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Farzana Raja

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Pakistan women opponents threatened and intimated Asian Human Rights Commission ’Gravely Concerned’ Farzana Raja

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United Arab Emirates

15 May, 2007

Pakistan women

It is rather absurd saying that Pakistan women opponents are threatened and intimated as said by Asian Human Rights Commission and quoting that they are ’Gravely Concerned’. Pakistan is the only country on this planet earth where 33% women are in parliament and given appreciation of their talents. They are supported all the time and its rather nieve on the part of Human rights commision and its worker to accuse Pakistan. Its the PPP who wants to make their fortune out of this topic though its not going to give them any benefit. Any one who provokes whether a male or female will certainly get something back and women are not excluded and got to get the brunt same was as men.


United Kingdom

18 May, 2007

intimadated women

I have on film an interview of a women who was in the NA, probably during the years 2002 or 2003. She was from a conservative part of Paksitan. The lady said, back then, that the women could not work with the men in parliament, because their attitude was one of "oh, she's just a woman." Apparently some of the men didn't take the ladies seriously? According to this member of parliament, the men seemed to feel superior, to the women "and perhaps they're right," she said. I won't include the name of the lady who told us about past attitudes of the men in in the NA. After all, she was saying all this three or four years ago. But, at the time, I believed her. Possibly the threats and intimidation would have come up had the lady pressed her issues further with the men? The only solution this lady could see was to have a separate parliament for the women. "We can't work with the men," she said. I certianly hope, that attitudes have changed now that it's 2007.


United Kingdom

19 May, 2007

Women can get respect if they can demand it in elections according to their culture and not accordin

See the problem stems from the attitude of the leader towards women.Though religious sector respects women,but the secualar especially the "Khaki worthy walay" disrespect women.When Musharraf came to USA and journlaists asked him about "Mukhtaran mai" case he snapped and said "In Pakistan women are lined up to get raped to make money and fame"This was nauseating statement from the leader of nation which calls itself Islamic.But US govt which has used issues of humar rights and women rights for political manouvering didn't say anything.The women of Pakistan who comprise 50% of population should exert their muscles in election and ensure that their rights and respect will be maintained not according to western standards but according to their culture.ONly then some thing polistive will come out.

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