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Adil Sultan

PakTribune Columnist

The writer is a security analyst working on nuclear and missile issues

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India – us nuclear cooperation agreement: is it about energy? Adil Sultan

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25 October, 2006

US India Nuke agreement - for Energy ?

By now it should be clear to all parties that the US India deal is not about energy only but it is symbolic, and it is all about US & India moving closer. US & India have realized that it is a historical necessity for both the countries to move closer, to be able to face the challanges of the future, that are likely to come from Islamic terror and countries backing them. Also the situation may further get complicated by China trying to take advantage of the situation. The present war in Afghanistan may expand and South Asia might be the major battle ground between religions. Bush has been stressing on this danger again and again, and he is a visionary, inspite of all his shortcomings !


08 February, 2007

Definitely for energy

After embracing for free economy, power generation and distribution is de-regulated and private enterprises are eager to participate. Unlike Govt. agencies, the Pvt. comapnies in India prefer US.So, India-US neuclear co-operation will be for power generation for the private players like Tata and Reliance. Please mind that, India has very goood support from Russia and thus, whatever technology China gets from Russia, India can get that without any problem. The matter of neuclear fuel is the only concern. India has large reserve of Thorium. Indian scientists are trying to make use of that. So, these reactors are not supposed to be part of IAEA inspection. The way Indian manufacturing is growing, we need more power without causing environmental hazard. Solar,Wind is the best solution for that.But neuclear energy is the third best option (for Tamilnadu,Kerala,Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, where caol reserve is very less).

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