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Dr. Aamir Mehmood

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Dr. Aamir Mehmood is a free lance writer from Pakistan. Dr. Aamir Mehmood has a vast experience of working in the field of Information Technology, Hospital Management, Insurance Industry and Administration & Human Resource.

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United Arab Emirates

20 July, 2007

Ego as I find ...

Ego is inflated image seen through others eyes.What one poses but is not really true thing but a replica achieved by terror manipulation is ego? Ego is bad.Egomaniac is simply no good.Ego is conscious thinking subject opposite to object or objective.Egoism is usually theory that bases on morality using self interest or created deliberately created image via physical construction to deceive even law of gravity and history.Egotism is practice of talking about one self often to co-relate if notice other is using via impersonation or using ego being created to achieve a political or religious goal.due to deep seated poisonous ego.Conflicting matters, on contestable issues cause distaste and insults.Killing some one with EGO of power “ Ego of pride if reinforced via bookers prize knighthood Nobel or if demoted by cultism Gurus such as Lalhafsa Status quo leading to death is debatable. Trapped with no money Manipulated funding come egotistical and egocentric in all such case. Quranic Surah is not “Mind, Self” and “Ego” if Sunnah talked about himself. Ego for reaching fame and glory is like Taj mahal construction with a 20 yr imprisonment price to pay to glory image of a woman in sati Hindusthan..The professional life of R&D is creation .Hating ego is ego in hating others .ie. if you have been let down for big gain by ego maniacs.They are called disputed paraphernalia .Forcing Khatimun Nabi religion is using a force is also an ego of followers as they have no where to go because they have been born by parents.This egocentric marriage of of some one in arranged marriage is unknown with often cause of conflict in ego. What Allah wrote in Quran is not Ego or what Prophet Muhammad pbuh talked about his methodology is not ego.using authetic quote of above is better than quotes of people with name and fame in some thing with associated quote based upon fame. The ego, when in collection of our past experiences if noticed that it is coming along with multiple lines of publicity if it can be proved that it is to defame a religion, defame a shahenshah or rewrite a history using inflatted image by current power or using power of money and influence. Physical construction constitute creation of wishful thinking into reality alongwith prestige, pride achievement .Only reconciliation in this case is Hadith:” i.e.if you find evil stop it with your hand writing and prayer” but be humble and tactful.


United Arab Emirates

21 July, 2007


Both writers have so nicely tried to go to the depth of this word and may be origin of this word if we look at must have been explained differently in different eras by different believers. The “I” or self of any person (ego is Latin for “I”). In psychological terms, the ego is the part of the psyche that experiences the outside world and reacts to it, coming between the primitive drives of the id and the demands of the social environment, represented by the superego. Sometime its judged from one's achievements and stand firm on making decisions is labelled a person with Ego. Defining of the word and its use at different instances might not be the same. The term ego is often used to mean personal pride and self-absorption: Losing at chess doesn't do much for my ego. Similarly losing of some other cases might not make that much difference to some at the same time might be too much for others to bear. Humble and tolerance is essential and ego is just pride sometime and may not be anything at other times.


United Arab Emirates

30 July, 2007

Love Hate Betrayal with recorded History

Hazrat Ayesha(hadith):“No one may have suffered as much as Prophet Muhammad PBUH”. But Fatima Zuhra Rad/U since age 6 accompanied the father protecting abuse From Hate Mongers.Time Travel brought down Jesus Ibn Mariam to Alaqsa and took Her father “The Prophet ” for the Tour de future where he witnessed deaths of offspring As well as industrialized world and hirises.Almighty Allah’s universe has such characteristic amid earth rotation on its elliptical axis travelling around the sun converting days into year while 1400 centuries passed with 1500 million Umma grown.Emotions of Trouble makers had converted into love hate and betrayel.God has power to show you Also what Love and progress The Holy Prophet PBUH was preaching or things happen as if there were no night and days.In general adam and Even children have grown into 6 billion with co-existing 3 emotions called love hate and betrayal.Nature however can be co-related by scientist with knowledge of nature and religion by correlating .I do not give guarantee for accuracy but I have been taught phenomenons or learned by myself as it unfolded as if ….Great Calamity was rare.Calamity is when ocean smooth sailing boat clear water, water resident or human affected blue sky, changed colours tide begin to rise, the calmness of the quite ocean disturbed changed into Hurricane Cyclone.Mayan called it “Hurakan”.Then came Turmoil of Pyramidian Moses with hurricane in Mexico 3000 yrs.Such phenomenon vanished for 3000 yrs When suddenly not earlier than 100 years ago turmoil began in Europe and Mideast with Tides and hurricane of Galveston 1900.couple of such disturbances in WW1 WW11. Suddenly it came in Nixon Iran Contra can with Iran Iraq death in 1979-91 . UN millennium coincidesBut suicide bombings and Iraq invasion of WMD brought Charlie frences Ivan Johanne denis Katrina Rita Wilma as saturation as if some love exists at the cost of others .Betrayal is 100 years old hurricane and saturated hurricanes 3 years suicide bombings since Iraq WMD invasion saturated hurricanes . As million of lives of human have been lost with mind bending torture of emotion on going.Imagine Holy prophet still sitting making morning prayers with fresh breeze slender Small branches moving butter fly floating green grass ripe corn or dates and mango Peaches orange and fruit trees ripe grapes and clean water.Now imagine Fatima Zuhra Disturbed with father with husband and children amid pressure of earning a living Shia Sunni love and hate created.Historically, betrayal, has been the noticeable, detectable output of hate with live examples (even the writer’s).Beneficieries of Current or 100 years came with those who had everything on free wheeling dealing. Often I thought Qureish of past or 100 yrs mean “Kar aish or ayashi” using pension Fund occupying other peoples resources shifting as if own using big bomb small bomb small tankers Small cars and small airlines.Those big oil distributors or Concrad black or Abbe of Japan or Nato suddenly showing cracks of 100 yrs or WMD Iraq ‘s past 3 yrs saturated hurricanes.

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