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Arnaud De Borchgrave

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Israel's Embarrassing History Arnaud De Borchgrave

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Sher Mohammad


13 August, 2007

The entire Arab World is burying its head in sand.

The Arabs never awoke from their crushing defeat by the Mongols back in the thirteenth century. The centre of gravity of Islam shifted to Ottoman Turkish Empire, where it stayed until its break-up in the twentieth century. Suffice it for the Palestinians to know that the Ottomans invited the Jews who were fleeing in panic from Ferdinand's Spain. If the Ottomans had their way in Palestine, they would still harness the genius and usefulness of Judaism to Islam's advantage. The Palestinians can go on fighting for another half century in futility. Israel is by its very nature, a premature and fragile state. It was not supposed to be created in Israelis' exile. That is saying a great deal about Israel and its dark future. An eminent Israel author summed up Israel's future thus: "Jews were rarely in control of their destinies and where they impinged on history it was because they were troublesome or in trouble." There is painful suffering waiting to hit Israel from the heavens for its illegitimate creation and when that happens a new relationship is expected to begin between the two races.

Z Billo

United Arab Emirates

15 August, 2007

Israel's Embarassing History amid Population Growth

Trace of suicide bombers come with desire to loot banks for cash acquisition as fleeing refugees needing cash.This continued home & abroad till this day.It started inFirst world war to rob Ottoman Turkish banks and meet expenses of fleeing refugees. Desire to loot cash grew from one village from one bank leading to homes villages with fund storage centres.This created armed soldiers justifying looting scenario as war zone(meaning war between looters and resistance such as Palestinian ) They and their counterparts were just following simple Islamic rule to earn a living and raise family.Fleeing refugees grew from thousands to millions .Like in Israel 22000 Jews were scattered.As start with history of abnormal Holocaust survival growth. They came and their helper created first homes of 700- 900 K ( looted) and owners repulsed, expelled or expulsed due to expulsion.Imagine then famous Deir Yassin massacre 1948 by extremist with suicide bombers of Yehud Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir’s Lehi shedding Lahu ( blood). UN was illicitly created who illicitly allocated 56% to Jews or Bani Israel(a creation in context oil region of Quran Constitution) when UN was not established.This partition was dictated by fleeing refugees under armed Gang.Nasser formed UAR when Iraq withdrew leaving Egypt and Syria alone.But Nasser dismantled revenue from Suez canal affecting London LLOYd Insurance and finance of Pounds and their removal till this day.Begin Itzhak bengurion Dayan tried to expand to Lebanon in ’82 hoping to link to Greek tanker countries Cyprus Kurd Armenia of few Christian.Only Armenia materialized but Turkey became modern and progressive.UN always is a catalyst for those who give their wage even using oil sales.UN is catalyst with divided Haifa and Jaffa creating exile of Palestinian Refugees in swindling exile phenomenon.Currently for 7% Christian they want to give 35% Kosovo and for 3 % Hindus entire IH Kashmir like E Taimoor for 900K none Muslim in 210 million Muslim Indonesia.Suicide bombers Are gone but armed Refugees of so called Israel looted 369 Arab towns and villages creating new exile of local residents with looting further 228 localities followed. Allied troops and their fleeing refugees now call themselves Globalized with fast takeout and Muslim recruits.22000 jews have become 5 million and 5 Million Palestinian reduced into half living in 10% land or under occupation.Suicide Bombers with Jewish army is now well established who have Ventured out for globalizarion.Second coming exodus of 300-400K engulfed Lud Lydda RamAllah syndrome .Palestinian lost by orders of Ben Gurion when 400 Arab villages were wiped off the map or Judaised or 73,000 rooms acquired with houses, 7,800 shops workshops godown warehouses looted with Millions Palestinian US$ dollars with bank accounts gone alongwith 300,000 hectares of land taken . Now a days suicide Bombers die and globalization forces expand.

Mohommed Yunus


16 August, 2007

Palastinian Rights

I feel that Arab Palestinians under the misguidance of Hamas are helping Issrael to consolidate.They should know that Israel is a nuclear nation and jihadi attacks and suicide bombings on civilians will only get international sympathy and support to them.They should give up their armed struggle and start a peaceful agitation in the Gandhian way supported by all the Arab countries so that they can win their legitimate rights.

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