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Sunday May 31, 2015, Shaban 12, 1436 Hijri
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Asif Haroon Raja

PakTribune Columnist

Asif Haroon Raja is a retired Brigadier from Pakistan Army and author of several books. He is an analyst on security and political matters.

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Reader Comments


Raja Usman.

31 October, 2013

US actually wants to control military and police of every country thus it can rule them from behind the curtain.It has succeeded in Afghanistan,the army is trained,its officers sent to US for higher training and thus promoting those who are most anti Islam,anti Afghanistan when they return.Same is with the police and US doesn't do it for free,it makes lot of profit from this,the bill many times than what costs US is taken from the Afghanistan and country is made to pay it many many times over in interest.,and thus country also becomes a servant of US in other areas like foreign policy,cutlure,and education policy and financial policy etc.Us has a vast experience for it.It wages wars and supports both sides so can influence the outcome and uses one side against the other.Pakistani army has proved to be the best slave servants of US against the interest of their country,the nation and the ideology.If Pakistani generals had their brains in their head instead of rectum they would have thought about it earlier and would have taken steps to gain independence from US.US is the other side of the coin of UK so rule of west continues even today and Pakistani nation becomes weak and poor and the ruling elite becomes rich and strong.

Sunil Sinha

United States

01 November, 2013

Militancy in Pakistan

Did Pakistan governement analyse why there is so much terrorism and terrorist groups? After peace talks what will the, so called "Jihadists' do? Will Pakistan rehabitilate and provide jobs. It happened after defeat of the Soviets in Afghanistan, Taliban and other Islamic fighters has no where to go. Decided to attack United States, from the soil of Pakistan and 9/11 happened. Pakistan turned its back, thats the policy, which it did with India, PM Vajpayee went to Lahore on a peace mission during the very same PM Nawaz Sharif and what happened? Secretly General Pervez Musharraf planned to attack India, sending Pakistan Light Infantry disguising as Kashmiri militants. Pakistan has and will never be commited to peace and trust. It back stabs once it goes in the right direction. Pakistan will keep the militant groups with the support of army for carrying out attacks on LoC (Kashmir) and other western countries.

Sunil Sinha

United States

08 November, 2013


Retard Brigadier lacks common sense. For every turmoil or killing in Pakistan, India is the sole problem. His articles some how one or otherway comes to India, RAW, CIA, MOSSAD, CDS, RAAM MI-6", making it laughing is the best medicine". Secondly the TTP were not aware according to many Pakistan newspapers about the peace process. Rather they were in the dark, and Nawab Sharif during his London, already mentioned, peace under process and US has its backing. Now TTP will avenge for their leaders death, and there will allegations, Indian support.

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