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17 March, 2007

Nandigram and SEZ in West Bengal

The problem of Nandigram and Singur should have been perceived by Govt. long back. These areaa in Ganges delta are very fertile and produces 3 crops a year without fail. Due to high population density and land reforms, most of the land owners are small farmers and work on their own field. If the land is taken, they will have no regular source of income. Furthermore, in West Bengal, those who have no skills and education, they go for agriculture, not by choice. So, you can not take their land. If CPI(M) has not done land reform,the situation would have been better. Large land owners has already migrated to other profession. Large part of Vidarbha, the farmers are in great geopardy. Why Govt. of India is not forcing industrial houses to setup industry in those areas? After open economy (1991), each state compete with other to show how they are industry friendly and causing nuicense for the poors farmers.



17 March, 2007

Grapes are sour !

Physician hail thyself !



20 March, 2007

Bengali Khet or anywhere

I went there in Indo Pakistan Bengal Bihar Kashmir American khet Atleast few times in 24 months.In short, I have been there atleast once even via West Bengal khet. I actually inspected one ranch nr Nepal Bihar. What breaks my heart is despite some lush green khet bulk of them seem In poor condition with polluted pond and pre –independence setting .Some Village and town had electric poles or pot hole roads and some narrow Developed Road.I could not Enjoy Asian food milk and even vegetables. And Meat. To manage problem you need manpower.In sparsely populated Canada where Everyone is educated rich with big roads cars trucks factories and nothing but Farms and fresh water lakes forests and lumber.But polluted water can be seen. Best result comes with education technology highly educated farmers running Modern Ranch produce packaging factory while working or sending family work In modern offices in driving distance. In factories people told me they own a ranch As well as drive dailt one way 80 km to come to work and then go home after doing 12 hr shift work while running farms and hiring fruit pickers on weekends.The govt who brings oil from abroad give subsidy to destroy food and milk produced often. They also do not produce much children and have extremely high standard of living to The extent they buy many cars boat weekend cottage and trucks .some trucks with Computer TV 2 bed luxury apt with none stop heat electricity airconditioner can be purchased for as little as $129,000 ( Rs 6450000 ).with this setting family have income from many areas and in some cases going to Iraq UAE Saudi Arabia for $80,000 120000 Job with a home in Israel is also added feature). Mixed Hindu Muslim Midnapore farms have problem… 1- Immediate police withdrawal from Nandigram 2- Police officers be held accountable for the massacre 3- Judicial enquiry into the massacre be conducted immediately. 4- Due punishment be meted out to offenders 5- Public apology by the CPM 6- Halt land acquisition right now 7- Repeal the SEZ act that has already caused so much blood shed To Solve problem you need manpower and time. Population of India is 1100 Million EBengal has 140 million and West Bengal 85 million.With all the time to spare with So many people what you need is democracy.Democracy you have.What you do not Have is the money space education transportation and spirit for the well being Of each other.Even Coke made from polluted water does not taste good.The region Is dying – choking to death.Clue is alternative to current setup current democracy Methodology which is not functioning.Clue is learn to survive and govern with Cooperation with neighbours hindu muslim Christian jain sikh or whoever.

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