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What would Muhammad (may peace and blessings of Allah swt be on him) do?

02 March, 2006

By Ahmer Muzammil

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Would he (may peace and blessings of Allah swt be on him) burn the buildings down? Would he(may peace and blessings of Allah swt be on him) kill his fellow Muslims out of rage? Would he(may peace and blessings of Allah swt be on him) ruin and destroy the infrastructure out of frustration? A logical answer to all these questions could be that "we don`t know what he(may peace and blessings of Allah swt be on him) would have done, since Muhammad (may peace and blessings of Allah swt be on him) is not present amongst us right now, so lets play it by the ear and innovate as we move forward". Really?Are we that gullible and nave? We don`t have any history of his(may peace and blessings of Allah swt be on him) life with us to guide us through? Have we misplaced Quran somewhere, so we can`t seek guidance even from that source?

If the answer is "NO" and it is, then why do we insist on stupidity rather than following the example of our exalted prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah swt be on him). Do we not know how he dealt with his fierce enemies? Have we forgotten the incident in which an old jewish woman would throw trash on the prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah swt be on him) every day. One day when she didn`t, he went to her house to inquire about her health, needless to say that she was awe-struck and converted to Islam. We read in the seerah books (books on the life of the prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah swt be on him)) that the mobs in Taif(city near madina) stoned him  (may peace and blessings of Allah swt be on him), dragged him in the streets, his shoes were filled with his own blood, in that moment the angel Gabriel appears and asks his permission to crush these people between mountains, what was the response of my beloved prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah swt be on him)? He said "I forgive them for the sake of Allah, for they are nave and they know not and I pray that if not them maybe their future generations will come within the folds of Islam". Ladies and gentleman this was a man who was the epitome of  forgiveness and we  defend his honor by burning and looting and clashing with policemen that are probably just as offended and distraught by the cartoons as the protestors themselves. Its however not as crazy as it sounds though, my feeling is that the violence in these processions had more to do with people not being happy with their governments for one reason or another rather than these cartoons, these cartoons probably were the last straw that broke the camel`s back. If the 67 Muslim governments would have protested forcefully on diplomatic level by kicking the Danish ambassador out of their respective countries, the processions would have been much more peaceful. However it was very distasteful and immensely disrespectful at the least to use this platform for an ulterior purpose.
Having said that let me also claim that by and large the protests all over the world against the caricatures have been peaceful. This shouldn`t come as a surprise to anyone that Muslims have taken this so seriously. If some of you are baffled, let me resolve this for you once and for all. The prestige of our prophet is something that we take very seriously. You can steal our oil & gas, kill our brethren, divide & rule us, enforce rulers on us that only serve themselves or their western masters, we will whine and moan but mostly we`ll play along. But if you even hint to disrespect our beloved prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah swt be on him), we will stand united to defend his honor. This is off limits, we don`t take this lightly, whether I am a practicing Muslim or not, this is one issue where practicing and non-practicing Muslims both speak with one voice, so much is the love and respect for the prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah swt be on him). But you really can`t blame these Danes too much either. I mean for the cartoonist who drew these cartoons or the newspaper who published it, for them their own prophet is fair game when it comes to making fun. I was amazed to find out that about a decade ago a movie came out, the title was "the last temptation of the Christ". In this movie Jesus(may peace and blessings of Allah swt be on him) was shown making love to a woman. Mind you that this movie was not made by Abdur Rehman, or Abdallah or Mohammad, it was probably made by a jeff, jack, john or Rubenstein. Nevertheless we as Muslims would be disgusted and I am surprised that we as Muslim community didn`t protest (maybe we did, I don`t remember however) because for us whether its Jesus (may peace and blessings of Allah swt be on him) , Moses (may peace and blessings of Allah swt be on him), Adam (may peace and blessings of Allah swt be on him), or Noah (may peace and blessings of Allah swt be on him), they are all equally respectable to us as messengers of God and therefore should be respected as such. As far as freedom of expression is concerned, a wise man once said that your freedom of expression stops where my nose starts. But my point is that we are talking about low-life`s who probably wouldn`t even hesitate drawing a cartoon of their own mother, provided that the money was right. Forget about freedom of s peech and artistic expression, its all about the mighty dollar, they knew this will sell, it will provoke, so why not? Morals, decency, sensitivity, principles, these are all just empty words for these Neanderthals.  As long as it sells, they don`t care if it`s their off-springs. Famous poet Mustafa Zaidi said:
  Tum na ram kay monis na hanoman kay dost,
  Tum na kufr kay hami na ilhad kay dost
  Tum na kafir kay sana khawnn na musalman kay dost,
  Tumto sikoon ki lapakti hoi awazoon mein,
  Apni maoon koo utha latayy ho bazaroon mein..
  (very very rough translation below)
  (you are no friend of ram(hindu God) nor hanooman
  you are not a supporter of Kufr(polytheism) nor of Ilhad
  you are not happy with Kafir(Polytheist) nor with Musalman (Believers)
  for as long as the sweet sound of silver coins keeps on ringing your ears, you would keep selling your mothers in the marketplace)
This is not the first time, nor will this be the last. As long as we the Muslims are not united, don`t expect EU to respect Islam like they respect Holocaust. Actually instead of respect let`s use the word scared because that really captures the true reality on ground. We are 1.5 billion in numbers, compared to us, Jews are pocket change, but the fact is that they are a real force in the world and we are a mere laughing-stock for the most part. Reason is plain and simple ladies and gentleman they are playing the game smarter and efficiently, we on the other hand are fighting amongst ourselves about who is "MORE" Muslim, the one who shakes his finger after at-tahyaat or the one who keeps it still. But we should be optimistic for 2 reasons. One, it`s an obligation on us; it`s a sin to be pessimistic. Two, things can only go up for us from here on out.


Reader Comments:

What Muhammad(pbuh)did?

Calamity in Muslim Islam Ummah with question
Raised would Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) burned
Down building and gone with Protestors and Suicide
Bombers.West is burning only OIC Management.

This question or analysis is totally unacceptable.
Islam in Burning Format is recent.OIC in current
Set up is cause.None Muslim running the OIC
Are source .Muslims under Musharraf aligned
To Bush is some help but no solution.

The rag-tag Muslim Ummah making protest
March is no different than Imams Rabbis,
Pope, Pundits world leaders searching a
Solution for their plight. They have Assumed
Since religion came God is In the air or in heart
or via culmination of Prayer and protest will
meet their requirement Is what is happening.
Consequently came Islamic system and method
Islamic Democracy Quran Hadith and within
Lifetime of the Prophet and his 4 ministers
Roving Tribunal judge CIA explained methodology.
Who is God? Who Made Universe? Why be
Friend of recent born Ram God Of Ayodhya born
or Hanuman God of Darwin Born?
Being friend to God Prophets or Ram god
Is a method too which must be followed.

Muslim inherited world Petroleum,Lands,Snow
Water Ocean desert forest and every kind of
Species animals. Even Mughal Pakistan so
Called in India was called Golden Period that
British created East India Company to carve
Out industrial revolution British Empire out
Of Muslim Mogul Ottoman Turks Muslim Spain
With big converts such Lords Hedley and U.K
Work of major Quran Translation after 1857.
Mughal Built a new capital with artificial lake.
Since then water from lake oil disappeard with emirs.

The enemy of Islam and their OIC aligned
Leaders are trying to give image of mainstream
Muslim as incompetent alqaeda (uneducated)
Madarris in rampage with Bush as Roving helper
Fighter Critic or what have you.One and only
Pakistan PM/pres is creating enlightment of this
century amid critism of Islamism ,obscurantism
While procuring 100% Mohammedan States-UMMah
With slogan Let us have their land resource bank
Car insurance oil business in the hands UN and educated
None muslim .These alqaeda mainstream Muslim or
Their Prophet good for nothing Image is unacceptable.
Sure manji rushdie taslima nasreen others have credential
With Bookers prize Nobel prize and Novel (best seller)title.
The Holy Prophet was illiterate.This century public do perform
mosque temple synagogues church based marriage/death ritual.

zakaria_belal, Canada - 02 March, 2006

Sabah and Abdallah Jews (Then-Now)

Ahmer Muzammil "since Muhammad (may peace and blessings of Allah
swt be on him) is not present amongst us right now...."
But by coincidence then major enemy was Sabah and Abdallah Clan.
Howcome we have Kuwait Sabah oil conflict of Kuwait Iraq Saudi Arabia Iran
and Abdallah -FAHD now (king/Emir/Sheik Houston-Islamabad.Quran Hadith
tell us to Treat Differently,than what you did Ahmer Muzammil !

Z.Billo, Pakistan - 02 March, 2006


Need more!!!!

Jessica, Pakistan - 02 March, 2006

Good article

That was a good article, thank goodness Anwar didn't write it.

A couple points if I may. I am a Christian and do not like to see Jesus or ANY religious figure protrayed in a bad way. However, the West has freedom which allows these idiots to write such things. The trick is, should we destroy things and kill people because of it? If religion is true in your heart you will witness to these people. If witnessing does not work, won't they be addressed on judgement day? Is it our duty to kill them?

For Isreal, they have progressed because of their democracy and freedoms. Similar to why the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and India have progressed. It's no secret that wealth and happy lives removes the evil thoughts. You do not see car bombs often in the West or in those middle eastern countries I mentioned. There is a logical reason as I mentioned.

Ryan, United Kingdom - 02 March, 2006


Ahmer it was a pleasure to read your well written article. Yes the west is perfectly safe, as a much wiser writer than I(a Muslim) said. We (Muslims) don't need enemies of other faiths we are quite capable of finding enough from anongst ourselves.

The hypocrisy is that, so many object to the bad manners/freedom to criticise
Islam or its leaders past and present but even the Koran condemns "Others". Where were the leaders or the scribes, such as yourself, when the Taliban desecrated the thousands of years old statues of the Buddha?

It seems it is quite alright for the Ayatollahs to declare Fatwahs when they perceive an affront, demand that the death penalty be imposed if somebody changes their religion, or even questions and objects to a decision. Then you have the effrontery to claim "Forgiveness" is the tenor of Islam. Not to my reading. But then Christianity is no better. We Atheists have a cynical saying regarding Priests, (Ayatollahs) "Dont do as I do do as I say" Being a "Freethinker"
has the advantage of seeing the fallacies of the, so called, followers of this or that religion. Hey I'm right, your wrong, You've got to believe my way or you'll go to hell, (wherever that may be.)If you don't convert I'll send you there.

I'll agree on the Money. Can't think of a major war that didn't line some pockets. From sword makers to bomb makers. But where are the largest conglommeration of the rich. U.S.A./ Saudi Arabia.Now that does leave a puzzle. Peace be to you all, but don't hold your breath waiting for it. Tom Edgar

Tom Edgar, Aruba - 03 March, 2006

to each his own

Very noble article. Are you implying that christians and muslims believe in the same God? Or are you saying we're enemies? My lord, Jesus, lives with me everyday. I'm certainly a sinner. But I try everyday to be a better man, to stand on the side of my saviour. I realize that in my own mind I decide what that side is in everyday life. I remain vigilant and thankful for my life, good and bad, and I hold a powerful repect for my forefathers for standing against opression and bringing us to this beloved land so many people refer to as the "west". I was talking to my dad tonight on the telephone, about this website, we both agreed that times are troubling. I was telling him that most of the articles portray America and Americans as this horrible place/people. I'm here to tell you that partly it is. But partly it's not. Just like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, and Israel. He urged me to be respectful of different cultures. I gotta say though that stupidity is a good answer for the deaths of innocents resulting from protest/riots over a cartoon.
Or religious leaders refuse to change a ceremony even though they know bad things are going to happen to innocent people, for example a bridge collapsing. Reading your article I have to think that you want Muslims to be the only people alive on earth. This is about where my nose starts. From my understanding of the world I don't want to be a Muslim. Try not to forget who was standing on the sides of your prohet and defended him in his time of need.

carlos santanna, United Kingdom - 03 March, 2006

Well said

Good article which pinched upon the real issues the muslim world is facing.

However, I always ponder, why muslims need unity and if they believe in unity to defend something, what do they want to do defend, and what would be or should be their approach and methodology for defence? I thought the message of Islam was completed, our job is to understand it now in it's totality and practice it accordingly.

If the purpose of muslims is expansionsim, then why do we blame American, Brits, the whole Europe or Jews for Colonialims or practicising imperliasm.

I thought Islam demands from every muslim to gain knowledge to conquer this universe not for the sake of ruling it, but to gain the understanding of "Oneness of God" and to reach the essence of "Monotheism"

Meri Ragooen mei Dortha hei Khoon-e Hussain (a.s.)
Mei Hirs koe Shimar Samajhta Hoon or Saltanat koe Yazeed.. By Tanveer Naqvi

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) never wished to become a ruler of the world, but He(s) came as a blessing for the whole Universe.

Unfortunately, our Mullahs have deciphered his Prophethood into Statehood and considered Him only ruler of the state (Madina). In essence He(s) wasn't confined to any geographical boundaries, neither He(s) wished to conquer the world through politics. His (s) tasks in Quran are defined clearly

"Our Lord! and raise up in them a Messenger from among them who shall recite to them Thy communications and teach them the Book and the wisdom, and purify them; surely Thou art the Mighty, the Wise."

Therefore the objective of every muslim is to seek "Wisdom" instead of emotionalism withouth the benefit of intellect.

Agha, Pakistan - 03 March, 2006

Divide in Humans

At the root humans being believe in division either Religion or Country. When country borders were not prominent we fought for religion when country borders are well defined we are fighting for countries and religion. Violence and revolt is the basic nature of human and looks like it will continue for ever.

Sanjay, Hungary - 03 March, 2006

for all those ..who thinks that only we are going to heaven rest all to hell. may they be ,Cristians, Muslims ,Hindus ,Jews or any any other religion . please god didnt make religion . we are all equel in his eyes .
love and peace and try to enjoy this beautiful life.

riky, Svalbard And Jan Mayen - 03 March, 2006

A Lesson to learn.

I can see a true translation of the teachings of Islam. Hope we learn from it or we will destroy ourlelves.

Dee Shah, United Kingdom - 04 March, 2006

Tom Edgar /Aussie/Hypocrissy

Tom you seem to have a very understanding mind, I pray that Creator of Universe blesses you with an even better understanding and broaden your horizons.
Islam is not a Religion of mere rituals it is a complete comprehensive Code of Life and being as intelligent as you appear with your lovely writing you can research this and get to the bottom of it all.
Yes it is very unfortunate that many among muslims dont quite understand what the faith of Islam really stands for and what a forebearing and forgiving person Mohammed (Peace be upon him)was.
Best wishes

Muzaffer Iqbal, United Kingdom - 05 March, 2006

behind illitrate mullas

In fact it is not against TOHEEN-E-RISLAT SAL-AMM,but in quest of just to get hold of power in parliament and nothing else.
Ghareeb awaam ko jalsay jaloos aur hulla gulla karnay kay liye sarkon per bhaij kar khud air conditions main mobil fone lay kar apni apni seats per baith kar marnay waloon ki ginti kartay rehtay hain,aur din kay akhri hissa main pijaro main round laga latay hain.jihad kay liay kbhi khud sheed honay kay liay nahieen gayee.

itumkhaish, Pakistan - 05 March, 2006

Muzaffer Iqbal repondez

My thanks for your kind words Muzaffer. I have no more intelligence than the next man who tries to seek enlightenment or understandng
but I am unfettered by religious dogma and have only a lifetime of experience, shaped in part, by my late Quaker wife. At nearly eighty one should have found some way of accomodating the beliefs of others.My Wife's Quaker religion has no dogmatic beliefs other than non violence and peace. I only wish I was strong enough to emulate such lofty ideals
Even more would I wish the world to do so.
My wife didn't believe in The Christ as a son of God etc., and this was perfectly acceptable to some in her congregation who had diametrically opposing views.It is a shame that different religions can not be as tolerant.
Whilst I feel I am very tolerant of most religious beliefs whilst totally disagreeing with even the concept of a Deity, since I have never found any proof of the existence of such, I wouldn't even try to convince others to accept my way or else be exterminated. This has been, and sadly still is, the way of some religious zealots.

When I see Mullahs, Priests, past and present,with Politicians of all religious persuasions extolling young religious idealists to transform themselves into human bombs, or join armies to engage in warfare against people with whom they have no enmity, I wonder at the stupidity of the general populace. The leaders invariably have never been in armed conflict and certainly will not involve themselves in what they direct the impressionable youngsters to do. Kholmeni hides in the hills directing terrorism. George Bush hides in his bullet proof vehicles and with an army of protectors.
Bush and Blair claim that they have "God" directing their every move. Kohlmeni invokes the will of "Allah"..
As I understad it, they claim it to be different names for the one Deity. Must have a very dificult time giving advice to all these egotists who claim their Deity deigns to be conversing, personally, with them.

I am led to believe that Islam joins with Christianity in claims of being forgiving and loving. History proves that many adherents of both faiths have a somewhat warped idea of the terms.

I will concede that, philosophically, most religions have many favourable attributes and most of their ideals are of the highest calibre, but you don't have to be religious to hold these views or ideologies.

I think there is one phrase from the Christian camp
that is applicable to all.
Do to others as you would have them do to you. Pity it is not followed by ourleaders.
Political or Religious.

Sorry Muzaffer. I do not need the Teachers of 1400 yrs, 2000 years or five thousand years ago to show me how to behave in the 21st century (PE). Having participated in WW11, with all its horror, having tried, so unsuccessfully, to oppose the conflicts since then, and they have not by any stretch of the imagination, been predominantly caused by the West. I can only say that WAR is Terrorism. To say otherwise is to acknowledge that to war you have never been. Violence has never convinced anybody of the veracity of a statement nor the validity of an argument.
It could well be that it ends the debate and if we are not too careful could end this world, in spite of the convictions that MY GOD will look after ME. Tom Edgar

Tom Edgar, Aruba - 06 March, 2006

Thank you for your respectful words

But please understand the origin of this conflict.

You do remember how this whole thing started don't you?

Theo van Gogh--a distant descendant of the artist Vincent--was murdered by a Muslim immigrant in the Netherlands.

This came as a shock to the people of Europe who for the most part had governments who were receptive to Muslim immigrants. One of the most cherished values in Western civilization is for the most part to be free to say what is on you mind without fear of being imprisioned, tortured or killed. It is fundamental to the belief system of Western Democracies.

But here was a case of a citizen of a Western country being killed for expressing his beliefs.

The people of Europe felt this so basic tenet of their belief system was under attack. They saw the murder of van Gogh as a challenge and as a way to resist this challenge they made these Cartoon as a way of saying "you won't take away our freedom of speech". We will resist you!

They never would have even considered making such cartoons had van Gogh not been murdered and they had not felt so threatened.

Jim, United Kingdom - 06 March, 2006

Good on you mate...

Perfectly chosen words to describe behind the scene story of protests...

Ghulam Mohammad, Aruba - 07 March, 2006

good comments

we have still little chance to keep ourself updated to the 21 century.orelse it may be the starting of the 3rd world war which will last 25 years and that will wipe out one civilisations as predicted by the nostradermus.please dont fight like dogs on religions and prophets.every religions has contributed good and bad things to the society be wise and judge wat is good and wat is bad and live accordingly.goodluck we will meet in hell.

nancy, Pakistan - 07 March, 2006

Send this article to western Press

The article is well written and well targetted, Although it might have been written for so called Muslims like us but if it is sent to the western press and IF published it might also help in clarifying some misconceptions regarding Islam and our beloved prophet along with the out of proportion response to the caricatures. It is high time that someone stepped forward and made an attempt to remove the misunderstandings created by these self proclaimed leaders of Islam who have painted a picture of our beloved religion which is infact totally against the very principles of the religion they claim to follow.

hussain, Canada - 08 March, 2006

To Edgar Aussi,

To your question, Where were....when Taliban destroyed Budha statue. Many Muslim leaders and organisations spoke against and condemened that act. But main stream media dindn't project that well , as usaul. However, I will give you some back ground of Budha statue episode. We all know Taliban regime was disliked by the Americans and American influence of world politics had closed all the doors for Afghnistan/Taliban. After Taliban appealed to west and Asia for their financial support in some importanat projects of their country to run the daily necessaties of the country afairs like schools hospitals and other imortant affairs. They were denied by each and every one becuase. After all that some world organisation wanted to to spend millions of dollars on restoration of Budha statue but didn't want to help Taliban on their request to spend that money on Afghan men and childeren. I don't know in that stae of mind of pressure, anger and frustration what would have been a right decision. I will leave that to you to answer.

noor, Hungary - 08 March, 2006

Tom Edgar March 6, 2006

Salams Tom
Thank you very much for the response, Tom you appear to be a very open minded person who is open to communicate and understand. I hear you when you seek to find one sign of the acts of Diety.
May I mention here that one with such sincere intrigue will always find the signs of Diety, after all this universe which is so complex in all its features is not the miracle of a human mind, every sphere so perfectly rotating within its given axis, seasons changing at their given times of the year, the sun the moon, the rivers and the oceans one can go on counting the blessings there are for humans in this world. Once someone achieves the level where they are able to have faith in the unseen it all begans to evolve.
I see where you dont seem to be comfortable with the theories that you may have just read on the surface but if you ponder on the same with a little more heart it all will become evident. I can only talk about the faith of Islam without disregard to any others and say this much that even though what you refer to as Teachers of 1400 years or 2000 years ago, appear to be so old and ancient yet those are not antiques. The one religion I can tell you which very nicely accomodates the modernization of human life is Islam, it is one religion that does not base its roots upon clergy neither does it promote clergy, it is the self imposed clergy that has contaminated the basic teachings of this code of life since a human no matter how learned they may be always interprets matters with their own level of understanding and at times based upon the very human nature the individual bias and gain may also add to such contamination, however I can tell you one thing without doubt that this is one religion if "properly" understood and followed it provides for every individual be they from another faith or a Muslim.
I sincerely request you to give it a chance and explore what is in it for you and I feel sure that if you gave it a sincere approach and open mind you will one day write about your positive experience, recognize and acknowledge what you thought and what you found out Islam in reality is.
I wish you the best in finding the path that will lead you to experience the miracles of Diety and Unity of the Creator of universe and look forward to hearing from you one day that you found God! you found what you were seeking and were not able to find and that you found the true peace in it, insha'Allah.
Just open the book read and understand it, its all there in the Holy Quran, while I highly recommend translation by Pickthall and do read the preface and introduction as well as about the author.
May Allah SWT bless you with true wisdom and Iman, ameen.

Muzaffer Iqbal, United Kingdom - 10 March, 2006

Very true

Masha Allah Ahmer bhayi i am very glad to reply you as i am very happy right now to tell you that YOu wrote this article in a very authentic manner. you really did your job done as a Muslim brother.
Jazak Allah

Uzma Asim, United Kingdom - 30 March, 2006

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