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Why aren`t Muslim women converting to Christianity?

20 January, 2006

By Ahmer Muzammil

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Majority of the Western media and the Pat Robertson`s of the world will have you believe that Islam is the most backward religion in the world. They will make a case that Islam is oppressive to women; it preaches hates towards anyone and everyone. They will blow fires out of their mouths how all Muslims men who are practicing are nothing but wife beaters. I have a simple question (don`t I always?), why is it that even after all this oppression we never hear of any Muslim women whether they are living in Islamic countries or even in the west converting to Christianity or Judaism, or Hinduism or any "ISM" for that matter. We will hear the Irshad Manji`s and Isra naumani`s trying to "INNOVATE" in Islam by pleading to us how lesbianism and Bastard children are a necessity and how this behavior should be welcomed & encouraged in Islam. But never will we hear even them saying that another religion is the answer. On the other hand despite of open prejudice and harassment to some degree, Islam is spreading in Europe and America like wild-fire.
  According to an article in a famous right-wing magazine named Christian Science Monitor, thousands of European and American men and women are converting (the word used should be reverting because we as Muslims believe that every human being is born in a state of submission to God, therefore revert instead of convert is a more appropriate term) to Islam every year. According to this article entitled "WHY EUROPEAN WOMEN ARE TURNING TO ISLAM", the ratio of women converting to Islam is much higher than the men. The article states that the reason for this higher ratio is not what is widely perceived which is that most women come within the folds of Islam because they marry a Muslim man. On this issue of women converting to Islam because of their Muslim husbands, professor at Birmingham University Dr. Haifa Jawad says "although in the past this was one of the most prevalent reason for the women to convert, now it`s mostly on the basis of their own faith and understanding".  Peter Ford
 the author of this article writes that according to researchers, the rationale for this mass conversion amongst women especially to Islam is the moral bankruptcy and the superficial nature of the society that surrounds them. I guess what he is saying is that Islam doesn`t put emphasis on the "HOTTNESS" of a woman, rather on her character. Because we don`t sometimes have a say in what we look like, nature dictates that for the most part, but we as normal human beings have total control of our behavior. Therefore we should be judged on what we have the power to alter.
  Karen Van-Newkirk a Dutch researcher who has written extensively on Dutch women`s inclination towards Islam, says that in Islam, men and women both have specific rights and responsibilities. She further explains that the gender roles are well defined in Muslim societies and women are not considered merely a sex-toy. She goes on to say that Islam gives women uncanny respect in the society especially in the roles of Mother, sister, daughter and wife.  Even today in this age of materialism I am a personal witness to families back home, where women in their 80`s who are completely unlettered obviously are not the bread-winners of the family, never have been, but they have the stature of the head of the house hold. My own grand-mother while she was alive (may Allah swt grant her Paradise) made all the important decisions of our extended family. Her approval was needed in marriages of her grand-children; she had the final say in almost everything that happened in the
 households of her 4 sons. It was funny that I as a 4 year old, favorite of my grandmother got away with anything and everything to the displeasure of my father, but he couldn`t do anything once my grandmother had laid the law (or lack thereof).
  In an earlier issue, Christian Science Monitor published an article by Christine Armario entitled "HISPANICS ARE FINDING ANSWERS IN ISLAM". In this article Ms. Armario makes a case that the reason Hispanic women are turning to Islam is the simple fact that they see respect and security for their gender. According to this article, in United States alone there are about 40,000 reverted Muslims of Hispanic origin. Every year in USA about 20,000 men and women revert back to Islam, out of which 6% are Hispanics. I am not making any of this up; this is a fact that was published in a right wing magazine. It is however ironic though that after all the persecutions and bad media and your Oriely`s and 700 club`s, Rush Limbaugh`s and Michael Savage`s, Islam is still thriving in the heart of America. Ouch! Spare a thought for the neo-cons, No wonder Dick Cheney keeps getting one Heart attack after another.
  Here`s a million dollar question though! All these western women with all their freedoms and mini skirts and open societies and whatever else that is the sign of a "FREE WOMAN", they are dumping all of that and are running towards "THE BIG, BAD, BACKWARD ISLAM" obviously with their free will (Unless Bush administration is Taliban in disguise). On the flip side we see a culture transforming in front of our eyes in Pakistan. I am baffled when I see slow dancing couples in an EID program. Can it get any more disrespectful? If this is not a mockery of our religious events, I don`t know what is? Please spare me the lectures on how times are changing and Islam needs to change with time. Having an educational and open discussion about how do we make our Islamic banking systems affective so we can be competitive in the economic world, or whether "Hijaab" includes the face covering or not, we should & must discuss these and many other issues openly and should accommodate common-sense. But
 if someone is going to plead the case of "Mixed Prayers" or how dancing whether classical or otherwise is some how part and parcel of our religion and Pakistani culture then you`ll get an earful from me and believe you me I am the voice of majority on these issues. It is quite astonishing that just because I am not comfortable watching a woman dance, some how it makes me less cultured and civilized. I shouldn`t automatically become a "TALIBAN" just because I am not able to appreciate the vulgarity in Fashion shows and supposed "Cultural Shows". Of all the people, I would think that "Liberals" would be a little more open-minded about my "Backward-ness".
  "THERE IS SOMETHING SPECIAL ABOUT ISLAM!" It`s a Cliché at this point among Muslims. If it`s so special then why do we see Muslims making a complete mockery of their religion? And why do us the "Silent Majority" stand idly and let them dictate what our values and morals should be. If our true Islamic culture and values are so repugnant, how do you explain this massive conversion to Islam in societies where there is no compulsion on them? These societies have all the "ART" that one can want, and still there is hunger for that spirituality that only Islam can provide. It`s high time that we the majority of Pakistanis instead of just being by-standers and let these "LIBERAL-BULLIES" shove their mental-illness down our throats in form of "ART", we need to reclaim our media from these Indians-wannabe`s.  I have always told my western colleagues and counterparts that please don`t judge my religion thru my actions (although that`s a natural recourse, therefore its incumbent upon Muslims
 everywhere to live Islam rather than just talk Islam). If you want to know what Islam is about then go to the source, which is Quran and the life and teachings of our beloved Prophet (May peace and blessings of Allah swt be on him). I find it amazing and it`s a lesson for the haters of Islam as well as the supposed "MULLAH`S", when asked by his companions who is the best amongst Muslims, my beloved prophet (May peace and blessings of Allah swt be on him) said "THE ONE WHO IS POLITE AND LOVING TOWARDS HIS WIFE", all the wife-beaters are duly warned!

Reader Comments:

Muslims are converting to Christianity.........

Two weeks ago I attended a service in Toronto, Canada
where Pastor Faisal Malik (ex Muslim) gave his
testimony how he converted to Christianity from Islam.
Pastor Faisal Malik is in his 30's and an educated

Muslims will only convert to Christianity if they
study and read quran and Hadith. After that compare
the readings and teachings with The Bible. Comparision
will definitely put doubts in their mind and soon they
will convert. That is the only reason, muslim
countries dont allow Christians to evengalize and
Christian countries allow muslims to build mosque and
spread word of islam in Christian countris. Off course
some naiive and innocent people will fall to islam.

Many muslims are converting but they keep it in
secret. This is because leaving Islam is automatic
death penalty for these converts.
Muslim women are dependent on their men. Majority of
muslim women living in islamic countries is illiterate
and their only funtion is to make babies. If they
convert, where would they go? who will support them?
Society would reject them.

The author forgot to mention issue date of Christian
Science Monitor so we as readers can confirm.

The fact is large number of people are converting in
Africa, India, and China.

Gone are the days when islamic armies would invade a
country and convert every one forcibly to islam.

Joseph Solomon, Pakistan - 01 February, 2006

Christianity on the rise

By the way did you read "Mega Shift' by Jim Rutz.

Rutz makes the point that Christianity is overlooked as the fastest-growing faith in the world because most surveys look at the traditional Protestant denominations and the Roman Catholic Church while ignoring Christian believers who have no part of either.

He says there are 707 million "switched-on disciples" who fit into this new category and that this "church" is exploding in growth.

"The growing core of Christianity crosses theological lines and includes 707 million born-again people who are increasing by 8 percent a year," he says.

So fast is this group growing that, under current trends, according to Rutz, the entire world will be composed of such believers by the year 2032.

"There will be pockets of resistance and unforeseen breakthroughs," writes Rutz. "Still, at the rate we're growing now, to be comically precise, there would be more Christians than people by the autumn of 2032, about 8.2 billion."

Here is the link to this book:

Tariq Youhanna, Pakistan - 02 February, 2006

wish it was true

Dear Afzal,

I wish what you said about free will was true.

yesterday there was a report on BBC from Palastine, that women (and men) there are really scared at the prospect that Hamas will try to force islamic ways on the people, that means in their own words, confining women to indoors/homes, forcing burqas, closing salons, bars, ban on liquor, etc.. etc.. (all in their own words).

even the hamas spokesman said that they will try to convince people to follow islamic way of life (mentioned above), though they will not try to force it rightaway.

To summarise, people in palastine are fearing that their right to live according to their free will might be taken away by hamas.

similiarly when you say women in pak don't want to convert to buddhism, you are speaking on behalf of someone else without knowinf their wishes.

just imagine for once how would you behave if your sister or wife comes and tell you that she has converted to some other religion.

Chan, United Kingdom - 03 February, 2006

J's Comments Display Ignorance

For someone who claims to have been to the middle east several times saying he saw women treated like animals only displays two things. #1 ignorance: you've actually never been to the middle east and are making it up. #2 more ignorance because you are obviously not speaking from experience and your display of rhetoric on the subject matter is shallow and a-typical of the media mindset of the US. Perhaps it is not Islam that has to come to term with the modern world better but perhaps it is you who. There are plenty of cases of Christian/Catholic women converting all across the US and Islam is spreading rapidly amongst latino women in neighboring US countries. As for the reasons perhaps you should do research and read more often about the spread of Islam not only in the US but in neighboring Mexico, Central and South American countries and then come back to us with comments. You won't see a Muslim woman converting to Christianity because they don't fear death as you suggest, they fear God more and it only displays their conviction to the religion. If that was the case that women fear death for converting to Christianity then why do you see women in the US from the middle east wearing a hijab in public? Certainly they are not at risk of being killed in the US. Why do you think that in France, another democratic country where women have choice, that Muslim women are fighting for their rights to wear the hijab when the state mandates they are illegal in public localities? As you may or may not know a woman wears a hijab as a sign of her faith not because a man tells her to. Muslim women who are God fearing and God loving won't allow themselves to be swayed by the west's opinion of them simply because in our religion to go against God is committing a major sin. This is what you don't understand about Islam or Muslim women. There is book in print "Women in Islam" printed in English. I don't know the author but you can start your research there.

Dauod, Pakistan - 03 February, 2006

Men Converting

There are people here that believe that women are not converting away from Islam becuase they fear the Islamic society in general. However lets discuss the issue of muslim men. Why are they not converting away from Islam? Are they also afraid of society? Please give me a break. As Dauod pointed out muslims have devotion to their religion. Islam is not just practiced on a one day. It is a complete system. As for the Chan that says that Hamas will implement Islamic rule over the Palistinian state, well the majority of the state is muslim so I don't see their being anything wrong with having Islamic law that is written in the Quran and Shariah books. In the United States the NeoCons such as Pres. Bush impletment Cristian law, ex. anti- abortion laws, anti- stem cell research. So if another society wants to implement laws in regards to their faith I don't see anything wrong. Do as you please your own house, but not in public.

Afzal, United Kingdom - 05 February, 2006

Article contradicts itself.

Mr reporter, what you have just said totally contradicts itself, you are saying muslims men are known as wife beaters...and that is the exact answer to your question why muslim women don't convert. Because they would be "honour killed" f they converted anshunned for life, they have no option to convert, they cannot because their husbands/brothers/sons would kill them and make their life miserable. A time will come though in the future when this backfires, sexual and freedom opression results in rebellion, what goes around comes around and muslim men will feel the wrath in the coming years.

Iqbal, Pakistan - 05 February, 2006


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Sheikh malik

SHEIKH MALIK, Germany - 26 February, 2006

to each his/her own

I'm learning so much about Islam and the Quran from this website, Thankyou paktribune. It is a little unsettling to think that someone may want to cut off my head because I don't believe the way they do. Christians don't threaten violence. If they do they'll eventually come to their senses and ask for forgiveness. I'm coming to believe that Muslims and Christians believe in the same God. Except that Muslims may want to kill you if you don't believe in how they want things to be. Where as Christianits would say your going to hell. Is it true that Muslim women are oppressed? That they only deserve the same rights of man when they're doing jihad? I think that eventually equality will rule. I would love it if my wife did exactly what I told her to do without question. But, experience has shown me, life would not be as fulfilling, so I don't press the issue. The article implies that mom has this silent power. Why silence her. Is she not worthy? I understand that this may be exactly what Muslim women want. But for Christian women, they may want more. Not saying they do, but certainly not denying them the opportunity. I really believe that interpertation of our guidance books, Bible/Quran, by humans who want to control people have really screwed things up. I think that Gods message is simpler than what others want to decipher it as. Simply put- love one another. Period, that's it. We can't claim that man is wiser and women are too simple to understand the complexities of life. If anyone thinks different your just pulling yourself back to the days of hunters and gatherers. That would be cavemen... I think most of us are well beyond that. In terms of Muslim conversion, well, so what. I believe in to each his own. If someone doesn't beleive this is the correct way to view life, then, oh well. Your loss. If Muslim women are happy with their lives then so be it. Therein lies the problem, alot of people think that they're not happy with how they're treated. That Muslim women are forced to live like this because they'll be killed or exiled for expressing this point of view. If that's the case, it will come to an end. That's how life works. Bad people are eventually nixed. If there is a religion with a majority believeing in opression, that majority will fade and the minority will rule. This happens because of enviroments like this website. How many wars will be prevented because the two societies, on their way to war, now have the opportunity to communicate openly and freely with one another? Again, thanks Paktribun.

carlos santanna, United Kingdom - 04 March, 2006

hmm well I have read Some points raised by people about Islam here, and will try to answer some of them .

Somebody mentioned "Extra Taxation" on non-muslims by a muslim State, Well my dear friend in A (ideal)muslim state Axtra Taxations is Imposed on Non-muslims, Along With ZAKAT on Muslims, so its just the difference of name.
Somebody hear mentioned about THE QURANIC VERSES regarding non Muslims, I would Advice you to read the preceding verses along with it, also read Chapt no 109 [SURAH KAFIROON (DISBLEIVERS)]
"Oh, you who disbelieve!
I do not worship that which you worship,
Nor do you worship That Which I worship.
Nor will I worship that which you have been worshipping,
Neither will you worship That Which I worship.
To you your religion and to me mine."

aND mR dUDE ABOUT YOUR VIEWS THEY ARE HIGHLY DISTORTED(ABOUT ISLAM), Islam stands for equality of men & Women. Although I may have to agree with you that today these rights are denied to women in some parts of muslim world incl 'Saudi-Arabia' but it is due to the influence of local tradition, not of Islam, and Islam Stands against it.
Re: rhazes,
My friend Islam does not allow Muslim women to marry nonmuslim men, because it can create an abstacle in her way of life, also if she wants to marry you so baldy she can convert to other religion, its a sin, but the punishment for this will be on The Day of Judgement, no body has right to punish her.

In the End I would like to say

Please don't jugde the religion of Islam, by looking at the tradition in the SO-Called 'Muslim World', (although I will not blame you if you did)

Syed Jaad-ul-haque, Pakistan - 08 March, 2006

Why aren't muslim women converting to Christianity?

It is indeed amazing to read Mr.Muzzamil's information on the popularity of islam in Europe and the US. It is so embarassing for muslims to declare their religion in public after the events of 9/11, why would any non-muslim convert to Islam? It is like asking for a hole in the head! Mr.Muzzamil is living in a fantacy land or he is following the notorious Goebbels dictum that any false propaganda repeated again and again will become convincingly believable!

yasmin, Aruba - 20 March, 2006

Muslims converting to Christianity

In respose to the article "Why arn't Muslim women converting to Christianity" by Ahmer Muzammil, I would like him and your readers to check the following websit and learn the truth for themselves...

Andrew, Aruba - 24 March, 2006

assalamu alaikum

i will be happy if u send me holy Quran and islamic books and cd hope to reply me soon

musah umar, Germany - 16 July, 2006


I am a student of Sunyani Polytechnic offering Accountancy.The muslim Students Associatiion has some Quran and other books for it members but they are not enough for the entire members.I am pleading if you could be of help,as it siad the problem of muslim brother is the same problem of yours.P.O BOX KS 10752 ADUM KUMASI GHANA.

IDDRISU TOFFIC WIKANA, Germany - 24 November, 2008



TAOFEEK, Nigeria - 09 January, 2009


i would raise a question here, why the non muslim women are converting to Islam, why they are not converting to other religions?

hani, Pakistan - 11 February, 2013

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