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Aqil Sajjad

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Making elections meaningful Aqil Sajjad

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uzair usman

United Arab Emirates

19 February, 2007


Exactly the reason why i dont support democracy, atleast in a developing nation...Its always corrupt, no matter what the decicison or choice the government makes, the opposition always has to critize. Its so stupid, the way politics work, even then people support the democratic system. You can never have fair elections anywhere in the world, because people vote, every person has a different perception, and people usually unintentionally never look beyond what they see as the front face. e.g. u can say Politican X is a good guys, speaks good, did good...but that doesnt mean he is a god leader. That is why ISlam had the concensus system, like in Iran, or i like what we have in Pakistan, we have democracy, but we also have someone to look over it. If things get out of hand, u can just topple the government, and that has been good in pakistan's case. Look at America, allegedly the freest democracy in the world. 64% of the people arent happy with their president and all they could do was sit back and wait another 2 years, until he goes, ok so they changed the congress...they didnt revert the mistakes..did they, and wont be able to till 2008

Col. Jafri (Retd)


19 February, 2007

Nice and meaningful article.

In your 1st suggestion, I would suggest the Joint Parliamentary Committee electing the Election Commissioner should comprise of equal number of members from Treasury and Opposition instead of their being in proportion to the number of seats each holding in the house. Obviously the Treasury holding the majority could sway the selection of the Election Commissioner in their favour. Col. Jafri (Retd)


United Arab Emirates

19 February, 2007

Making elections meaningful

Opposition parties in Pakistan are known in voicing their dissatisfaction about polls in the past and if they have already started saying that they are not happy though its long way to go yet when elections are held. Most probably opposition leaders don't trust themselves and their elegibilities if questions majority will fail to contetst the elections. Similarly so many in the government who want to contest are sailing in the same boat. There are many corrupt politicians who would like to come back and must bee investing lot of funds to come into arena of elections.Masses are less concerned about a democracy their main concern is jobs, food, shelter and other basics. More than 70% of its population lives in villages and those votes are always based on family basis. They will support to person who is theirs and the entire family will vote for him/her. There is lack of understanding being not much educated people and fail to realize the value of a vote. It will be a few more years when there is more than 85% education and corrupt politicians are out of the seen then given chance to a democratic system will work. At the present moment there is a journey towards a democracy which is just creeping and change will take long time. Let us hope that during elections there are not many attacks and deaths on each others. Law enforcements authorities got to be alert to safeguard the public as a whole.

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