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Who will reform Islam?

30 October, 2006

By Ahmer Muzammil

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Jack straw? Or maybe bushy & mushy can have a slumber party and knock out the intrinsic technicalities? Well a religious minister must have the necessary intellect to delve deeper in this conundrum, wouldn’t he? Yes, but ours oozes insincerity, fakeness and he just puts on too much makeup for my liking to be involved in any kind of serious discussion, besides shouldn’t he actually graduate legally first. And no Aamir “the aalim” Hussein it’s not cool to get PHD’s thru drive thru while the rest of us have to labor for years just to get a whiff of ‘em.   The problem with all the above individuals are that they have agendas from there respective masters. Asking them to reform Islam is like making a 3rd rate medical doctor from Texas (who probably thought that cricket is nothing more than an  insect) the chairman of Pakistan Cricket board, just because he is tight with mushy. Hahahahaha, I mean can you imagine how funny that would be? Say what? They actually did?

 Boy, now I am pissed off. Loot & plunder our country, rape the hell out of poor people while feeding them patriotic dung, but you don’t dare and I mean it, you don’t mess with cricket; this is where I draw the line!


Jack straw has a problem with veiled women, although my understanding of Islam might not find it incumbent to be veiled but what right do I or jack straw has to tell anyone how should they be dressing up?  What’s next? He will complain about the nose-hair and hair growing out of ears as “unacceptable & divisive”. How about the yellow dot on the forehead, how does that figure in to assimilation? What kind of bull-shit is this anyway? We loathe Taliban for forcing morality on us, and we turn around and threaten people to look more and more like us or else! This is hypocrisy at its saddest.  This argument that the immigrants should dump their cultures and their religious values all together and adopt the entire value system prevalent in the society at large is as narcissistic not to mention dictatorial as it can get. What I find amusing is that Jack has no qualms meeting women who are baring cleavage and guts (which in some cases can also be a health hazard for the

 unsuspecting victims who have to witness it), but he is gung-ho on snatching the veils off of Muslim women. For security purposes absolutely, they should have a mechanism to check respectfully who is beyond the veil, but to deny a group of people basic right to practice their religion according to their understanding is against every norm of western democracies.


Like I said earlier I am of the opinion that it should be Muslim women deciding how they should present their selves in public and not there husbands and brothers, if we have given this right to all other groups, then why are we being so prejudice against this particular group? If you naively believe that those Muslim women in the west especially, are too submissive and they can be coerced in wearing a veil or hijaab by force, I suggest you attend a MSA (Muslim Students Association) meeting. You might find that surprising but in principal I do believe that Britain or any country for that matter does have a right to ban veil, hijab, yellow dots on the head etc. In a democratic country, the majority should be able to make laws that they deem appropriate for themselves. I am not saying that it’s the right thing to do but in principal they can ban Veil “IF” that’s in fact what the majority wants. However if you choose to go that route as a nation than you might have to stop beating the drum of civility and claim of freedom of expression would be nothing but a farce.


I think that Muslim societies have some critical issues that must be dealt with as soon as humanly possible by scholars of our religion. Open dialogue should and must be conducted on issues of Fiqh, and the difference of opinion should be celebrated. This is the most basic principle of Islamic jurisprudence that in matters where there is Ikhtilaaf (difference of opinion) amongst SCHOLARS, (The reason I have scholars in caps in this statement is because not every tom, dick and hary can render fatwas even on matters of FIQH) the opposing argument is never criticized. You follow what you deem appropriate and you give me the courtesy of following what I deem to be the correct path. However Aqeedah (fundamentals) is (are) something that should remain beyond the bounds of reformation.


(1)We can not have a discussion whether there is one GOD or if it's a board of directors who are running the show in this factory that we call Universe.

(2) Finality of Prophet-hood can not be challenged, I am sorry but you are a MUSLIM if you believe that “There is no GOD but Allah and Muhammad (PBUH) is the last messenger”, anything else is just not good enough. Besides why the insistence on being MUSLIMS anyway, believe me its boring here, you guys are too cool for this team, I promise I am not being sarcastic (I am).

(3)The concept of hereafter and reckoning must be considered as an absolute truth.


There is Black, white and Gray in Islamic jurisprudence. My humble submission is that lets leave the Black and white and have a ball with the grey. Your definition of Black and white can differ from mine and that's where the true learned Muslim scholars can come in. We have a strong lineage and its not just Glory of the Past as some allude to it. If you just talk about it and don't put those values in action that made our forefathers great then YES, its rhetoric but it can and will serve as roadmap as to how we reach the promise-land, whatever it may be.


Muslims masses are wary about this "enlightened moderation" crap because they feel that it's imported and dictated. It's our problem and we must address it ourselves. Our scholars say that Prophet (PBUH) and the companions (RAW) were probably less conservative than the conservatives of today and they were definitely not as “Enlightened” as the liberals of today. So it’s somewhere in the middle where I respectfully submit that most of us lie anyway. It's in our interest to empower the half of our population; the women-folk in our society must be given the stature that Allah SWT and the Prophet (PBUH) graced them with. However that empowerment doesn't mean that they should have the freedom of topless dancing if they choose to do so. We do need working women in our society, how can you have a functioning civilization when half of your team is not allowed to play their roles as doctors, educators, judges, nurses etc. But this warped idea that freedom is some how without any limits is absurd, freedom without limits is called anarchy.  I agree, papacy has no place in true Islam, therefore we shouldn't listen to anyone just because there beard is un-kept. With the same token I wouldn’t rush to get my religious advice from Sheema Kirmani (kathak dancer) either.


I truly believe that the transformation of Islamic world for better will start from me as an individual. I would have to strive to become a better Muslim first and foremost, and I have always said that if your Islam does not make you a good human being in every sense of the word then there is definitely something wrong in your understanding of your deen. If your understanding Islam doesn’t make you a good law-abiding citizen, a loving and faithful husband or wife, a role model parent and a compassionate boss then I am sorry you slept thru Islam 101 and you will get and “F”.


Prophet (PBUH) said to his companions "Shall I tell you who will be kept away from Hell-fire? Someone who is polite, humble, of good ikhlaq (mannerism) and of easy disposition". We need to start praying salah regularly, with all due respect we including myself are not able to wake up for fajr and we are complaining that Allah swt is not sending the glad-tidings. We are expecting the victory of Sahaba from Allah swt while we treat our bothers and sisters in Islam as shudras, I am ashamed to say that the maasi who worked in my house had separate plates in which she could eat in. And she was the lucky one; at least we weren’t beating the living daylights out of her.


The problem with the liberal intelligentsia is that just like their opponents they are extremists at the core of their existance. They will whine & moan at the umpteenth degree about huddood ordinace which I personally referred to as a stupid ordinance in a previous article, but you won’t hear a whimper when Tunisia, France, Turkey and other’s snatch the basic right of freedom of expression. They make everything so ambiguous and when you read them it's like rocket science. It's nothing but big fancy words that can make them look smart. We need to start with basic things, when the prophet (PBUH) was passing away, as a last advice he said "Don't leave your salah's(prayers) and treat your subordinates nicely, and you'll be ok". Let's start there. I know it sounds too simplistic for some of you brain surgeons out there but as a Muslim if you are confused whether 5 daily prayers are a big deal or not, or alcohol is OK as long as you are not drunk, then I am sorry, majority of Muslims will not be able to take you seriously in the matters concerning the reformation of Islam. He (PBUH) just might have something there, we have tried everything else and it aint working. Desperate times call for desperate measures.


Reader Comments:


Nobody is telling Muslim women how they should dress up. Jack Straw only said that Muslim women should remove veils when they talk to him.

Tony Blair said that it is a mark of separation. Very true. I can see ladies form all over the world in UK wearing jeans and all. Including Hindus ladies who wear jeans and a dot and many others who wear many kinds of ornaments. They are not mentioned as a mark of separation because they are not.

The reputation of Pakistanis and Muslims is very low in UK although the British were fair enough to take them in and tolerate their Eid celebrations at Trafalgar square, Muslims will never partake of Christmas celebrations here because that is Unislamic(Christ is man, not God). I can see Hindus and Buddhists taking part in Christmas and their children caring for Santa and the spirit of the season. Does not mean anything to a Muslim child.

The British are not blind. They have seen it for decades and they know that everything speaks of separation in this great country which gave India and Pakistan freedom through negotiations with the political leadership instead of bloodshed. They still try to be fair in jobs or opportunities as they are to all who come here. They welcome multiculturalism very well and love things form Turkish baths & kebabs to Yoga & Indian food to Chinese herbs & food to Latino/Mexican cultural shows & food, etc.; all that is good and nice. They also marry all nationalities including Africans. How many Muslim girls will marry these British gentlemen? Close to zero because they are separated form British society. Lots of Hindu and Buddhist girls/men do marry the whites. Includes a cousin of mine in Netherlands. Yet Muslim men will be ready to marry upto four non-Muslim ladies if they can.

Note that as a Hindu I have been to Churches and Buddhists pagodas in many countries and even Sufi Dargahs in India.

Some Hindus in UK have started with the Tilak so that they are not mistaken for Pakistanis esp. Mohajirs, claim to be form India originally. Not to mention the Pak mohajir gentleman in his shop in Bangkok near the ABAC university, who told me that he is form Lucknow, my hometown and had ‘gone to Pakistan’ in 1955.

Dayal, United Arab Emirates - 30 October, 2006

We should concentrate on the science, principles & laws of physics, chemistry, space & time rather than indulging in theological matters.

A S ahmed, Pakistan - 30 October, 2006

IT AIN'T SO.....

Though nobly inspired, I take noted exception to your message. Islam, per se, needs NO reform. Islam merely needs to be followed as moderate Islam was intended and imparted by the Prophet (PBUH) What do I mean by this? Simple. During his time, when things were about as conservative as they get, women held posts as lawyers, healers, even military (one of his spouses led a well known battle) Need one say more? Suffice to say though, that there is NO room whatsoever for these radical kooks in our midst. Forgive them Lord, for they know not whence the real Paradise.

N. JAVED, United Kingdom - 31 October, 2006


Excellent article, I appreciate your candor.

Sulayman, United Kingdom - 31 October, 2006

Basics ....... again

Physics, Chemistry, Technology, knowledge of Space and Time don't matter much when you're not a GOOD human being. Being GOOD is the most basic word that is. Muslims aren't stopped from seeking the knowledge of the universe, infact the very first verse that was revealed impressed upon the prophet to read,Muslims have been commanded to go and seek knowledge, because without knowledge, one is not a complete Person. One is not a complete person with all the "RELIGIOUS THEOLOGICAL THOUGHTS", so to speak.

I totally agree with Ahmer, Musalmano,Say your prayers regularly, employ respect and patience for everybody around you, if you cant make others your friend, you dont have to be rude to him or cause him harm. Lets start from there.

Ahmed Sajjad, Pakistan - 02 November, 2006

Who will reform Islam amid Hostility?

In pursuit to sabotage Imam Khomeini’s attempt to reform western Democracy
Saddam Hussein with the help of Arab Sheiks Rumsfeld Dick Cheney and US
EU leaders had attacked Islamic Regime of Imam Khomeini resulting in his own Hanging Order. This has been created by same people Saddam had associated with. There is no way to establish if the Saddam‘s trial was fair or or ZA Bhutto’s trial was fair. Muslim Leaders Ulema and writers like Salman Rushdie Taslima Nasreen Council of Muslim Scientists doctors Bankers and financial Experts love to live in the west while being hostile to democracy amid incompetence in the world of Islam.

benz m Isphahani, India - 05 November, 2006

Leaders shape things and matters

It's not Islam, it's about leadership in the Muslim world. For instance; the Arab oil helped the west conquire the space and develope the future technology, but they themsleves still walk behind camels. That is nothing but lack of leadership and the kjings, emires and other dictators see their existence in fundamentalism Islam versus contemporary Islam. That has to change by adopting democracy and fullfiling market economy for all and not only the kings, emires and dictators family members and friends.

Akbar KhaN, Pakistan - 05 November, 2006

Excellent Article and Truth - How to Handle !

How I am handling without any success. Legal System is based upon statutory Law of the west. Islamic system is based upon excellent Quran and superb Hadith .They have fallen under Mullahs Ulema PMs and Army leaders anywhere (Muslim or democracy).

They continue to gather Information without releasing judgement .They assemble IT and repeat cheating via rewritten laws (again and again with addendum).Theirs is fake Mandatory or insufficient conciliation, help .One track mind trying to create something For the world.they have ended up screwing everything .They abuse elderly, tribunals via democracy laws system. They are Worthless judges (fraud)they have
Fake help centres using past incompetent or unemployed lawyers or past homeless .They have created free settlers of Mideast returnee running world But they beat Own system via intrinsic technicalities resulting in own down fall .They squander own t wealth and world’s or individuals. While everyone asked for reform (including Islamic reform) they graduated rewriting worthless decorative statutory laws after worthless statutory laws being designed for the world. They ended up faking judgement order. They ended up locking up litigants. They ended up living the lives of crooks via invasion looting and eventually Lifestyle of robbers and swindlers .Now they have Graduated living off those who have (like blood sucker until they are bankrupt or their asset Exhausted).Electricity company charing years bill in one month. Rooms gone up 10 fold goods same with exception of $1 store selling obsolete mfr item.

They ended up raising $1.75 barrrel to $70 without paying to resident of oil country.Oil users keeping the whole thing for them are it jacks straw bush or Mushy. They tried to use rewritten technicalities via Islamic reform or institution. Creation method.

I do not know what they think who God is or who is Jesus Vishnu Ram or Holy Prophey is or Rabbi Pope or Supreme
Ayatollah or cic or role model is. I do not know what they are trying to do. But in one case
They simply would not let a reformer or religious man or highly qualified trained person
Work. One example …of past 12 weeks in the case of survival for the fittest,,,

Statutory law based …heat electricity company charged faked bill and asked to own the owners building in lieu of unpaid .This is increased by sending own free dwellers like in philistine to create 10 fold by ransacking premises like Iraq and then sending inspection Team who also claim selling owners assets in millions to share the loot, The statutory tribunals allocated free 12 -16 weeks with free electricity to run factory there at the expenses of owner accelerating the interim owners family held captive
Confined while they are selling democracy to the world on above principle.They are Being promoted by jack bushy and mushy alike.

Free homeless penniless dwellers have now asked to buy off owners asset from income and bankruptcy of owners .Their team moved on to Acquire 2nd third asset of single owners. Conciliation law free advocacy is not helping The owner but the free dwellers under direct supervision of democracy (including free Indo pak lawyers who were incompetent and unemployed).Dept of justice or religion With fancy names under mullah Rabbi and reverend with awards honour are fraud like Stupid judges bankers under pile of new laws rewritten constantly to avoid getting killed Or caught under above environment.Decorative women reform is gimmick.

Z.Billo, Pakistan - 11 November, 2006

How to handle reform-Islam or democracy

Live case …..

Under the circumstance , either both democracy and mullahs be reformed or Bush Blair Harper G8 India democracy leaders be put on test for democracy bills with their judges statutory laws and tribunals rabbis and reverend and lamas.Ask the people directly for truth is best approach or issue warrant for arrests

Decayed Mighty USA EU…

Bush :“ I do not regret losing Rumsfeld for fact that Iraq and world of Islam will be having democracy soon”. i.e. presumably in lieu of islam and their oilfields.

Z.Billo, Pakistan - 12 November, 2006

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