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Dr. Tanvir Hussain Bhatti

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United Kingdom

04 July, 2007


Friends, the horse before the cart. And the winner ... by a WIDE margin... is... EDUCATION, which by default, if nothing else, and over time, will lead to democratic freedom and a robust market economy - which in turn will serve to negate some of the issues under scored here. And being that we're slightly behind the curve on some of these essential, albeit irrefutible issues, let the race commence - and forthwith!


United Arab Emirates

25 July, 2007

Curb Extremism

Media can play a vital role.Parents can teach discipline and they must pay attention and give the best upbringing they can. Materialistic schooling should be launched an unprecedented crusade for promoting unity and fraternity among the individuals instead of promoting eccentricity. I go along with the writer that “No present or gift of a parent, out of all gifts and presents to a child, is superior to a good liberal education”. Discipline starts from home and then Schools. Society is made of people and all got to play their part to make it a tolerant society. Must have trained and qualified teachers and maulanas as they are the builders of the nation. Huge investment is needed in education to bring in par with your neighbours who got 98% education and 68% graducates. Certainly Pakistan can follow others in the region and improve their systems and society according to the present needs. There should be no room for Extremisms. All steps must be taken to curb any kind of violence against people and the State.



26 July, 2007

Curb Extremism revolving around Canadian US Soldiers

Canada oil reserve is 8 times bigger than Saudi Arabia’s i.e. more oil than Saudi Arabia Iraq Iraq And left over oil in all OPEC combined.Now crude price is high and tar sand oil in Alberta would just take an average of just $13.21 /barrel to process each of the 2.5 trillion barrels of oil embedded.40 France will fit in Canada.China India and few dozen Size of Bangladesh will fit Canada , a land of lumber farms food wheet cooking forest fresh water lakes And salmaon and fish beef and cattle everywhere with just 31 million people who live here.What are you waiting for Rush to quit land of murders massacre heatwave flood and conflict.Curb Extremism Come to Canada send Canadian Allied Soldiers Home.All heatwave and all conflict revolve around foreign soldiers with Extremism of greed.They pass bill of no marriage(CLaw)or gay lesbian marriage.

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