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Why Hijab Controversy? Faiz-ur-Rahman

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United Kingdom

21 May, 2007

the Hjab and the bikini

Interesting article. It is a shame, but here in the States, sometimes seing a woman in full veil with only eyes showing makes us think of explosions and bombs. However, most of us quickly adjust and realize bombs are only associated with a very few. I have been to the beach here in my little town in the U.S. with two and three year old boys. I only thank God that they are not big enough to notice all the women in bikinis floating around. They seem to be hardly dressed at all. It makes me think - don't those of us who choose to dress modestly at the beach have rights too? Do we not have a right to choose what we want our children to see? The answer is no. If we don't like it, we can refrain from going to the beach. So, we must accept what is for us unacceptable. The majority rules. Perhaps when these women get beyond the bikini stage, they will rise up and demand that our beaches be cleaned up. Stranger things have happened...



22 May, 2007

Wow talk about double standard

The arab states require even non-muslims to wear veils. These arab/Taliban states imposition of veil on the women populus has made it a contraversial concept and antifeminist. The hindu sign swastika is a sign of good luck. But would u go around with cloth of that sign in Europe or America? The liberty and freedom given to immigrants in the west far outweigh the small infractions. Furthermore, would u say the arab countries give freedom and liberty anywhere near the level of the west? Be realistic, muslims sometimes push their luck and ideals on others insensibily. B4 coming to the west did u not research about the culture of the west? If u did then u should know very well that u r bound to c bikinis in a beach and that's the norm of this country. U accepted to immigrate to this state knowing that. If u didn't; it means u came in here begging for refuge, because your own country tried to kill u. Be gratefull to the people that gave u a new life.



24 May, 2007

Islam says they are jewels?

Author has put us educated non muslims in a delimma. We are no longer sure what to believe, does Islam say women are jewels? or does Quran, or does Mohammed? Please be clear, if its the latter two, then author is lying.

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