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Ayesha Ahmad

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Lies have Limits! Ayesha Ahmad

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05 April, 2006

keep whining



06 April, 2006

Why we need this

Its pathetic to hear that we spend million of Tax payer dollars on these so called lobyists..Why we need them in the first place..we are an soverign nation..we should be able to develop our policies on our own..we dont need any one in DC to dictate our policies..Does China or Iran have lobyists too..i dont think..We have to get out of this ASAP..There is need for major shifts in foreign policies..The partnership of war on terror has given us only unsecure western borders, insurgency in Balochistan..Hostility towards center..Its time to discard all this and go back to drawing board..

benz m Ispahani


16 April, 2006

Pak Army SIKH Lobbying Technique

If human are Lord like British Lords Senators MPS PM presidents or Imam Pope and Lamas… They do frame each other.They murder each other. They steal from each other.They Commit 10 deadly crimes of 10 commandments with intricate balance and hiding Evidence alone or in joint partnership. (INCLUDING LOBBYING) Often they lobby pass bill and make money In stocks and bonds before anyone else knows about the advantage. They remove All traces of evidence to be detected. They pin blame on unsuspecting victim with Years of technique development. They subsidize. They use monopoly technique. They Even wage war on the Almighty Allah. Consequently came one judgement example... Quran 5.36 “punishment for waging War on Almighty ALLAH is execution”. This is judgement Order. Holy prophet's hadith Is judgement order. Islamic Roaming tribunal judge amirul m0mineen is judgement Order. From here developed sayings or court of London or New York or Paris or Delhi or Allahabad High court or Lahore Court.Justice such and such Order (very difficult to remember ,correlate even by spinning). The none Muslims are trying to beat all Islamic system all Islamic shielding and all Pakistan resistance. First for an example the Sikh recently glorified Sikh style Of Sufism in Movie”Veer Paratab Singh”i.e.Veer Zara Of Pakistan Legislature Hyat khan Lahore Case as Pakistan air force f16s sabre rattling ,followed By actual making of Pakistan Air force Sikh recruit itself injecting him within Pak army. The Muslim get spin publicity for cartoon controversies and the enemy walks in front Door using above manipulation. The same route has been mentioned in the story 'all lies...”

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