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Friday Apr 25, 2014, Jumada-al-thani 24, 1435 Hijri
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Asif Haroon Raja

PakTribune Columnist

Asif Haroon Raja is a retired Brigadier from Pakistan Army and author of several books. He is an analyst on security and political matters.

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Reader Comments



United States

16 January, 2013


While Pakistanis , like the author of this article, continue to point fingers of blame for Pakistani failures to grow a mature democracy....freedom of choice and the individual is being stolen from the average Pakistani citizen by militant peers and religious fundementalist zealots!


16 January, 2013

Laughing stock of Pakistan

This old windbag continues to be the laughing stock of Pakistan and an embarrassment to the Tribune....his convoluted conspiracy theories have no basis in fact and his rambling diatribes against the west reveal his prejudices...he should be retired completely from this paper and the tribune would improve its image as a responsible news source instead of a promoter of Taliban propaganda...

Khuram Toor

17 January, 2013

Good Commentary on Current Strategic Situation

Author seems to take a neutral view of the current worse situation but see thing a progressing good also not just bad as media is working to spread disappointment and chaos. Allah save Pakistan and allow us to think neutrally and positively above personal interests.

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