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Sunday Jan 26, 2020, Jumada-al-awwal 30, 1441 Hijri
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Asif Chauhdary

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Deepak V. Joshi


21 December, 2011

The Reply

Dear Mr. Asif Congrats to you for your EXTENSIVE research about AHRC. As an Indian, I personally very much interested about whats happening in the neighboring country, especially yours. As you mentioned in the article about hostile agencies like RAW, CIA etc, I would like you to put a reverse gear on your memory. first of all, as you are well aware like me, the history tells us who was and is more hostile to each other. ( Hope you remember kashmir issues,kargil,mumbai attack name few). The problem with pakistan, I think , is that your government always try to find a scapegoat to put the blame on the others. trying to put your problems on others and reasoning that certain things are happening coz of certain countries. It becomes a habit sort of. Its better to accept that Pakistan is a failed state. The leadership is too weak to take decisions on its own, corrupt military which creates so many terrosist group than the number of NGOs in the world, failed to explain that they didnt know about OBL hideout in your own country. Look at A Q Khan.. What he was doing. Since you have problems at your home, you want to trouble the neighbors. Y???. And what your great leaders are doing once they are thrown out of country? (should I say Fleeing), go to dubai then London, form the new party, write a book, regretting the things they did when in power, visiting india to give lectures on Peace and promising to put the house in order if given another chance and there by trying to be Pakistans Messiah. we have seen, heard enough of this drama and probably by others also. So put your house in order in first and then tell others.


02 January, 2012


An irrelvant rubbish


03 January, 2012

Hey Asif, you do not like Asma Jahangir because she is not saying what you want to hear. You have burried your head in sand. Pull it out, clean you eyes, have some coffee and look around afresh. God bless you if he exists!

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