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Who are the Terrorists?

28 July, 2006

By Adnan Gill

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These days the word “terrorist” is thrown around more often than any other noun we can think of. Pick a newspaper or tune into a news channel; all one sees or hears is somebody attacking another under the pretext of ‘self-defense’ or ‘war-on-terrorism’. As a rule of thumb, almost always, the stronger calls the weaker a terrorist. It seems, all one has to do is label his/her rival a terrorist, and a license to wage indiscriminate violence is bestowed upon him/her. Naturally, one has to wonder who the terrorists are in reality, and who are the victims in today’s asymmetric war-on-terrorism? Are the terrorists whoever the media designates, or the American and Israeli governments labels as such, or anyone who dares to question the apartheid practices of governments like Israel, India, Russia, and etc.?

Though there is no single broadly accepted definition of terrorism that can clearly define who the terrorists are, but in order to answer the question, it maybe prudent to go over whatever definitions of terrorism we can find, even if they are not universally accepted.

Proposed Definitions of Terrorism

The Webster’s dictionary defines ‘terrorism’ as: “the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.” It also defines the ‘terrorists’ as: “violent or destructive acts (as bombing) committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands.”

On several occasions the United Nations (UN) has futilely tried to come up with a singular definition of terrorism, but it always failed, because one or the other powerful nation(s) objected and sabotaged the general consensus.

Proposed Definitions of Terrorism at the UN

1. League of Nations Convention (1937):

"All criminal acts directed against a State and intended or calculated to create a state of terror in the minds of particular persons or a group of persons or the general public".

2. UN Resolution language (1999):

“Criminal acts intended or calculated to provoke a state of terror in the general public, a group of persons or particular persons for political purposes are in any circumstance unjustifiable, whatever the considerations of a political, philosophical, ideological, racial, ethnic, religious or other nature that may be invoked to justify them".

In the absence of a universal standard that defines terrorism and hence a terrorist, a brief glance over a few incidents that could be perceived (in the context of loose definitions, above) as acts of terrorism may help us to understand who the terrorists are?

Some of most memorable acts of terrorism in the modern history:

Throughout the 1930s and 1940s, the Zionist groups like Hagana Bet/ Irgun and Lehi/Stern Gang hounded the British rulers and Arab civilians through violent means. Were Irgun and Stern Gang terrorist groups? You decide.

German Nazis exterminated over six million Jews, gypsies, and disabled. Were Nazis terrorists? You decide.

In 1949, close to 1 million Arabs were forced out of the newly-created Jewish State. Does that make Israel a terrorist state? You decide.

In1953, Ariel Sharon was given command of Unit 101 whose missions were to spread terror in an effort to scare Palestinians to flee from their homes. In August 1953, the UN commander Major-General Vagn Bennike reported, "bombs were thrown" by Sharon's men "through the windows of huts in which the refugees were sleeping and, as they fled, they were attacked by small arms and automatic weapons." Fifty Arab refugees were killed. On October 14, 1953, Sharon led an attack on a Jordanian village of Qibya massacring 69 civilians. Then in 1982, after invading Lebanon, Sharon allowed the Lebanese Christian Phalangist militia into two Beirut-area refugee camps, Sabra and Shatila, where they slaughtered over 800 Palestinians, including women and children. Is Sharon a terrorist? You decide.

According to the Israeli historian Avi Shlaim, "Sharon's order was to penetrate Qibya, blow up houses and inflict heavy casualties on its inhabitants. His success in carrying out the order surpassed all expectations…The village had been reduced to rubble: forty-five houses had been blown up, and sixty-nine civilians, two thirds of them women and children, had been killed." Does that make Israeli leadership a terrorist organization? You decide.

In 1972, during the Munich Olympic Games, Palestinian fighters held Israeli athletes hostage and subsequently killed about a dozen of them. Does that make PLO fighters, terrorists? You decide.

In 1984, after the assassination of Indira Gandhi, raging Hindu mobs embarked on anti-Sikh riots in which more than 3,000 Sikhs were massacred in New Delhi. Another 8,000 Sikhs were bloodily slaughtered in rest of India. Did Hindu mobs commit terrorism? You decide.

During the 1st Palestinian Intifadah (1988-1991), 1,162 Palestinians, including 241 children out of which 159 children were below the age of 16 were killed by the Jewish extremists and the Israel military for tossing stones. Does that make Jewish extremists and IDF, terrorist organizations? You decide.

During the same time (1988-1991), 160 Israelis were killed by the Palestinians. Does that make Palestinians militants, terrorists? You decide.

Since the 1989 Kashmiri insurgency, an estimated 80,000 innocent Kashmiris, including women and children had been indiscriminately butchered by the Indian military and paramilitary forces. Thousands of Kashmiri women had been raped by the Indian troops. Another hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris lost their homes, business, and crops to the naked aggression of Indian troops. Does that make Indian troops, terrorists? You decide.

In a 1995 nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subway by the members of a Japanese cult which killed 12 people and left 5,000 people injured. Does that make the Japanese cult a terrorist organization? You decide.

During the 2nd Palestinian Intifadah (2000-2005), 3,323 Palestinians were killed by the Israel extremists and military for tossing stones. Does that make Jewish extremist groups (including the Jewish settlers) and IDF terrorist organizations? You decide.

During the similar time (2000-2006), 989 Israelis were killed by the Palestinian rockets and suicide attacks. Does that make Palestinian militants, terrorist organization? You decide.

On September 11, 2001 (9/11), 19 men affiliated with al-Qaeda hijacked four American passenger jet airliners to crash them into American landmarks. Approximately 3,000 innocent people from all walks life died in these attacks. Were the 19 men, affiliated with al-Qaeda, terrorists? You decide.

During the 2002 Gujarat pogrom, over 2,000 unarmed Muslim men, women and children were systematically butchered by Hindu extremists. Major Indian newspapers accused the Gujarat state government, led by BJP Chief Minister Narendra Modi of supporting, and in some cases instigating, the riots. Are Hindu extremists, Modi and BJP, terrorists? You decide.

Since Aslan Maskhadov (a Chechen separatists leader) won internationally monitored election in 1997, Russian troops have killed hundreds of thousands innocent Chechens, and reduced virtually every Chechen city, town and village to ruble. Does that make Russians, terrorists? You decide.

On May 1, 2002, on a Hardball with Chris Matthews (CNBC) show, the then US House Majority Leader Dick Armey (a Republican) called for ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. He said, “I'm content to have Israel grab the entire West Bank… There are many Arab nations that have many hundreds of thousands of acres of land and soil and property and opportunity to create a Palestinian state… I happened to believe that the Palestinians should leave... I am perfectly content to have Israel hold and occupy the land that it has at this moment.” Does the calls of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their ancestral homelands by the fascist Congressional leaders tantamount to terrorism? You decide.

Since the 2003 American invasion of Iraq, an estimated 50,000 Iraqis have been killed by the US led military coalition. Does that make the military coalition, terrorists? You decide.

In a series of coordinated bombings of the commuter trains in Madrid, in March 2004, 192 unsuspected people were killed. A number of Moroccans and Indians were arrested for the attacks. Were the arrested Moroccans and Indians, terrorists? You decide.

In September 2004, Beslan's Middle School Number One was seized by the Chechen separatists. In the ensuing fighting nearly 400 innocent people were killed. Half of them were children. Were the Chechen separatists, terrorists? You decide.

In September 2004, 35 Iraqi children were killed by the Iraqi insurgents as American troops were handing out candies to the children in the West Baghdad. Does that make Iraqi insurgents, terrorists? You decide.

In an instance of four coordinated suicide bombings, in July 2005, 56 civilians were killed in London by young British Muslims, who wanted to avenge worldwide mistreatment of Muslims. Were the four suicide bombers, terrorists? You decide.

In October 2005, the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for Israel to be "wiped off the map." Does President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s call to destroy Israel tantamount to terrorism? You decide.

Some recent acts of terrorism:

Since Hamas won the January 2006 Palestinian legislative election and subsequently declared a unilateral ceasefire, Israel crossed into Gaza with impunity to abduct and kidnap dozens of Palestinian ministers and legislators, and to kill many others through the targeted assassinations. Does kidnapping and meticulously assassinating Palestinian ministers and legislators make Israeli government, a terrorist government? You decide.

On June 9, 2006, Israeli Navy shelled a crowded Gaza beach killing 7 civilians, including 3 children from the same family, and wounded another 20. Does that make Israeli Navy a terrorist organization? You decide.

On June 25, 2006, Palestinian fighters killed two Israeli soldiers and kidnapped one. They demanded from Israel the freedom of hundreds of Palestinian women and minors in its jails in exchange for the information about an Israeli soldier. Does the demand to release woman and children, and kidnapping of an Israeli soldier makes the Palestinian fighters, terrorists? You decide.

In a display of grotesque rage, since June 25, Israeli tanks, cannons, soldiers, gunships, warships and the warplanes have killed dozens of Palestinian civilians, including women and children, and flagrantly embarked on a campaign of collective-punishment. Israel has destroyed Palestinian homes, schools, markets, roads, bridges, government offices, sewage plant, water plants and electric power plants. Does Israeli campaign of systemic murder of Palestinian civilians and collective-punishment make it a terrorist state? You decide.

Despite protests of its neighbors, on July 4th, North Korea test-fired seven missiles. One of the tested missiles was a long range ballistic missile (Taepodong-2) which failed and landed in the Sea of Japan. Among many, the Americans called the missile launch provocative, and a terrorist act. Was the missile firing a terrorist act? You decide.

Despite protests of its neighbors, on July 9th, India test-fired a long range ballistic missile (Agni III) which failed and fell into the sea off the coast of Orissa. US State Department called the missile launch ‘disappointing’. Was the missile firing a terrorist act? You decide.

On July 11, 2006, eight bombs detonated in commuter trains and stations in Bombay killing at least 183 people. Were those who murdered 183 people, terrorists? You decide.

On July 12, 2006, Hezbollah captured 2 Israeli soldiers and killed 8 to gain the release of approximately 70,000 Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners, including women and children rotting in Israeli jails. Does Hezbollah’s killing of eight Israeli soldiers and capture of 2 Israeli soldiers to secure release of thousands of Arab civilians constitute as an act of terrorism? You decide.

In a raging mad response to the July 12 Hezbollah cross-border raid, Israel unleashed its lethal and armed to teeth military on all of Lebanon killing at least 200 Lebanese civilians in the first six days. Israel imposed an air and sea blockade. Israel collectively-punished Lebanese nation by destroying their hospitals, homes, schools, markets, roads, bridges, government offices, water plants, sewage plants, airports and electric power plants. Does Israeli campaign of terror, systemic murder of Lebanese nation and collective-punishment qualify it to be a terrorist state? You decide.

There are no easy answers. Some people may find the answers to the questions asked above to be plainly trivial, while others may disagree with the context of questions altogether, but no one can dispute the fact, that at some point in time, most of us had been victims of terror and at other time we became the terror. Captious critics often comment that one state's "terrorist" is another state's "freedom fighter". Others call the terrorism, poor-man’s war.

Whether they wear a disguise, a religious symbol, or a nation’s uniform, anyone who terrorizes a society by intimidating, injuring, and/or murdering innocent humans should be considered terrorists.

On July 13, while looking forward to feast on a barbecued pig in Germany, President Bush set the standards for self-defense, he declared, "Every nation must defend herself against terrorist attacks and the killing of innocent life." One wonders, if President Bush considers Palestinians and Lebanese to be nationals of Palestine and Lebanon respectively, or at a minimum, to be equally human as Israelis? Most probably not, otherwise he would have muzzled the Israeli terror machine and recognized Arabs’ right to defend themselves from the Israeli campaign of terror. Expecting the US to arm Palestinians and Lebanese with the same most-modern weaponry for self-defense as it freely arms Israel with, would be expecting Neo-Cons in his government to be fair. However, at least, President Bush could have also given the Palestinians and the Lebanese a few million dollars from the billions he dishes out to Israelis every year, so they could also, like the Israelis, build bomb shelters to save their citizens from the systematic, deliberate and malicious Israeli bombing raids.

When it comes to terrorism and counter-terrorism, there are no winners; there are no heroes, only flawed human beings pursuing their own selfish goals.



Reader Comments:


Gandhi used to say become the change you desire. If want to promote actions based on justice start from yourself.

Tell me Adnan, what was the fault of the innocent train rider in Godhra that were burnt alive. You forgot to mention in your "you decide" piece that this was the singular act that resulted in Gujarat “pogroms”. No Muslims were being customarily slaughtered in Gujarat prior to that. Tell me again, what was the fault of the 3000 plus Americans who died in NY. It was this singular act again, that resulted in the US invasion of Afghanistan and the destruction of Taliban. I am by no means justifying the killings of innocent Muslims in Gujarat or the civilian population in Afghanistan. But if we are going to have an enlightened conversation we have to get our chronology right.

What I am saying is that we all have been victims of injustice but that does not justify us to inflict pain on other unrelated innocent civilians. If some Kashmiries desire a different political status quo instead of the one at hand, they should pursue that through political and peaceful means. Bombing of civilians in Mumbai and Delhi, massacre of innocent civilians in Kashmir, attacking the Indian Parliament etc. is the not the proper means of achieving your goals. May be you and other confused youths from Pakistan don't, but the rest of the world recognizes such acts as terrorism. And when nations react to such barbaric acts of cowardice, the heavy hammer has to fall. And this hammer is a blunt instrument, it can't discriminate and ends up causing untold civilian pain. Reactions of states to such terrorist acts is NOT terrorism. This is because any sane person would recognize that sticking a dagger in your adversary's neck, however guilty he may have been, is murder; but a driverless bus rolling the hill hitting and killing a little innocent baby, is still an unfortunate accident. You can't go an kill all the passengers in this bus to avenge the baby's death.

Tell me Adnan, not one Muslim was attacked after the recent bombings in Mumbai. What can the state do but not round up hundreds of likely innocent civilians for questioning. The state has to protect its civilians, I can't simply sit back and watch one of the confused youths from some Muslim ghetto kill and maim hundreds of innocent lives.

Your moral ambiguity is simply confused. Violence against innocent civilians will never achieve any political goals. It will simply shove the Ummah further down its dark endless abyss. The only leaders that achieved freedom and equality for their nations in the 20th century were Gandhi, Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. All other such as Arafat, Ocalan, Basayev and others have failed. No justice can be achieved through the path of injustice. Until, the Islamic leaders recognize this, Islam is doomed.

You can write what you want, you can confuse others and wave your little piece on PakTribune as an evidence of your intellectual prowess. But you are doing disservice to your people and may be a couple more kids in Pakistan will take up guns thanks to what you wrote, they will get killed by some security force, may be they even kill a few innocent civilians and the cycle will go on. But to what end, Muslim nations are already the most backward in the world. Pakistan and Bangladesh are already falling fast behind India and if you continue down this path of hatred and violence Shias will continue killing Sunnies, Sunnies the Shias, both of then killing some Christian school kids and next stop …Baghdad!!

Victor, Hungary - 28 July, 2006

we decide you are terrorist

Adnan, dont try white wash terrorism. I dont know from where you got figure of 80000 Kashmiris who killed. You may be unaware of a million Kashmiri Hindus who has been kicked out of the state by Pakistani based terrorists. You may be unaware that the president of India is a Muslim and Prime Minister a Sikh. You have no right to bark against India. We will fight terrorism. We are united and we will continue beating these bugs.

sandeep, Hungary - 29 July, 2006

You forgot

You forgot where most of the terrorists are based. Pakistan. From Afghanistan to Pakistan, from Pakistan into India. Pakistan also supports terrorism. It may not be politically but it's defenately built into the society.

Jagjit, United Arab Emirates - 29 July, 2006

On Terrorism

Almost always, Greed is the cause of all violence and almost always,the powerful opresses the weak; then the weak answers and then the powerful call `evil terrorist` to the weak.End of the story.

Sat Sunder Singh, Mexico - 29 July, 2006

Ckeck your facts !

One question man: you said "President Bush set the standards for self-defense, he declared, "Every nation must defend herself against terrorist attacks and the killing of innocent life." One wonders, if President Bush considers Palestinians and Lebanese to be nationals of Palestine and Lebanon respectively, or at a minimum, to be equally human as Israelis? "...... Fully Agreed but my question to you is : Hizbullah doesn't belongs to Lebanon. Then how they are fighting with Israel from the land of Lebanese ? Who allowed them to do so ?

Yours truly, Hungary - 29 July, 2006

Every Human has right for Freedom

I beleive every human belongs
to Almighty ,Loving & Peaceful Single God & Every Human being has single race as Human as told by GuruGobind Singh & Every Human being has rights for Freedom.

Parminder Singh, Hungary - 29 July, 2006

Any Criminal Is A Terrorist To The Individual

When I consider what a terorist is as an individual it is someone who purposely gives me a headache to take me out of my normal activity path. Someone breaking into my home when I'm here with the express hope of killing me for sport or joy.
These are the terrorist,as their creado is rid the earth of the infidels (stupid people) and that leaves more stuff for me to enjoy. What makes Hezbollah and Al Queada different is that I have nothing they want except I am a key to their eternity. Weird as that seems,it makes sense if you are brainwashed to think that. Like a Christian believing in Christ as savior. Anyone can believe Jesus the Rabbi as a teacher.
But rising from the dead and ascending for them?
It's a whole lot more painless!!!

Charles C. Glasgow III, United Kingdom - 29 July, 2006

Terrorists - P O S Combo Enlisting

List few Axis of evil Individuals …
They are waging war to abolish God and POG They are Irgun
RSS Bush Rice allied army destroying Trees Crops Produce
field coffee Tea buildings.They are in tel Comptr Cable TV
cell business Road Insurance Life coffee Tea OIL business .

Kill Iran Syria and OIC Infrastructure are kill
Muslims campaign.They come from Tainted bloodied
Leaders and people around them? They are Decision making
Terrorists ? They are cancer sickos Problematic monopolist
Mental patients in drivers' seat running around as world leader
Bombers…They are those who are pimp Individual leaders
Of G8 +Arabia Australia New Zealand Holland Germany etc.
They have legalized Prostitutes to generate Rich Economy Govt
Revenue.Prostitute generation comes after residue left over citizen and
Via fleeing women and children. They are generated at
Random bombing destruction. Place with existing prostitution
Like India Thailand Bangladesh EU G8 ASEAN prostitution
Gay Lesbian Priest include MPs PMs.Minister.Muslim
Like Irgun are like Jews who have tainted constitution
Tainted UN Resolution in OIC ownership leadership claim bid of
Muslim asset. They are in POG sale business water Blood product
Sale business. They are also in export business of women
Children heart lung transplant DNA operation theatre hospital
Medicare sale or Peace (death) keeping force business.They
Mix good money with bad. They mix Good with evil.
Make a list of Top 100 Billionaire or world leader Sickos..
Sickos use term “axis of evil” citizen of Iran Syria Oil resource
OIC got to go i.e. they promote Govt (OIC) Got to be bombarded.

Irgun Zionist No money down 20-130 Storey high-rise Tower
owners (worth Billions) cable companies Coffee oil /LNG Car steel
mfrs recent millionaires…I billion theft creates 1000 millionaires.
Street heckler Irgun Jews Zionist turned owners of Pyramid wharf
150 billion free loan or Hirise Place and all pyramid Towers (Globally)
Les vegas casinos .Many are also in Pimps /baby prostitution or sex
Job immigration legislation trade who take pride to have created
Govt revenue via Prostitution Tax amid bombing flattening lands.
The fleeing Family are then forced to send girls for prostitution .Pick
Up TOP few and world problem will cease to exist.Make a List
Like American Bar Association like POG.

benz m Isphahani, India - 29 July, 2006

What a performance - Victor

Tell me Victor, are you for real? How amusing? You time after time attack Pakistanis, Muslims and Islam for every act of terrorism in the history of humanity; as if that's the only group that harms innocent, while you shamelessly justify every example of extreme violence perpetuated by non-Muslims, especially by the Hindu fundamentalist.

If we didn't know any better you would have us believe Muslims are some subhumans who always initiate violence and the armed to teeth non-Muslims (especially the Hindus) merely defend themselves. So what if they obliterate 100 times more Muslims in acts of blind and savage vengeance.

Tell me Victor, was Indira Gandhi a Muslim or Hindu, upon whose orders the Golden Temple was reduced to dust and 20,000 hapless Sikhs of all sex and ages were mowed down by the overwhelming Hindu army?

Tell me Victor, was Indira Gandhi killed by Muslims? Or were it Muslim or Hindu mobs that killed 10,000 Sikhs to avenge Indira's death?

Tell me Victor, was it Muslim or Hindu government that raised and still supports the terrorists - Tamil Tigers - in Sri Lanka? The Sri Lankan terrorists are solely responsible for the bloody civil war and deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Sri Lankans. Are Tamil Tigers a Muslim or Hindu terrorists?

Tell me Victor, was the historical icon Babri mosque dismantled brick by brick by the crazy Muslim or Hindu terrorists? Was it Muslim or Hindu terrorists who savagely attacked and killed every Muslim who dared to question the madness?

Tell me Victor, why did the police, provincial and federal governments nonchalantly stood by as Hindu fundamentalists destroyed a historic icon and murdered Muslims?

Tell me Victor, what is the fault of population of Assam who regularly gets raped and murdered by the Hindu Indian army?

Tell me Victor, who lynches Dalits in India for slaughtering cows? Muslims or Hindu extremists?

Tell me Victor, who burns alive Christian missionaries for converting Hindu lower-casts to Christianity? Muslims or Hindu terrorists?

Tell me Victor, why does the overwhelming Hindu military rapes and kills Kashmiri Muslims?

Tell me Victor, why does the overwhelming Hindu military cover up the human rights violations of its own by even switching DNA samples whenever caught red-handed?

Tell me Victor, why did the latest Indian government investigations ruled out any external source of fire -that burnt some 50 plus Hindus who were retuning from the festivities to mark the destruction of Babri mosque by the fellow Hindu gangs - despite what apologists like you say to justify the Gujarat pogrom during which 6,000 Muslims were raped and murdered by the RSS dogs and another hundreds of thousands of Muslims were left homeless and business-less?

Tell me Victor, why did the Modi's Hindu fundamentalist government officials provide the Hindu bloodthirsty mobs the addresses of Muslim's homes and businesses to rape and kill Muslims?

Tell me Victor, where was the Hindu fundamentalist government in New Delhi for 6 days during which the Hindu terrorists were raping and killing 6,000 Muslims in Gujarat?

Tell me Victor, why was the Gujarati Hindu police, instead of protecting the Muslim population from genocide was actually leading the genocide?

Tell me Victor, why not a single Hindu terrorist was arrested or convicted during the initial years for the Gujarat genocide?

Tell me Victor, who assassinated Gandhi? Was it a Muslim or a Hindu fundamentalist/terrorist?

My friend, you can shed crocodile tears all you want; you can cry bloody-merry all you want; you point fingers all around you want; you can attack all the messengers you want; but that will not wipe the blood off your hands. Please do some soul-searching before launching yet another typical nay malicious propaganda.

David Regev, Iraq - 30 July, 2006

Let us define terrorist

In the eyes of the west and Israel, those Muslims who are struggling to liberate their land are terrorist. If we analyze the situation these poor people are struggling to feed their children and looking for work and shelter in their own land (Palestine, Kashmir, Sheba Farm and Golan heights) which is occupied for the last 40-50 years by foreign powers. Finally they realized that they should struggle to liberate their own land. When the things got worse, west, Israel and India started calling them terrorist, where- as they are freedom fighter, sacrificing their lives to live freely. So it depends who you ask the definition of terrorist. I think the world should look into this problem seriously before it gets worse.

Mian Riaz, United Kingdom - 30 July, 2006

Mr. Adnan and Mr David (if that is your real name).
First, what happens in Kashmir and what is seen or heard in PTv is 180 degress apart. Can you prove that the Indian Military is rapping hundreds of woman in Kashmir and killing innocent civilians. You rely more on what the fundamentalists spread across Pakistan, to amass support for their supidity called JIHAD.
Tell me one thing, wasn't Kashmir considered heaven on earth before 1987, wasn't the same security forces gaurding the LOC and the same administration incharge ? Now think who started it all and who is trying to end.
I do not want to blame you, but I like to point to you that your society and culture has no values leftout for tolerance and the only thing that you strive for is "Revenge".
Second, I regret what happened in Gujrat in the aftermath of Godhra. That was we becoming like you.
Finally, gentlemen look at your economy, look at your society, and know in which way you are making progress. look at your self, look at what your children are being taught in Madarsas, is it Islam that is taught there ?

I would like to end my comment by bringing to your kind notice that "In any present day war/fighting/acts of terrorism, one side is always common and that you can say who without much thought"

I appologise if I have hurt you in any way.


Senthil, Hungary - 01 August, 2006


Dear Mr. Regev,

I pledge to not insult you or belittle your arguments in my response. That said, please read my original text I did not justify any killing. My attempt was two fold; first define terrorism and second having defined terrorism try to describe how should one act.

My definition of terrorism is; any action taken in response to real or perceived injustice that seeks to harm unrelated third parties. For example, the killing of innocents in Mumbai or Baghdad or Israel or Lebanon is terrorism. The people killed in Mumbai did not actively or even passively harm anyone in Kashmir. Hurting them to make a political statement is terrorism.

With this definition and the fact that injustice is the fact of history, how is any person to act. My contention was that terrorist acts only propagate further injustice. Killing of the innocent lives in Mumbai to avenge any perceived injustice in Kashmir is unjust in itself. The people in Mumbai had nothing to with the events in Kashmir. If you simply want to lash-out at humanity to avenge any injustice done to you then why not kill people in Japan for Kashmir or kill some Eskimos to avenge the death of innocent Africans during the slave trade. That would be admittedly unreasonable. Similarly, killing of innocent people praying in their temples to avenge some perceived injustice by Indian government in Kashmir is also illogical. Such a cycle is endless, just look at the history of Afghanistan since the days of Kamboja.

The only thing one can do is, stop the cycle. Gandhi, Mandela and M L King Jr. took the first steps down this path. All I tried to say was that Adnan's moral ambiguity does not lead to anywhere but today's Baghdad and endless violence of all against all. I tried to suggest a better path. You can try to understand the logic in my argument, else its your earth; its your prerogative to bloody it as well.


victor, Hungary - 01 August, 2006

Terrorism and Responses

Indians never indulged in terrorist activities , as being indulged by Osamas of this world. All the examples listed in long waffling article doesnt absolve Osama of Islamic terror it has unleashed. Hamas, Hezbollah, SIMI are faces of Islamic terror. They are cowards, as they are attacking common innocent people. They refuse to participate in democratic process. They have yet to learn to be tolrenat, secular and open minded. Their close minded narrow interpretation of religious scriptures can only lead to self destruction.Root cause of terrorsim is intolerance of the Islamic fanatics. Once Islamic fanatics are wiped will be better place to live.

Sanjay, Mumbai, Hungary - 02 August, 2006


...perception is reality. Despite of all your finger pointing at others Mr.Gill the world perception of terrorism is what matters and not yours. When a child is accused of mischief he/she will always point finger at others and say "I am not doing anything wrong..look at what they are doing..".

night_rider, United Kingdom - 02 August, 2006

sadly in the eyes of muslims the world is divided into only two!They are blind to the non muslimworld and want to impose their islam on all..that is the ROOTPROBLEM.the fight is always islam!

Wipe that smirking thought off your mantality amy be u can rest in peace with otehrs !

Israel is nOt the problem!

mohamd, Pakistan - 02 August, 2006



Aniruddha, Hungary - 03 August, 2006

Terrorising successes While Blaming OIC Victim

Who are really trerrorists who have acquired Saudi Arabia Oil oic Banks and Islam
infrastructure?Islam is supposed to be rich in oil resource with 55 or more OIC countries
being reduced to rubble with 9/11 in the US, 7/7 in the UK, 11/3 in Madrid, the countless
terrorist attacks in countries Indonesia, Algeria, Afghanistan Gaza Bank Kashmir
Lebanon Palestine India Chechnya Bosnia Kosovo Mindanao E Timor, Somalia,
Darfour Ethiopia Sudan amid hunger famine death destruction. While Indian security
agencies managed to bust 31 ISI backed espionage modules in the past year, as many
as 52 terrorist training camps are still functioning in Pakistan and Pakistan occupied
Kashmir with similar numbers in all OIC Countries being reduced into rubble
without infrastructure of civilization. Over Night none Muslim states Seem to have
moved in Saudi Arabia OPEC pipelines leaders being defended as good guys by
the new Rich with modern infrastructure propaganda. Who is bombing Lebanon
or destroying all Muslim states As people of 6th century backwards living in dire
poverty rubble looking southern Lebanon and Iraq look With Shia flavour terrorist's .
Who owns Muslim Arabia land and OPEC oilfields amid death destruction of
UMMA with dire poverty and rubbled Bldgs Image without infrastructure with
Muslim vs Muslim claim. Whoever have grown rich Working with divide and
rule making money out of OIC states( being None muslim) are Terrorists with
Muslim Partners.

Z Billo, Pakistan - 03 August, 2006

is that really true

at most of the point ppl try to complaint about others nations when there own nation is in brink of civil war . you said article the india ,israel and usa . all of them are evil . well see for youe self whats hapn in shia and sunni fighting daily u kill each others . and i respect islam but those maulana who trys to make use out of you fool cant help you guys till you make your self more usefull and peace full . they brain wash you on name or religion and use as there weapon . such a shame just think a while the diffrence betwwen a peace full musilim society and a radical extremist . you try to make issue out of kashimir ? you cant even take care of your people and you want to have more land its just same old esxuse from your goverment to divert your mind from internal affairs .

well no body is perfect though still try to be good to others

for me i belive on god but not on religion cause lot of people are killed due to that

saket, Canada - 03 August, 2006

Who is terrorists?

It is truth that all muslims cannot be described as Terrorist. Muslim of a stutus of President of India cannot be found in any other part of the world. We are pround of on him. Generaly indian muslims are also against any kind of terrorism. But some unemployed youths captured by Pakis and being weapon of terrorism in India. You are raising question of Hindu-Sikhs repeatedly. May I ask you a question how and when you feel sympathy with sikhs. Sikhs were and are part of Indian culture (read Hindu). They cannot be separated from us. Your propaganda will not get any success. innocent Sikhs were killed by some derailed hindus however the fact is that some sikhs were being used by Pakistani agents against Indian system they were killing their own hindu brothers. We do not want you become a justice between us. No hindu is cruel. We believe in Jiyo or Jeene do? We have no definition of Quafir (Kafirs). It will be better to read history from a neutral source before writing an artical.

vijay, Hungary - 05 August, 2006

On Terror-ISM

If the weaker faction turns to attacking innocents without impunity and begins indoctrinating their children with twisted ideologies of hate, they have left behind whatever moral superiority they may have had. If the weaker faction uses religion to reduce the value of the lives of other humans who do not practice the same religion they devalue their own self worth to such a point that their arguments become baseless.

Let us not also assume that just because one nation or “coalition” is stronger militarily that is necessarily wrong or incapable of being virtuous. Nearly every nation has blood on its hands. What astounds me is how any group of people who rejoice in the death of others and their own, and demonstrate it by dragging flaming corps through the street and chanting to their deity, can claim any kind of moral equivalence with the actions taken by a uniformed, internationally supported military force.

I think violence-begets-violence whether it's
A.) Strapping explosives and nails to your body and blowing yourself up on a bus full of grandmothers, children, young women, and tired business men


B.) Dropping 1200 lbs of precision guided missiles from a super sonic, radar invisible jet that happens to be 11 miles away.

Anje, United Kingdom - 12 August, 2006

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