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Tuesday Jan 28, 2020, Jumada-al-thani 2, 1441 Hijri
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Dr. M Anwar

PakTribune Columnist

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David Davidian

United Kingdom

26 March, 2010

Sensitivities and Genocide?

To avoid "offending" India, it follows that Pakistan must abandon its H-bomb research. While Dr. Anwar rationalizes the unjustifiable, perhaps the partition of the Indian sub-continent be brushed under the rug, not even taught in schools, and Pakistan adopt a live and let live policy in Kashmir. My grandparents survived the Turkish genocide of the Armenians. It is not a crime that will be forgotten until Turkey recognizes its guilt and pays reparation. Turkey would not exist today without the brutal extermination of the Armenians. Turkey has been allowed to enjoy the benefits of having committed genocide.



27 March, 2010

I agree with the author regarding the digging up of old killings. If that be the case, then the american killing of vietnamese and the red indians are far worse than the turkish incident and they deserve wider condemnation.


United Arab Emirates

28 March, 2010

The Armenian massacres

If the Turks are guilty of the massacre of 'Armenian massacres involving some 1.5 million people' in 1915 let the world understand that the US massacred 1 million Iraqis in the most dreadful way by using the most illegal and dangerous weapons in this century. If we want to talk about genocides lets talk of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Two cities were nuked by trigger happy American in the 1940's annihilating some 4 million inhabitants instantly. The effects of the nuclear fall- out was of course was seen for a good 40 years. Three million Vietnamese civilians were massacred during the invasion of Vietnam in the '60's not to speak of 8 million wounded.The Gulf war Americans soldiers used cruise missiles and laser bombs to annihilate thousands of Iraqi soldiers who had already accepted to withdraw on orders from their leader. The US has also been bombing Afghanistan steadily from 2001 using Sept 11 as an excuse killing till now at least three quarter million of civilians. Today Obama the peace prize winner has behaved criminally by sanctioning drone attacks inside Pakistan that is killing civilians at random everyday. Going back to History of colonisation mass genocides were committed against native populations merely for resisting the colonisers. In French Algeria a million Algerians have been officially recorded to have been massacred by the French just before they were kicked out of Algeria. During the 1857 war of Independence in India occupied then by the British colonisers brave Pashtun soldiers stood face to face to challenge the colonisers in their land. The revolt shocked the British who used Indian soldiers like the Sikhs to quell the revolt. The scene that ensued the this great revolt shocked the entire world. The British massacred untold number of Indians mostly Muslims in the most brutal manner by hanging every Indian they found . Or tying them to the mouths of the cannons and shooting them off to oblivion. Hundreds of thousands were killed this way. The Belgians in the Congo, the Spanish in South America, the Dutch in South Africa, The French n Indo-china and north Africa,The Portuguese in Brazil are all guilty of mass genocide in history. They are also known to create civil wars as this drama is still seen in present day Iraq making things for themselves. So who is talking of genocide? The entire continent of America was built on the bones of the native American. According to David Stannard in his book 'The American Holocaust' some 15-16 million native Americans were slaughtered before the United States of America came into being. A good two two million Muslims were slaughtered by Josef Stalin during Communist rule in the Soviet Union too. So the world must take all genocides into consideration before they point the finger at just one even if it is proved or not. Let the US and the European world look into themselves and measure their own souls and spirit if they have any sense of honour or integrity in their hearts while they 'most nobly' give so much importance to the genocide of a people just because the perpetrators of this crime were supposed to be Muslims. It should also be understood that the Armenians were a fifth column in the Ottoman Empire and the fall of this great Empire could be in a way attributed to their treachery. Even so genocide is certainly not justified whether today or in the early centuries. But the argument here is that a condemnation of any genocide should be done justifiably and with balance.

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