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Tuesday Jan 21, 2020, Jumada-al-awwal 25, 1441 Hijri
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United Kingdom

30 June, 2008


Justice (R) Qazi Ismail !!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets talk about another justice, a true story of Dictator Zia's Crimes, I read this story in a news paper and was extremely disturbed, Nation would like to know how many other innocent educated people were send to jails or killed because they challenged or did not bow their heads in front of dictators and corrupt politicians, Very unfortunate tale of personal sufferings of someone who was never proved guilty. It must be condemned and his case must be heard, there is no justification of such breach of human rights and imprisonment without due process. AHMED SHAH AFRIDI OF FRONTIER POST was recently released after his crime of not obeying his head to Nawaz sharif's regime. It was indeed inconceivable, unforgivable fascist crime of Zia regime. Government should scrutinize the roll of every jail and probe into this matter and give relief to such citizens of Pakistan in jails so that they may come out and become a part of country 's progress. Its amazing that people who are involved in suicide bambings, killing innocent people can be released but not the ones who are innocent and not criminals. Last but not least Justice Ismail should be re-instated to his post as per his seniority to pay some compensation. This act will help to overhaul the decaying systems of government infrastructure and the same intelligence agencies, which kidnapped him must come forward to help him finding his wife and the only son. People who are talking about restoration of judges should also pay attention to this issue. If Zia and his wife's names are / were involved, there must be inquiries made after all beneficiaries of their legacies are still around rubbing their sense of glory and pomp into our noses everyday, without failing. Ejaz Ul Haq is one who can hardly justify his wealth and hide his high profile religious inclinations and connections. It is the judicial system of pakistan that needs an overhauling for after 22 years a man comes out of jail acquitted from all the allegations that have been put forth on him, what has he got to do with his remaining life. Its also excruciating for the loved ones and in our society still a matter of shame even after having been justly acquitted and not by an NRO which is considered respectable acquittal like to know where were all these champions of 'rule of law' for twenty two long years, why no judge ever mentioned this to the Govts after Zia regime? Was media unaware of this tragic event or was just ignoring it.? I am lost after getting through the unbelievable news. In deed, it was very shocking and alarming that a person having such an high profile not on the national level but on the international level also as he was married to the daughter of foreign head of state.

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