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Huzaima Bukhari & By Dr Ikramul Haq

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The writers ( are researchers, legal historians, authors of many books, tax advisers and members of Visiting Faculty of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). They work for a multi-disciplinary law firm, HUZAIMA & IKRAM (

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Sixth anniversary of 9/11 Huzaima Bukhari & By Dr Ikramul Haq

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08 September, 2007

Six years after 9/11

Can a man unable to express himself clearly in English, do what we are being made to believe? Is it possible for such a person to employ delicate computer applications and plan something without being detected? From sheer magnitude of work involved, it is humanly impossible for one person to plan and execute 31 terror attacks as stated, without being detected by the top detection agencies of the world having means to detect hostile extra-terrestrial objects in space, threatening life on earth from a distance, hundreds of billion miles away and developing means to safeguard the world from their possible dangers in future. The confession statement of Sheikh as released by the US media, appears to be a calculated effort to put the entire blame on a single culprit and get rid of the whole terror.Can the world be cleared of its ills and crimes by embodying them into a single soul and incinerating it? Too much of fiction to believe. I strongly feel that, love is stronger than hate. Terror is a product of fear which in turn gives birth to hate. Terror can only be eliminated by creating an atmosphere free from hate and fear.Undoubtedly, the CIA is a name which is synonymous with hate and fear and therefore, can only create and aggravate terror. The world is well aware of its Charter and could hardly do anything to counter its inhuman efforts, to enslave entire humanity for the service of the hegemonic power. Anger is a result of Adrenalin, a chemical produced in brain as a result of mental activity preparing the body for protection against all sorts of aggressions. Under prolonged onslaught, Adrenalin temporarily freezes all other faculties of brain and concentrates energies only to fight aggression. Under such situations, when human mind becomes uni-directional, the man tends to be more animal than human. Degree of civilization cultured in a man determines the extent of his leaning towards animal instincts in anger. With above explanation, it is easy to understand that, an angry man is not completely sane. Therefore, un-controlled anger which sheds the human virtues, bringing out animal in man, is considered betrayal to the virtuous blessings bestowed upon him by the Creator, can be led to use its "animal power". The term, "weapons of mass destruction" has been transformed. Initially, it evoked the grave danger of the repeat of the 9/11 trauma. But now it evokes an apparently calculated American fear. The US government had developed through its various agencies, explicit evidence defining a threat that required the launching of preventive war and the US media trumpeted such evidence without hesitation. Since there were no weapons of mass destruction, which the US government and its pliant press had ample reason to know, was an institutionalized deceit maintained to this day, to achieve its designed aims, necessarily ulterior for the outside world. At the United Nations, the U.S. misled the world. In speech after speech, President Bush misled his nation. And, it is to be noted that, the word "misled" means both to have falsified and to have failed in leadership. According to an American think-tank, "--- terror attacks are "CIA creatures" and we should expect that the CIA knows its creation earlier than attackers".In all likelihood, the CIA also controls the so-called ‘warnings' emanating from CIA sources on "future terrorist attacks". When will the world rise from its slumber to know the real designs against it.

Z Billo

United Arab Emirates

08 September, 2007

Unerstand 9/11 Terrorism Spread via WMD Invasion

Bulk of 9/11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia a kingdom implanted to loot oil And induce distorted Islamic costume and image.Islam was introduced to abolish Sheikdom kingdom via democracy like surah.Using 9/11 WMD invasion as excuse allied soldiers and their terrorists are littered in Muslim World. Muslim alchemica and petroleum converted medieval Europe German American British into civilized society Now USA and allied million soldiers and looters have insider accomplice in OIC .This time Sweden has installed cartoon recently. To get paid by salary is one thing but to get paid by loot money come with friends of OIL LNG managers (who are subversive). They are the ones who illicitly construct In the name of Islam .i.e. Lal Masjid clerics building who divert attention that pumping oil iron ore Uranium crews from Kyrghistan - OIC are around. Oil LNG Iron ore Gold and uranium from unattended Islamic earth seem causing Terrorism. Muslims ignore tens of thousands looters and terrorists while Terrorist German Federal Prosecutor Monika Harms told the press the 3 arrested men "were two German converts to Islam and a Turkish Muslim" and that they "are being held on charges of the Islamic Jihad Union with Uzbekistan via camp in Pakistan in possession of hydrogen peroxide," German Chancellor Angela Merkel, commenting on Tuesday's arrests, said they showed that terrorist attacks in Germany are "not an abstract danger, but a very real threat." (Deutsche Welle)-Hydrogen Peroxide?H2O2 sells everywhere with hair supply or with domestic fertilizer everywhere. These so called oil rich car rich Muslim resource rich illicit looters are jokers gay lesbian who are rampaging Muslim oil resource world. They are also thieves ruining ozone layer( Ozone layer that surrounds the earth). Ozone protective layer consists of three atoms of oxygen when protective layer of ozone is created via ultraviolet light from the sun which splits an atmospheric oxygen molecule (02) into two single unstable oxygen atoms. These single molecules combine with others to form ozone (not a stable layer).This give up that extra atom of oxygen to falling rainwater.This forms hydrogen peroxide (H202 in rainwater given to plants also). With the increased levels of atmospheric pollution greater amounts of H202 react with air toxins that never reach the ground. Farmers of Germany EU USA globe not only steal Muslim alchemica fossil fuel oil have all chemicals or Muslim alchemia and wealth .They are using same against the victim Muslim. They use it for themselves and for increasing crop yields by spraying them with diluted hydrogen peroxide with water per acre or for house plants .Muslims living in the west if go to store while wearing Topee after Jumma to buy above or fertilizer even with PhD , MD FRCS or as an Industrialist or oil sheik or as top surgeon of Hospital can be arrested oil pumpers looters of Merkel Bush Brown Japan or EU near you.



11 September, 2007

Poor people

Those who are associated with terrorist activities are not poor. It is the violent ideology they follow, that is causing problem. Poverty does not bring violence. It is the value you get from your parents, elders, friends, society that dictates you moral and intellectual shape. Many poor people, with their ability and effort has created lasting impression on humanity.

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