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Who was talking to Muhammad (PBUH)?

26 February, 2007

By Ahmer Muzammil

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Was Muhammad (PBUH) a true prophet of God? Is Quran a fabrication of his (PBUH) mind? Did a superior deity spoke to him (PBUH)? All these questions have been raised time and again throughout history, some times because of genuine curiosity and sometimes out of bigotry. Previous Prophets were given miracles in order so they can establish good by showing to their nation that they were authentic messengers from the owner and creator of this universe. Muhammad (PBUH) however was given Quran which didn't really look like a miracle at the time, it was just harmless verses but as the human civilization progressed, Quran established itself as an amazing miracle in itself.

Keep in mind that Holy Quran was revealed to an Unlettered Arab, who didn't have any formal education, nor did he have access to history books. Knowledge of established & recorded history however can not be presented as a proof of prophet-hood by claiming ignorance to history. But knowledge & specific hints to future events and scientific discoveries that materialized hundreds of years after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) passed away surely can be presented as a testament to his (PBUH) true prophet-hood. In this piece I will make an attempt to present some of the mind boggling events and discoveries that Quran hinted at 1500 years ago which eventually came to fruition hundreds of years later just in the last century.

Allah SWT says in Quran "I swear by heaven with its cyclical systems" (Quran 86:11). The word "Heaven" appears in Quran in several places, it can mean the sky above our heads as well as the universe. A characteristic of these heavenly bodies is that they rotate around their own axes as well as rotating together in the system that they are a part of. It's common knowledge that the human race at the time of the revelation of Quran didn't have access to powerful telescopes with which they can study these celestial objects millions of miles away. It was hundreds of years later that scientists and astrologists discovered the rotation of galaxies. It was therefore impossible for an unlettered businessman of Arabia in the middle of nowhere to tell the world that space had its "Oscillating Orbits" (Quarn, 51:7), unless that man was being addressed by the creator and owner of this universe. Its worth a quandary, isn't it?

Allah SWT says in Quran "You will see the mountains and reckon them to be solid (Stationary), but they go past like clouds-the handiwork of Allah who gives to everything its solidity". Recently we have discovered that the mountains that look to the naked eye stationary as they can be in fact do shift. How did Muhammad (PBUH) knew?

Allah swt says in Quran "He(Allah) has let loose the two seas, converging together, with a barrier between them they do not break through". (Quran 55:19-20). Haroon Yahya, famous Islamic scholar says that "this property of the seas, that is, that they meet and yet do not intermix, has only very recently been discovered by oceanographers. Because of the physical force called "Surface Tension", the waters of neighboring seas do not mix. This phenomenon is caused by the difference in the density of their waters, surface tension prevents them from mingling with one another, just as if a thin wall was separating them". In an era 1500 years ago where physics or oceanography wasn't as evolved and surface tension wasn't an established scientific phenomenon, who was it that was sharing this information, which was way ahead of its time, with an unlettered man of Arabia?

Allah SWT says in Quran "Allah created every [living] creature from water. Some of them go on their bellies, some of them on two legs, and some on four. Allah creates whatever he wills. Allah has power over all things." (Quran 24:45). In another verse Allah SWT says "Do those who disbelieve not see that the heavens and the earth were sewn together and then we unstitched them and that we made from water every living thing? So will they not believe?" (Quran, 21:30) and then again in Surah 25 verse 54 Allah swt says "And it is he who created human beings from water and then gave them relations by blood and marriage. Your Lord is all powerful". Ladies and gentleman an obvious observation of a human being 1500 years ago in the deserts of Arabia should have been that living creatures are made up of mostly bones and flesh. Haroon Yahya quotes encyclopedia when he writes in his work that "Water is the main component of Organic matter. 50-90% of the weight of living beings consists of water. Furthermore, 80% of the cytoplasm (basic cell material) of a standard animal cell is described as water in modern day biology books." The analysis of cytoplasm and the biological discoveries of water's presence in human bodies happened hundreds of years later. Who was it that told Muhammad (PBUH)?

Allah swt says " It is he who created everything on the earth for you and then directed HIS attention up to heaven and arranged it into seven regular heavens. He has knowledge of all things." (Quran 2:29). In another place "Then he turned to heaven when it was smoke. In two days he determined them as seven heavens and revealed, in every heaven, its own mandate." (Quran 41:11-12). Again I will quote the good sir Haroon yahya who has this to say "The word "heavens" which appears in many verses in Quran, is used to refer to the sky above the earth, as well as the entire universe. Given this meaning of the word, it is seen that the Earth's sky or the atmosphere, is made up of seven layers.

He goes on to say "Today it's known that the world's atmosphere consists of different layers that lie on top of each other. Based on the criteria of chemical contents or air temperature, the definitions made have determined the atmosphere of the earth as seven layers. According to the "Limited Fine Mesh Model (LFMMII)", a model of atmosphere used to estimate weather conditions for 48 hours, the atmosphere is also 7 layers." According to the modern geological definitions the seven layers of atmosphere are as follows:

  1.     Troposphere

  2.     Stratosphere

  3.     Mesosphere

  4.     Thermosphere

  5.     Exosphere

  6.     Ionosphere

  7.     Magnetosphere.


  Quran says "Do you not see how he (Allah) created seven heavens in layers" (Quran 71:15) and then again "He (Allah) who created seven heavens in layers" (Quran 67:3), my question again is an obvious one, who was telling all of this to Muhammad (PBUH) 1500 years ago?

The word land appears in Quran about 13 times and Sea about 32. The aggregate of these two is 45. If you divide 45 by 13 and 32 respectively then the respective answers would be 28.88888888889 and 71.11111111111. Amazingly enough now we know that land makes up 28.8% of the entire earth and sea makes up about 71.11111111%. Is this a coincidence as well or was Muhammad (PBUH) in communication with Allah SWT?

I have chosen to illustrate only 7 or 8 out of hundreds of scientific miracles of Quran. This is not my discovery nor am I under any illusion that these will forever quite the haters. Some of them will hate because that's how they put food on the table, some of them are just too dense to grasp what's obvious, and for a group of people it's the only way they can feel a sense of intellectuality and individuality by pretending to be renegades when in fact they are just being stubborn. A new survey has found that every year 34000 Americans majority of whom are college graduate single white women, are converting to Islam. Question worth asking is why? Why not Hinduism or Judaism, or any other ism for that matter, why Islam? Especially after all the smashing coverage we get at FOX and CBN. And since we are asking questions, who was talking to Muhammad (PBUH)?

Reader Comments:

The miracles

Ancient Chinese, Indians, Egytians, Incas, Iraqis, etc. had so many such miracles form pyramids to trignometry to mummies to the knowledge of sun as the centre of solar systems(Europeans discovered later), but never claimed that thaey came from Allah's own mouth and belonged to one prophet. Some Irani and Iraqi intellectuals told me that Isalm did not add anythign to their great ancient cultures and knowledge and I think that theya re right. The concpet of one God, fasting, compromise social order, etc. existed right from the ancient cultures.

Dayal, Hungary - 26 February, 2007

Who Talked to Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) ?

Allah SWT is creator.Jibreel a/s brought Quran.Both are live and light (not the kind people perceived).Consequently conflict remained. People Ministers want entire knowledge like
Theirs which have been given via 129000 Prophets Angels Mythology gods, Mayan Egyptian Pyramidians Hindus Buddhists Judaism Christian and Islam via planets
Via Insects via people of ad Thamud.Science based Ulemas NASA and current world professors and Intellectuals. They remained Nobel laureate scientific idiots wandering in darkness. Notion that Quran is wrong is wrong.
There are 8 layers of atmosphere from …magnetosphere-Tropical sphere –Ozonosphere-Mesosphere-Thermosphere-Ionosphere-Exosphere

Earth is dipole magnet upto 60,000km towards Sun upto 300,000 km away
From Sun. Troposphere is just about 15 km above ground with little ozonosphere above before stratosphere going 50 Km or more. There are beautiful arc lights in near polar sky
Excited by solar particles rub are in ionosphere 100-255 km above ground and so on
As Tut ankh amen Poundering amid photos of birds and interpretation .In Islam it is
Gabriel a/s angle of communicating with 3 other major angels Israel Michael Israel.
Mythology gods deities Judaism 7 phenomenon Adam sinned and went to first heaven
Generation of flood to 4th generation of dispersion to fifth sodomites 6th and Abraham
7th(Bereishis Rabbah 19:7).

In Miraj Holy Prophet had met again Jesus in first and Moses in 7th.In Quran Fussilat 41:12 Allah ordained 7 heavens with own affairs in each.

Also sure seem true from My Knowledge given above above and more that in lower heaven is surely Adorned with brilliant stars.
What is confusing to Muslims and scientists is that they think Moon is in lower heaven
And starts of many universes or 7 universes cannot be in Lower heaven.

This is the conflict of Kufr.For which the prayer is “please do not give me knowledge of
Self destruction and time wasting or associate me with people of incompetence and self
Current scientists write why sky is blue? Sunlight is made of rainbow colors. Gas scatters
Higher energy sun is coloured reddish yellow and scattered blue waves making earth sky
Blue. How Pathetic? In fact Sky and Earth is Blue and stars are in the lower heaven or even quotation of Muhammad Ibn abd Allah kisa about 7 earths as first one is called Ramaka beneth with bridled 70000 angels and wind god destroyed people of Ad 2nd one is called khalada With implements of torture for inhabitants. There dwell nation whose food is own flesh and blood are all seem true. Best is to pray “please keep me away from such knowledge”.My own R&D Lab based and spiritual based prove above to be true with blue sky for same reason which is different than all the scientists of Universities combined. But I am One of the no name brand scientist on earth.who used to work in
R&D labs and disperse materials and in my family of four we are significant 4 people
71 11 2 x 8.worst still I learned before making rain water and developed principle of
time travel with 1 million Km ride in airline above 33000 ft in the atmosphere. From my
view point DNA gene thing should be external. While night put us to next day of nothing while certification &
Nobel takes enthusiasm.

M.B.Zakaria, United Arab Emirates - 27 February, 2007

conversations with god

Don't forget this happened 1500 years ago, when people believed in devine power & intervention. If Mohammad was born today & said he was talking to God, he will put in asylum or tried for blasphemy. There is some circuitous explanation for scientific facts however there are many scientific inaccuracies in quraan or any other scriptures. I value Archimedes, Galileo, Newton & Einstein more than any prophet or scriptures.
Religion is an unnecessary evil. If someone is born into & brainwashed by it, then they go out of their way to prove it's supremacy or infallability. If there was a god then why don't we hold him accountable for all the miseries?
I wonder in Pakistan can somebody express such a view without consequences?

H. Harris, United Kingdom - 27 February, 2007

Who was talking to Muhammad (PBUH)?

2 kinds of God give life and death. One kind is our creator, Allah SWT.Other kind Human turned God Sheiks and Rajah Maharajah with thousands of wives concubines
Mistresses and prostitutues.Neglect and sectarian killing or suicide bombing give
Death and Bombing of Mass via NUKE.129 000 brought different religion. Some
Worship Allah SWT some Jesus some Vishnu some Ram some female goddesses.
Some have perceived god to be human stretching from ground to entire Universe.
Some bury dead some cremate some pyre some give flesh to vulture. Religion is like soccer match with own supporters. Some like to steal some kill some Even eat human monkey Rat and cat.Monoethiest god or sheik or president or raja maharajas or Taliban with wives and mistresses trade with own version prayer Some pray fard some extra sunah some Qard Hasna.Islamic god is creator of all religion universe. Water composes hydrogen Oxygen. While Periodic table compose many chemicals.

What Quran says is true. Solids are no solid liquid is no liquid unless almighty
Give to perceive see feel and hear. Billions of Human and trillion and zillions of insect
Creation of Globalization either seek daily help from creator of Globalization or G8
Globalization Human Gurus As they perceive.

Quran verse is authentic.Memorized surah is Luh Mahfooz protected.I just had two
Dedicated Jehovah Witness ladies of dawah they presented to me
Bible verse and material for the cure of illness and Almighty god creating a sequence
When even in poverty you do get sick or need foreign help years and years under
Direct protection. This was their third once a week knock at my door for upto 5 minutes.

They asked me if I Believed. I replied I am a Muslim but you are doing great Dawah
Work and I confirm what happened to me.I said I smoke 90 cigarettes every day worth
$25 (Rs 12 50 /-) or Rs 3750/month) and I may have had first sign of cancer and divine
Help arrived .I stopped from same day instantly 30 yrs ago. Also I living in remote without
Access I did not get sick or saw doctors Tens of years.

Imagine Human living 60 -120 yrs with a water-land creature (side by side)! If Allah
SWT Gabreil a/s are live why butter millionaire sheik prez or fellow rich with wives and mistresses?

Z Billo, Pakistan - 27 February, 2007

Umar was the avataar

in many cases, you will find If you look with an open mind) it was Umar teeling the Prophet and later he claimed GOD revealed the same eg; Hijab for women, Abraham's station for worship etc...

vijay, Hungary - 27 February, 2007

H. Harris & Dayal

You guys with have an English impediment or Die-hard bigots, my money is on latter (in case of dayal its prolly both). Address the questions that the authors have raised rather than your hogwash. Who shared that info with an un-lettered man of Arabia 1500 years ago. We are talking about scientific facts that materialized centuries later, how did he (PBUH) found out? If your claim is that there are scientific discrepancies then arrive with factual arguments, just an absurd statement wouldn’t suffice just because you said so.

Bilal Khan, Pakistan - 28 February, 2007

More Contributions

I think that Prophets were not scientists. However they were more like savors of society. Anyone looking improve society as a whole should not be treated with such regard. In the world we live today there are many types of people that say that they want to save the world from evils. Take a look at Pres. Bush, if he just shut up and live like Jesus which he claims is his spiritual guide then why is he killing people in Iraq and Afghanistan. I think we as humans need to take a look at the justice and love that Prophet Mohammad gave to the world.

Afzal, United Kingdom - 01 March, 2007


Heed you own advice.
Address the article than our comments. Here God is explaining science but science can't explain god. If god talked to several prophets & saints few thousants of years ago, why did he all of sudden stop talking? Many people including Pat Robertson, Bush tell us god told them to do so and so, but nobody believes them. If there was a real god, he will directly with believers he won't need middlemen like priests, rabbis or mullahs. Blind faith is a sign of a sick mind & will lead to bigotry & hatered.

H. Harris, United Kingdom - 01 March, 2007

Timing of talking

Why did God choose a particular time(1425 years before) and a particualr prophet to talk to? Did not his children exist for a very long time before that? After that? Would God discriminate among his children based on time or faith or any other ground?

Dayal, Hungary - 01 March, 2007

Water Gods vs Universal Vishnu (if true) and Current Trial Needed

To Harris Dayal Bush Blair Pervez Musharaff and Harper-

Science Explain God Quran Einstein but worldwide attempt to Murder Citizen Demand Trial of leaders in Pakistan and Around the Globe who are willingly murdering own citizen to wrap up Islam.

To have a guided Tour of layers of sky called heaven with own affairs
Matching Islam and others and to come back is called relativity of Einstein.This happened with Door chain still shaking. Darwin and others talked about “by our million yrs estimate” it Is too familiar in Quran.In fact, I learned by Islam if a needle
with 10 division is thrown In collected Ocean the distance of earth and
moon is just 2 division ,needle being dropped Into heaven with eventual space being bottomless pit. Human being composed of water Are not intellectual enough to grasp and almighty Allah intellectual enough for entire Thing being first one to create within thing which existed i.e. bottomless pit space.I also learned speed of light correlation.
Simply beyond watery Human to grasp.

Galiloes Archmides Newton are small potatoes or apple which fell or displaced equal
Amount of water from bath (not the needle in a ocean bucket).Quran is by design a
Collection of science law encyclopaedia within few hundred pages which can be
Memorized ( Gudided secret in luh mahfooz).Huamn sleep human dream human
Jolted by whisperer by heart and scientists like a travellers in a boat being
Jolted by waves by rain snow heat cold day light or inbetween arctic lights.

Quran surah Fatah is being recited billion time every day by a handful of practicing
Muslim.1400 million Muslim do not pray everyday.Some recite Surah fatah more than
Dozen time in evening prayer some 6 times in after noon time or a total minimum 17
Times 17-45 times individually.This defines God and benefit. Dr Allama Iqbal or his
Kind report that “ make yourself such that almighty god of above calibre ” ask you what
Do you want.

Current evidence show that current world leaders including that of Pakistan should instigate to put on trial those who bombed WTC all US embassies subways within
Gulf Muslim states Balkan states Central Asian states India Pakistan and around globe in
Pursuit to acieve something bypassing Islamic Phenomenon for the benefit of world

Current leaders who want Islam replaced for reason got to be put on trial for bombing
Own countries bombing own citizen writing own quran thoughts and biographic Quran
I have evidence of above myself.

benz m Ispahani, India - 01 March, 2007

in ancient times much of knowledge is passed orally and there was nothing called a "educated man " or " non -educated man " ...

these ideas of stellar ecliptical objects and water being main component of human body are very well known to humans well before quran or mohammed revealed...

its was brahmagupta who revealed the heliocentric theory and he lived centuries before mohammud ...

quran was written atleast 30 years after mohammed's death --so who grasped the god's revalations from mohammed and who exactly wrote it as quran ????

the first sign of a
matured relgion is when it separates science from relgion ...christianity and judaism learned this painfully thro renaissacne and holocast respectively ....islam wil also will have its time ...


kumar, Hungary - 02 March, 2007

Islam Growth 1400 m Umma in 1400 yrs without Heliocentric

Heliocentric Theory is no Quran surah theories.Surah came over period of 30 years (few verses at a time) which had been memorized as it came along. Collection of Quran Format came later. Since it came after death of the holy prophet (PBUH) it reflect
The book Chapter sequence setting is no important. It is Islamic principle and method
Which is self sustaining self growth which is surpassing all other. Hijacking method
Is Using banking finance short term small loan or stocks using forced wars or man made holocaust proposal is pure Jealousy Greed and incompetence own religious methodology
Which do not give growth? Why other seems hell bent on to steal using 26000 nukes like armed robbers.

They are aggressive new user of cars aeroplane requiring oil LNG fuel
Usage, for business trip for steel trip car manufacture .Why insult Islam
(Using short cut)? Just be paying Legal customer. Why be in pursuit to Challenge Quran as if by design of Nobel laureate scientists .Why at this stage which saw Islam surpassed others in such a short time.

Islam is no worship of Gods or Theories.Hadith is explanatory. Proposed method of recitation via prayer is by design. Islam need not go through the experience of Hinduism Buddhism Judaism or Christianity. The promotion by Kissinger think tank is “only if we can contain Islam our grip on oil fuel fossil fuel like in Algeria like in Iraq .Bomb Ayatollahs and do not let them run Islam which is growing fast is pure jealousy.

Attack Iran campaign in pursuit to switch Islamic Method Islamic asset Islamic finance is no plain proposed Hiroshima Nagasaki Nuke Bomb dropping .This is Proposal to swindle Oil as well as Islam of 1400 million Umma who became 1400 million in 1400 years. Presumably 12 million Jews of Zionist or 750 million Hindus of 5000 years or more seem puzzled who seem proposing Nuke dropping amid Dwelling on Theories.
Islam is not attacking heliocentric theories or Einstein theories or bomb making or Darwin species. Iran is not in possession of nuke Bomb or even Nuke Power plant which
India possesses. Iran is not competing with Hinduism religion either.there is no Muslim
Army waging war with Nuke helicopters jet fighter or ground army.Why pretend and swindle?Christian methodology in islamic format has been adopted after period of Islamic rule there.

Z_Belal, Canada - 02 March, 2007

Prophet (PBUH) was not illiterate

The common assumption by Muslims that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was Unlettered Arab, is absolutely not correct. He (pbuh), could read and write, and declared himself the city of knowledge.

Quran, itself, indeed is a living miracle of Prophet (PBUH), but he also exhibited number of other miracles, like making stones to witness His (pbuh) prophethood, rotating Sun, and dividing moon into pieces. This is all recorded. I think if Moses (pbuh) could divide the Nile, Jesus (pbuh) could speak at infancy, than for Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), such miracles are secondary.

To me it's no more less than a miracle, that His (pbuh) descendants are still considered leaders in the world, and most of the Scholars with Black Turbans in Iran and Iraq are from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and are opposing plunder and cruelty in the world...

SYED, Pakistan - 02 March, 2007

Muhammad pbuh was illeterate prophet

Aslamo alaikum Ahmer and all readers. Brother Ahmer, your article is fantastic and i hope you will be posting simmilar ones regularly as they are very beneficial to mankind, may Allah swt reward you. As to mr syed who says that Prophet Muhammad saws was not illiterate i would like to remind the brother that by believeing that you would be denying the words of Allah swt as Allah Himself says that He swt revealed His signs to a nabbi who is ummi which means one who can read nor write thats the greatest miracle of of quran by Allah swt.If Muhammad saws did learn to read and write befor the holy Quran was revealed to him the who was his saws's teacher or which school did he learn from??. its obvious he saws wasnt illeterate anymore after recieving the revelation though.Hope my comment dsnt offend anyone and may Allah swt forgive us all for our mistakes. jzk

DaggerOfTruth, United Arab Emirates - 05 March, 2007


i think you're well ingnorrant of islamic history, if you study islamic history you will find that arogant, ignnorant morons like you and and athiests and idol worshipers exited back then too and they did persicuted Prophet Muhammad and his followers and killed many as well, so your stupid opinion isnt anything new.

DaggerOfTruth, United Arab Emirates - 05 March, 2007

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