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Sunday Jan 26, 2020, Jumada-al-awwal 30, 1441 Hijri
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Aamir Hakeem

PakTribune Columnist

The writer is M. Sc in Defence & Strategic Strategies and a freelance columnist.

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OIC at a Glance Aamir Hakeem

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benz m Ispahani


07 February, 2006

Mecca Summit Seminar of Expertise

There is no God But Allah, Creator.Everyone Worship God Bhagwan Allah.If you worship Allah You do not need anyone else. Invite everyone to Allah solution and success should be goal. Then there is A High Tech Hadith.One is good enough to make Madrassa graduate close enough to Harvard MBA. One High way straight path can cut short millions Of twisted Milage.I learned Tafseer interpretation From Dr Israr Ahmed's pupil MD MRCP who was Better than teacher.The Saudis insulted him in front Of hundreds “look at this MBBS” squandering talent Like Dr Tasleema Nasreen like parrot and records giving headache. OIC- 57 + UN, NAM, LAS, AU and ECO. Russian Federation Economic Social research Islamic History Art Culture, Istanbul ; Islamic University of Technology, Dhaka; Islamic Centre of trade Islamic Fiqh Islamic universities Niger Uganda Alazhar Tibuktoo,Halal banks Islamic Banks can Be dumped into Libyan G22 Nuke centrifuge or even Washing machine to pull out filtered clean Islam of Democracy Prosperity and success for all mankind. Islam if taken away from atheists and squanderers Can convert polluted Ocean into pure water.I have Been screeming my head off past. …Atheists of Above have postdoctoral Nuke Nobel background. And are impure /in-between Islam is pure impure Or in-between is impure. Their trillions of dollar Squandering and world forest converted into writing And waste paper can be dumped into washing machine For cleansing. None of them knows what they talk about. I attended 200 research seminars every day in implant Labs with hundreds of PhD just to learn one tiny clue. That is the real summit/seminar. Better believe.



08 February, 2006

OIC Union Common market

First European Union Common market was created.Can we use above model!India can join OIC.

Ya`akov N. Miles


09 February, 2006

Font size too tiny to read

Unfortunately, this article is written with a very tiny font, and is just about impossible for me to read with my aging eyesight. Please use a larger font in future for articles that you would like me to be able to read. Thank you

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