARTICLE 36 i.e. (Quran 5.36). It is a proof How OIC Muslim wealthy have Turned Against Quran after buying Cars and luxury homes for themselves with high commission revenue insight. Mohammad(s.a.) “By God,he is not a Believer,by God ,he is not a Believer,by God,he is not a Believer,with whom His Neighbours are not Secure.”

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