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Dr. Syed Farooq Hasnat

PakTribune Columnist

Dr. Syed Farooq Hasnat live in Columbia, Maryland, USA. Till recently, He was the Chairman and Professor of the Department of Political Science, Punjab University, Lahore (till December 2004).

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Reader Comments


Samir Latifi

British Indian Ocean Territory

13 September, 2005

The paki nature

Reaing this article it just shows that even the so called intelectuals of pakistan or pakistani origin, are walking in the dark and very typical in expressing their views. Afghanistan as we all know historicaly, politicaly is 100 times ahea dof pakistan, but due to war Afghanistans other progress has been held back. now that afghanistan has won the war or wars, and is catching up for the steps they lost while busy in wars, young Pakistan and pakistanis are in fire, they are inf ire because they know that Afghanistan is on the verge of going way beyound where Afghanistan was before the wars. the spirit of Afghan people and their natural ebing, their natural intelect is as such that the unrealistic critisism will not even be noticed by them. they are ehading where they belong, which is on top, int he region, int he muslim world and in the world.



13 September, 2005

brotherly relations only possible between Afghanistan and pakistan if the pakistani establishment and especially the ISI get this point straight in to their heads that Afghanistan is a seperate soveriegn nation and Afghanistan is not part of it's sphere of influence. Pakistan should compete with India in Afghanistan with rebuilding the much destroyed country due to Pakistan's unfair policies of supporting one side against the other after the collopsed of soviet backed government of Dr. Najeeb. India is building it's immage in Afghanistan by positively contributing to the reconstruction efforts by giving airplanes, buses, and building hospitals and recontructing educational institutions but on the other hand our brotherly muslim state of Pakistan can not stop the terrorists inflitrations from it's side of border. Pakistan's obligation as a muslim state was to try to find a compromise between two rival sides in the Afghan conflict in 1990s but instead our brotherly state of Pakistan fueled the fire by supporting one against other and now Pakistan is doing the same but unfortunately Pakistan will trap and engulf itself in that fire, if it doesn't stop and changes its attitude towards Afghanistan. I as an Afghan personally don't want to see our Pakistani brothers go through what we as Afghan are going due to the policies of its governments.

Aamir Ali


13 September, 2005

Afghans have always been a problem

Afghans are inherently an aggressive people who have always been hostile to Pakistan. I believe Pakistan has done enough in aiding the Afghans and should no longer pay any attention to them. I also believe the Musharraf government is very effective, unlike the useless governments of Bhutto and Sharif.

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