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United Arab Emirates

14 November, 2006

Somali politics and Somalis everywhere

US pilots body was dragged in Somalia while 30,000 US soldiers involved… UN millennium 1991-2015 started after Muslim kill Muslims in Iraq Iran ended in 1988 Osama arrived during 1980-88 Iraq Iran killing.Osama returned.Osama was expelled from Jeddah in 1992 who incited Somalis Kenyans Darforians Khartoumian.USA with 30,000 US army attacked Somalia in 1992. Somali was plunged into hunger starvation. Bush Clintons campaigned who is better bombers in the world of Islam to seek vote.Alqaeda was formed after Imam Khomeini Ended Muslim killing Muslim by Osama.Wherever Osama went as in 1998 pharmaceutical plant in Sudan was bombed.Osama returned back in Afghanistan to pave the way for USA Canada EU invasion everywhere with their soldiers stationed.UN millennium 1991-2015 and Osama Bush allied presence go hand in hand towards Islamic infrastructure and umma destruction. They publicize Islamist terrorism. However, Somali women in the west are progressive. One teenager woman in Hijab in London returned my passport Airline tickets and Rs 20000/- (cash) within half hour of loss. Somali men if with plastic surgery or without in progressive outfits like in other Muslim countries associating with Colonialists? Hard to tell their direction with one exception.Somalis had been development 100# Somali indoor mall in Southall as Hardworking honest merchants.Their creation was destroyed.instead they have built 3 rooms Indian movie theatre Himalaya .Most customers are Afghans Pakistanis and even Arab Muslim family paying six pound or Rs 600/- per ticket to Indian owned theatre.

Just Johnny 4now

United Kingdom

22 October, 2007


This is the term I regularly hear on the chat forums and regularly by the likes of Steve Emerson, Daniel Pipes etc. They are nothing but hat trolls and have been discredited in the past. Yahoo disabled it's commentary feature on it's news story because enough of us got together to petition the amount of hate speech by mostly the kind of internet trolls that can only seem to speak their one dimensional minds on such an annonymous forum. They all seem to learn these terms from those who perpetrate their hate agenda. Yes the media is biased against Muslims. Matt Laurer from the Today Show on NBC has openly used the term "Islamic Terrorists" in many of his commentaries. I think the best way to combat this type of bashing to for us to do the same about those who insight the very same thing. We as humans will never extinguish hate but sometimes you have to use fire to fight fire. Muslims US and abroad should begin to record all quotes by leaders, journalists, politicians and use the very thing they say against us. Start a database of quotes, news clips etc and compile it. There's always a time when those who perpetrate hate often forget about things they said when they themselves come under fire.



23 October, 2007

Mullah rejects progress

I sincerely believe that, our stubborn, ignorant and illusioned Mullahs are the main hurdle in developing real understanding of Islam and starting efforts in bridging the widening divide between the religions. These semi-literate Mullahs are, in fact the covert anti-Islam force with a face of medieval Islam defiant of all progress. Consider the following simple reasons in support of this concept. 1) Quran being the "Ultimate Code of Life" originating about 1,400 years ago and promised by the Ultimate Creator, to provide answers to all questions faced by the mankind, for all times to come till the Judgment Day, than it MUST be a constantly "Progressive Code", providing RENEWALS at appropriate times, answering all emerging questions in time. 2) Islam has adequately provided mechanism to regularly redefine its detailed provisions in the code of life, with a basic condition that, it would not violate the basic essence of Islam encoded in Quran. This is a delicate issue, for which universal consensus is required. Mujadideens have been promised to come periodically and do this job. Since Mujadid is not a prophet, he has to be from within the greater Islamic brotherhood. Can our Ullema agree on this point? Would they agree to accept any such person having universal recognition, as as their Mujadid, even if he is not from within their local clout and may come from anywhere in the world? 3) Islam gives us a DYNAMIC code of life and Quran identifies life with MOVEMENT, a fact openly confirmed by the modern Science. Likewise, Quran identifies DEATH with SAKUT or devoid of MOVEMENT. Therefore, any situation devoid of MOVEMENT or CHANGE is DEATH. Natural conclusion of these explanations is, Islam definitely is, a "Dynamic code of life", providing changes for accommodating all emerging situations in time, so as to satisfy all day to day developing, general as well as specific cases, WITHOUT COMPROMISING BASIC INJUNCTIONS PROVIDED IN THE HOLY QURAN. Can our Ullema agree on this basic and simple definition with their inadequate Scientific knowledge? 4) To be a Mujadid, one has to be completely selfless, which means, he should not have an iota of personal interest or stake involved in dealing with issues related to defining Islam. Can we find and bring out any such a person onto our horizon? Can our Ullema search, agree and bring to light one such person from the entire Muslim world? 5) Women are given half weight-age of vote in Islamic Law (under certain conditions), in comparison to men. Although it is a delicate separate debate in itself, it generally implies that, the women at least deserve 50% say in all legal matters. Can our Ullema unequivocally agree even on this understanding and give women 50 % say, at least in matters related to women-affairs, like Hadood for women? Crusade of Ullema against women is clearly a non- Dynamic ( and also non-democratic) portrayal of Islamic image to the world. This is the strongest point of dispute which arraigns all other religions against Islam. Ullema (Mullahs,as the West better understand them), are hell bent upon keeping the women confined to preliminary definitions evolved to meet the requirements of a period existing 14 centuries back, which amounts to burying women emancipation and killing all their rights to grow with time. Knowing well how our so called Ullema would react to these questions, as according to our own famous saying, "Two Mullahs can not successfully slaughter a chicken", we least expect honorable and logical answer to any of above questions, which could satisfy the essence of Dynamic ( Living) Islam. Expecting of our "Ullema",(as we know them today), to defend this concept of "Dynamic Islam", on the arena of Universal Muslim Brotherhood and the world at large, is like expecting lions to start grazing.

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