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Wednesday Jan 22, 2020, Jumada-al-awwal 26, 1441 Hijri
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Air Marshal (Retired) Masood Akhtar

PakTribune Columnist

Air Marshal (Retired) Masood Akhtar has been CI at NDC and a visiting faculty for “Statecraft and National Security” at the National Security Workshop and the Administrative Staff College.

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01 January, 2012

Re- Thinking Islam

I think the sitituation has changed a lot from 1940s. Even the ground realities have changed. we need to rethink every thing from the start.There are two subjects which matters the most, One "Are we defending islam or Pakistan". Two " if both! first we need to understand Islam then It is very easy to defend pakistan. In my opinion, Its duty of Every muslim to understand the Quran and Sunnah only then we can have faith in Islam and the teaching therein. Islam is compelete way of life and it is the best way of life and solution to all the miseries in the 21st centuray. it is shame for the muslims to debate isalm aginst the secularism or what people or The Quaid wanted about the pakistan. We all are muslim we must decide ourself what we want , which is to live as a Muslim Nations according to the teaching of Quran. If we understand this then there will be no need for all this debat.

naheed talib


22 November, 2012

it is very nice and plz continue this


United States

30 April, 2013

Iqbal 1930 presidential address

To tell the people that Iqbal came up with the idea of Pakistan is totally false and down right a big lie. If you read the history you will know that the business community of State of Uadh were the ones who came up with the idea of a seperte homeland for the muslims of India. There is history of misleading Pakistani people by some people in Pakistan, e.g, the saying of the Quaid has been altered on the Islamabaad highway which says, Faith, Unity and discipline, where as the Quaid said, Unity faith and discipline

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