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Friday Jan 24, 2020, Jumada-al-awwal 28, 1441 Hijri
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Ayaz Wazir

PakTribune Columnist

The writer is a former ambassador.

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Reader Comments


Ashish Sharma


03 June, 2010

Genuine efforts

Perhaps if the double game ISI is playing with the world and with people of Pakistan ...then only can world see Pakistan in terms of a genuine nation....Till then 99% of headlines in world mentions Pakistan only in context of terror , nukes ,war etc. As an India ,I have natural dislike for Pakistan but not hate and if Pakistan is genuinely trying for friendship by destroying terror networks and if India - Pakistan stay in peace and trust...both India and Pakistan can make huge progress in economy ,education and welfare of people.


United Kingdom

03 June, 2010

US loves killing humans.

Few points one should note,first what Musharraf did his previous predecessors have been doing ,from Ayyub,they are on the payroll of CIA and for that they keep US interests above that of Pakistan.SO it is the training in PMA Kakool that produces clones of Musharraf.So whole Pakistani nation should create a culture where military feels much negativity about taking over the president house.,just like in India.Although US prefers military dictators over elected govts and in elected govts as well uses money to buy elected representatives.History of US involvement in other countries is nothing but a disgrace to human relationship. Other point is that US wages wars to make money,to keep its troops in fighting condition,to try ammunition on live humans to update its quality and to terrorise mankind. Pakistanis should unite at least only on one thing,to demand for implemenatation of merit to fight corruption which will then reduce crimes a lot.Everyone should sacrifice for a bigger cause.Military should be fearful of taking over govt. It will take time but at least people should start demanding it.

Arshad Ali


04 June, 2010

First of all thanks for not blaming India and/or RAW. Secondly, a very well objectively written item.

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