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Musharraf – At Glance Fareed Zakaria

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muhammad sarwar qadri


14 November, 2007

dissolve emergency

Irequest to musharaf finish the emg and baned all politicle parties and after election pl go back home and enjoy a aiong term rest.


United Arab Emirates

15 November, 2007

Factors Affecting Musharaf and Surrounding

Foreign soldiers Children Abductor UN claiming ownership of Oil Asset or exercising power over Junta Rule in Burma by dressed up Monks (Using investors fund) remain intact.Violence and still opium OIL supply lines remained open due to excitement in Islamabad or Islam -Bar –Bad. From Foreign soldiers bases come material of Suicide bombing subversive bombing Street Protest for regime change Contine here and there . Canada still claim permanent or for long Term stay in Afghanistan Iraq elsewhere in oil Region why ?Nuke club gave birth to Islamic Bomb amid Lost (80%)Palestine Lands Mindanao Philipine and elsewhere.Militants (foreign soldiers)continue to build their hotel and insurance Banking franchise business. Their franchise sales car Malls hiways and airlines went up with rising cost.Suddenly fifty thousands pound ($100,000 ) home price jumped to half a million or more and Cash being removed from UK and EU.In this setup BB Nawaz were accused for milking State fund which Musharaf came and saved Pakistan by following specific path of yard scale measurement .Eventually It ended everywhere in focussing in Quran Prophet cartoon Taliban Alqaeds and foreign soldiers acquisition of Iraq Afghanistan and oil- supreme court democracy.My assessment reveal that it is Judiciary role model of Canada was being followed which collapsed.What is not good as original is not good for the rest of the world.The defect of judiciary is important.Supreme court became Defunct. Records went to a new name as Superior Court. General Divn Court came as a result of 1990 merger with discontinued High court District court . Then there is trial court and family fund court criminal court matters.The dispute created Judicial offices branches amid fired or retired judges and new Appointment with external links.There it avoided permanency claim by specific of Pakistan. New design Include Council Tribunal which is called Mediation arbitration. Muslim forgot Suunah in blind following due to missing(or hijacked ) infrastructure .As Long as UMMA has come back and Bar lawyers remain focussed under able General of even Musharaf Calibre or those of Turkey Iran Egypt and elsewhere Islam Is heading for recovery After Islam- Bar- Bad.(i.e. bar association judiciary clumsiness baad).Or is this peaceful lull In Islamabad with foreign Canadian permanent residency Soldiers of Afghanistan will come back into open with BB Nawaz Imran Khan Musharaf Election


17 November, 2007

Musharaf Nuke Plant Recipe Invasion Criteria

Amid Years of Rumour mongering why Invade Pakistan or Musharaf to stop Iran building NUKE Plant using 100,000 SWU(separative work unit ) Uranium Centrifuges to produce 1000 Megawatt Electricity for half a million or more population……We (my family and I ) are under house arrest for 35 years Asset Home Apartments confiscated and work business snatched just being qualified or for working in similar Illemenite TI02 white pigment plants or living near Centrifuge plant or designing water treatments for Big Consulting engr who also designing Heavy water Plant. Electricity for 750000 pop using Uranium Centrifuge … Uranium is mined in Pits.processed like fine sand diluted with water and pumped to Surface as Slurry.Crush the Ore Treat with acid to separate from other unwanted Minerals as leaching and then dried. Make it as Powder is called Uranium Oxide Yellow Cake.And packed into drum (like 45 gallon drum made in my ex-employer’s plant). Like my Employers Titanium dioxide Uranium oxide is converted into Uranium Dioxide. To be Fabricated into fuel pellets like Candu.Enrichment is done using Centrifuge or by Gas diffusion.Centrifuge is like washing machine spinner.Pellets pack is like heat exchanger which I did DD too.I am under arrest and new Indian Magnates I named making quick stock bucks are doing all above under direct supervision of Bush blair and harper.Cameco sold washing machines near my home once.Rapid spinning in Centrifuge .Rapid spinning flings heaviers U238 as outer UF6 in centre enriching U235.It is needed to connebt a number of centrifuges in bunch as Cascade.Centrifuge requires 2% of energy for Separative work Unit (SWU) 5 SWU Using Centrifuge will give approx 12500 Kilowatt Hours of electricity for do it yourself workshop in your Garage. Have fun!

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