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Faiz Al-Najdi

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United Arab Emirates

16 December, 2006

Democracy in Turkey Pakistan('47) Bangladesh('71) since 1918

Democracy is replacement of Muslim Empire in 1918.This lead to The Independence of India ’47 Israel ’48 Bangladesh ’71.They Came along With abandonment of Islamic infrastructure. Up until 1918 Islamic principle rightly or wrongly ruled the affairs of worldwide MUSLIM. British East India Company of Kingdom of UK Called it democracy and civil law. The democracy often called Kingdom sheikdom Emir Dom Sultan Dom of Malaysia Turkish Sultan Dom with House of Lords House of senates or elected MPS .Now fight to call it UN for refugees or USA for refugee Status is in fact a fact for EURO or dollar owned oifieldsales. With it came WML IDB IMF Muslim organizations working Working for the plight of Few Biharis few Gujratis or Darfur Trapped tragedy people or such kind as helper edhi Sattar Zakat fund raiser united way or organ blood distributor’s .They all Are having meetings seminars arranged by democracy org Of above Format with honours awards contract and excessive Money available up for grab for privileged few human or few Registered users with fancy organization name. They have seminars Agenda year after years with nicer or more decorative tables Food menu and statistics.

Imran Siddiqui


16 December, 2006

A fact has been grossly exagerated that Pakistan Army raped and murdered the E. Pakistanis in huge numbers. I agree that atrocities happened but not at the high scale claimed by the H.Rehman Commission and our politicians. I would rather go with the UN sponsered reports which have unbias figures. We also ignore the fact that Mukti Bahni was also involved in the rape and murder of both the E. and W. Pakistanis. I don't know why people look at the thugs of Mukti Bahni as some noble heros! MBs' atrocities are also put in Pak Army's account! I hope and pray that some day Pakistanis still stuck in BD are brought back here!


United Kingdom

16 December, 2006

Crisis of insensitivity

It is one of our big national shame that those who fought for Pakistan with Pakistani Army are aboandoned by none other than Pakistani Army and its leadership.Is this a practical warning to every Pakistani living on the border that in future if it happens with them they should abandon Pakistani army before it is too late and try to get safety for themselves from the aggressor army.So this is another feather in the hat of army.On the side of citizens this should not be ignored and there should be some pressure group that should keep on keeping the issue alive so these people can be repatriated and soon.Nations that are live and viable worry even about one person.In US even today there are flags about POWs/MIA waving on all the govt buildings reminding every one to join in generating pressure on VIetnam,yet these soldiers went there to attack.while Biharis are those who fought on their soil against aggressor. Keep the issue alive.,make website and keep track of politicians who did or didn't do anything about this.,and remeember in voting.

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