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Saturday Jan 18, 2020, Jumada-al-awwal 22, 1441 Hijri
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Asim Muzaffar

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Baluchistan: Yesterday And Today Asim Muzaffar

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J. Ahmed


20 January, 2006

Awesome story

I am happy to read that Peoples like you have there eyes open and watching the Balucistan issues very closely. i totally agree with the writer and i think its about time that Goverment is taking some sort of actions.

bulue _zacaria


20 January, 2006

Developing Pakistan

Undeveloped muslim resource region is infected with killing looting .Always it Involved gas oil iron ore gold marble LNG sui Gas water.These muslim Are not really muslim with basic Iman.Ministers can keep glory in Pakistan for little work they did which is Called progress.But Muslims do go bury their dead by religion like pretending atheist Who go using Christian or using Other religion format. Fruit pickers these days have one thing in common.They have carved favour of few . Million of Muslim have perished or living without adequate Provision .In fact Muslims 95% do not even have car or basics. Pakistan economy is saturated 60% in tiny area with next to nothing population.On what basis few ruling class muslim leaders surround themselves with foreign soldiers foreign expertise allocating expenditure as if money comes from bank card bank machine loan or workers (oversea) or via donation in the name of earthquake misery.Seeing Pakistan resource going waste or being looted was heart breaking In my recent evaluation trip. Gas and few money makers could have been used to make Pakistan Industrialized instantly.



20 January, 2006

Sad to say the Pakistani elite only looks after its own interests - Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif, our Generals et al. Akbar Bugti truth be told, and I've checked the facts, owned the land in Sui in 1952. The Kalpur Bugtis did live there but the land was not legally owned by them, such was the life then. The Government of Pakistan entered into a lease agreement with Akbar Bugti for the Sui land. What you now hear is untruths which perhaps appeal to your point of view. The Baloch sardars are accused of ruling by the gun, at least they are restricted to 20% of balochistan. What about the people who have ruled Pakistan by the gun for the majority of the past 50 years?

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