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Tuesday Jan 28, 2020, Jumada-al-thani 2, 1441 Hijri
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Amjed Jaaved

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01 June, 2005

same old wine - different bottlel

amjed jaaved a j malik 'loves' india so much that he cannot think of writing about any other subject.not about those ghastly killings at kfc in karachi, not about those thousands of cases of karo kiri,abuse of minority rights in pakistan but yes.. everything about "nazi" india.he has no idea that as a muslim he is more free in india than he could be in pakistan. he can worship at many of the innumerable mosques dotted in india without worrying about some islamic bigot plotting to bomb worshippers and worry even less about hindu 'bombers'who are virtually non existent.



01 June, 2005


You Paki dont have any internal issues to discuss about? I request Author to give me references. "Indian judicial system is one of the most impartial and strong Insitution in the world." wait, these are not quotes from any Indian newspaper(By the way even Indian newspaper do not provide this much information about India) nor these re the quotes of some leader, This is directely taken from, University of Yale,USA coursebook for law students. Not to mention one of the premeier law school of the world.



01 June, 2005

Good Information

I appreciate your information; I appreciate your argument on the judicial system of India. It was good with the analysis part in the middle, but coming to the minorities point, with Muslims, with Sikhs, I agree that our judicial system might have some loop holes and its every where, but it never shrugged off its shoulders, please visit India, it is more visible to the eyes then on the papers or on the information that you collect. A wise man never see others house before looking his own house. It is better to do research on your own system. The Sun never criticizes; only man criticizes. Take the position of The Sun, your home will be filled with light, take the position of a critique mind, the whole house will be filled with doubts and confusions. Good Luck.

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